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What's really up with it?


I am originally from the Caribbean of Indian descent (ancestors from India).

I grew up being told if I brought home a black man, I will be disowned. When I asked why, the response was always "because I said so." When I asked if I could bring home a white man, that was just fine.

This never sat well with me as I started to go to high school. I ended up meeting so many great folks, of all descent and races. Some were idiots as well but nope, not of a certain race, found them in all groups. So the confusion of the rules set grew and grew and I started to ask myself am I really going to allow myself to be a racist because my parents said so? Was I going to limit my experiences because of them? Was I going to allow a preconditioned fear to determine my life?

The answer was obviously no. I made lots of friends, some I still have to date, some I moved on from since our situations changed.

So what's racism all about?

I believe it's the brainwashing of children at a young age due to incidents occurring in our parents or ancestors lives. Can't really blame my parents since I don't know how far up the line it went. All I knew was it was stopping with my generation.

OK, so maybe a long time ago they had a falling out with a black person and they couldn't see past it. It may have even been a huge falling out. Hate whatever other negative emotions were developed. But what does that have to do with me? Or you?

I have had so many falling outs with my parents, siblings, aunts, etc and I always made up and forgave them not because they were family but because that's life. People make mistakes, people change, people say things they don't mean. Yes, people, not a particular race.

I have also had so many falling outs with friends (just to be clear, I have friends from all races, different levels of friendships) and I have also forgiven them for the same reason. I will keep anyone and fight for anyone who helps me become a better person, who helps me grows, who can sit and listen to me rant (vice-versa).

Why are we allowing our parents/society/politicians anyone really to limit our exposure to the type of people we have in our life? Everyone has something to teach us. Some good, some bad—walk away from the bad ones because they don't serve you, not because they aren't the same race as you.

Maybe I am crazy but that sounds so simple. People today spend so much time being racist when they can spend their time getting to know people and actually enjoying life.

C'mon let go and go live your life.

P. S. My relationship with my parents isn't so great today because, like I said, it's simple, it's either you're serving a good purpose in my life or not. I have forgiven them but that doesn't mean I have to keep them in my life.

C ams
C ams
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