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Right or Wrong

by David F Anderson 3 months ago in fact or fiction

Chapter 3 Family Traditions

Chapter 3 Family Traditions

Almost every single member of the grand old par-ty and candidate who was in power or running in West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Ohio got their power one way or another through the work and effort of the Jenkins. Glenn and Everett’s leg work, the spreading of lies and misinformation, voter in-timidation. The right push here a little nudge. They twisted rules and stretched the truth, forget the facts, whatever it takes.

The Jenkins stayed busy. They dealt with the occasional overdose of alcohol or drugs when the people of power and wealth did not want that to get to the press. Occasionally a body in a wealthy contributor’s room or a senator's room that they needed removed quickly and discreetly. The Jen-kins had assisted the grand old party in ways most people could not even imagine or understand.

They trusted the grand old party with their life. The party knew where everyone of the Jenkins’ skeletons were and, in whose closet. They pro-tected the Jenkins at all cost. Glenn learned his craft from his father. He learned his loyalty to the party from his father. He watched his father preach the word of the **** and absorbed every minute of it so he could be just like him. Glenn could capture a crowd much faster than his father. He could hold on to them and get them to do just about anything he would ask them to do. Glen and his father were able to raise enrollment among the cities and neighborhoods near Pitts-burgh to nearly 25,000.

Everett noticed that at the meetings some of the people attending were police officers, your ordinary citizen but mixed in was some public officials of the grand old party members. You rarely would find a Democrat at a meeting. Everett used to make fun and say it is not that they do not know better it is just that they will not work with Republicans. They want to come but the hatred they feel for Republicans will not allow them to come. Plus when it comes to **** work, they just get in the way too many ******** and ******** on the Democrats team.

That is what makes the Jenkins skills so unique, they were able to gather information. They were able to have eyes and ears everywhere. If you were a wealthy grand old party member in the Pittsburgh area and you needed to get something done but you did not want a lot of attention drawn to it, nor anybody else to even know, Everett was the person you called. If you were a wealthy grand old party member and you lived in West Virginia, Ohio or Pennsylvania, you knew the Jenkins. If you were wealthy coal Baron or owned a factory with employees, you knew them. If you were an elected official from city council to the President of the United States and your spoiled little rich children were behaving improperly and you needed someone to clean up the mess you knew exactly who to call.

Everett had this little thing he would repeat every time he would meet with you and he taught it to his son. No questions asked, no judgments made; I was never here. The Jenkins honestly believed all they preached. They honestly believed the grand old party was the best this nation had to offer. They believed in the work that they were doing, and they believed in the people they were working for.

They believed every word from the **** and they believed that this nation would be stronger by staying *****. There just simply was no way you could preach in such a way that you could drive a crowd into ******** another human being simply because of the ***** of their skin and not believe it in your heart.

When Glenn first started riding with his father a lot of the things that he used to see were hard to get used to. Glenn was tough, he grew up on the Pittsburgh streets, but he was not a white ********* yet. He had not grown tough as nails from the language used from the ****. His father was about to toughen him up with these road trips.

When you are at these rallies everybody is getting whipped into a frenzy sometimes people's names come up. A gentleman had mentioned a ***** family had just moved into his neighborhood and he felt something needed to be done now to send a strong message. A couple hours later they are all sneaking around in the dark. Glenn hears glass breaking and then the house is totally engulfed in flames.

He heard screaming, and he heard gunshots. Then he can hear the cries of children and then everything goes silent. It was that silence that haunted him for many years after that. He knew what that silence meant. He knew what he had been a part of. It took many of years and then he began to wear it like a badge of honor.

He used to refer to it as his first time. It is true we are not born ******. We do not wake up one morning a ******. We are slowly taught little bit at a time until it sinks in and you become comfortable enough to crossover that little line and then the next line. The next thing you know you are standing there judging another human being by their ***** or where they came from. You are doing so wholeheartedly, in your heart believing you have the right. That was the ability of the Jenkins family, that is what they were able to do. They did so across the states of West Virginia Pennsylvania and Ohio.

If you needed the gentle touch of the persuader to empty the pockets of a rich contributor to the party or maybe you just needed literature to open a chapter of the ****. If you needed a stick of dynamite and a handgun for the next rally you simply had to call the Jenkins and they would deliver.

fact or fiction
David F Anderson
David F Anderson
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David F Anderson

I have no writing experience and I am Dyslexia I was 63 Before I wrote anything Right or Wrond was my first book 2nd one The Boat Men is now out my 3 book is a autobiography Growing up with dyslexia Next Month keep reading and thank you

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