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Rioters Storm The US Capitol Building

by Anna Moore 11 months ago in controversies

An Un-Biased Look

The United States Capitol Building

On January 6th, 2020, as the House of Representatives met to discuss the possible certification of Joe Biden's victory as the 46th President of the United States, a crowd of President Donald Trump's supporters gathered outside the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Helicopters flew overhead as rioters chanted phrases such as, "Traitors, traitors, traitors!", "We will not submit!" and "USA! USA! USA!". The gatherers were seen climbing into the federal building through a window, climbing the walls and, later, took pictures of themselves in what is believed to be Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's office. The U.S Representatives that were meeting at the time barricaded themselves in the House floor. Republican Representative Ken Buck was quoted in saying during an interview with ABC7 News, "It's hard to believe that this is happening in America". Democratic Senator Joe Manchin informed, also in an interview with ABC7, "We'll get this job done."

After the protesters began climbing the walls and breaking the Capitol's windows, local law enforcement was called and the police officers arrived, shields and clubs in hand. An impressive amount of people stood their ground as the masses were tear-gassed by local law enforcement. The determined Trump supporters stayed at and in the Capitol Building as police slowly moved the group away from and out of the federal structure. The protesters also voiced their opinions. An unidentified young man stated on a USA Today live stream of the incident, "You see this? This is history; this is the second American Revolution". Another unknown man called the law enforcement officers, "the Gestapo", the official name of the German Nazi police force.

The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, recently set a curfew for 6pm for the area, meaning that the pro-Trump crowd would have to be off of the premises and in their homes by 6 o'clock that evening. D.C police continued to disperse the gatherers as curfew time grew closer. They played loud noises, used more tear gas and physically moved them away from the premises but, despite the police's efforts, the majority of the group remained near the building. Some of the rioters began throwing things like signs, tools and water bottles at the unmoving police force, injuring a few in the process. In need of reinforcements, the National Guard was called and they arrived from Washington D.C, and surrounding states, to help control the protesters and to try to prevent anymore violence.

At curfew time, 6pm EST, the Capitol Building was cleared of rioters, but the grounds were still to be cleared. Yet another unknown man was quoted in threateningly stating, during the USA Today live stream of the event, "This isn't the end." As many as 25 police officers have been counted as injured during this chaotic day and one woman was shot and later died during the storming of the Capitol Building. It came to be known a few hours later that at least 3 other people had died during the protests. Some citizens as well as a few news outlets have been speculating that members of Antifa, disguised as Trump supporters, were the instigators of some of the violence displayed by the crowd, though that is yet to be confirmed.

The senators and representative were finally able to continue their meeting in order to recount the 2020 Presidential election's electoral votes. Despite a few objections, the results were, as Donald Trump once put it, "a landslide". Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 306 electoral votes for President and Vice President, respectively, while Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 232 electoral votes. With the winner needing only 270 votes to be declared a winner, it seems as though Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris will, in fact. be the President and Vice President of the United States.


Anna Moore

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Anna Moore
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