Ready for the Fall

…Of the Leviathan

Ready for the Fall
Diyala Province circa era 2010

Imperialism is its own worst enemy in my humble opinion. From Rome, to the Ottoman Empire, and now to these United States of America.

Only a fool would kick his feet up during harvest time, as The Philosopher indicates in Proverbs 10:5. I'd add the caveat that there's a grave sense of remorse in store for those who odiously sacrificed the lives, limbs, and liberty of others for the sake of 30 shekels.

Forgive the contradiction, but there's got to be a balance between profits and progeny. It is a tragic comedy to realize that we have to actually articulate such facts.

Granted, it's customary to do as the Romans do when visiting the emperor; we can only play the fiddle with Drump—er, Nero for but so long.

I realize that I am barely early with this warning, but the September Equinox is not far from now. How fitting would it be for the last empire to fall with the yellow and brown leaves of Autumn?

That was my startlingly stark realization upon being stirred by the emergency broadcast signal today on a random trek of errands or whatnot.

I was certain that I would next hear a declaration of disaster in the realm of complete economic collapse and the warnings against the inevitable chaos that would ensue.

I was somewhat surprised that there no message of any sort after the blaring tone on my radio. I guess that there's some truth to the adage “No news is good news.”

On another note: Even though the weather held out today, the torrential downpour is inevitable. Anyone who has perused a farmer’s almanac, and/or been around the sun a few times, knows that the day is coming when there's no umbrella or poncho that will be as effective as desired.

To put it bluntly: Dusk is upon us, and most of us haven't begun to realize that the shifty punk who used to be the overbearing, wannabe copilot has jacked the strap to the headlamp that was set on the dash, next to the shades.

Seriously though, the nonchalant attitude of the nation's so-called leaders is reminiscent of an instant classic by the indie rock band Local Natives, “Who Knows Who Cares” (2009).

The situation reminds me of that perfectly timed sample from the renowned DJ Shadow’s classic 1996 debut album, Endtroducing…; wherein the first track after the intro has the dark inquiry about a third of the way into it: “What makes cancer tenacious?”

Agent Smith from 1999’s infamous The Matrix had an even darker introspection in a sense: “You humans are a virus.” It is ultimately of little practical significance whether or not one agrees with that particular assertion or not.

The fact of the matter remains: There can be no continuity of humanity without some sense of unity. Divide and conquer is all but guaranteed to be a winning strategy for those that wish to see mankind wipe itself out.

Long story short: We can only survive about three hours in extreme weather without shelter. Given that we have a reckoning coming up soon, it would only be wise to make sure that we're not too much more worse for wear once the Cat 5 of an economic crisis finally fades into obscurity.

TLDR: “There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth…” (Luke 13:28). Also, even the once-notorious Babylon went the way of the Tower of Babel after the leadership listened intently to the random babbling of trusted advisers.

One has to wonder if Drumpf might not have warded off the impending disaster that will define doomed presidency had he been advised by someone as prudent and wise as Dr. Ron Paul and/or Dr. Umar Johnson.

Just like the quantity of licks required for a tootsie pop to reveal its center: “The world may never know…”

Darrius Dickerson
Darrius Dickerson
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