Pulling Rank: Best Ways to Determine That the Illuminati Is Emotional from Rumors to Complete Fallacy

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The Illuminati is a conspiracy theory for the ages.

In a question proposed by an audience member during a taping of the Donahue (1967-1996) show to Ayn Rand regarding the existence of the Illuminati and whether that played a factor in Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957), Miss Rand simply rejected anything like those “conspiracies.” As of late, the talk has resurfaced about secret societies running the Earth like Adam Smith’s invisible hand twirling the globe. But it was another Adam that fostered this whole debacle over what these behind doors groups do to the planet. Mr. Adam Weishaupt originated the name and the thrust behind the entire alleged organization. This includes, allegedly, the wealthy families of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderbergs, and other names that have sprung up over the last few centuries. These names represent the “masters of the universe” who shape history and the intellectuality of a given age. People put faith in Illuminati because it resonates with the non-thinker. It gives automatic, canned, digestible tidbits of half philosophy half faith.

Weishaupt brought into existence a detrimental concept without regard for the ramifications of what his idea would be. Though it literally means enlightened, Illuminati now means nutty notions of how the world works. As a professor, Weishaupt commanded respect in the classroom. Beyond being a teacher, his placement in history has him square with the men who could’ve been. He could’ve been a monumental philosopher in the grand design. He was not against religion totally, just some subjects. This explains the secularization of a set of beliefs to be known as the Illuminati.

With the advent of the internet, rumors, hearsay, and whispers across the digital atmosphere have pointed to figures like rappers Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter, William “Rick Ross” Roberts, and Kanye West as devotees of the secret society. Also, Carter’s wife Beyoncé Knowles Carter has been targeted as a member, among others. All of these men have collaborated on a number of occasions. Does that mean that they are a part of the Illuminati just because these men of color worked together and gained sizeable riches? Through sheer feelings and mysticism, people actually believe that there exist select members of a group that have been running the world quietly. All signs point out that such subterfuge is not grounded in objective fact but gut-level emotion. So, get your copies of Apologie der Illuminaten (1786) for Pulling Rank: Best Ways to Determine that the Illuminati is False from Rumors to Complete Fallacy.

3. Weishaupt never achieved the status of evil genius.

Unlike Immanuel Kant, Adam Weishaupt did not possess the mind of a brilliant yet thoroughly wicked philosopher like Kant. Kant remains to be the most heinous thinker of all time and the worst man to have ever walked the earth. To say that any other figure who actually committed brutal crimes was worse remained the offspring of the ideas of this horrific philosopher. Although professor Weishaupt did dabble in philosophy, he in no way matched other German philosophers of the Enlightenment, good (e.g. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) or monstrous (Kant). Weishaupt began the Order of the Illuminati to gather together minds that fit his vision. He wished to engender in a sect a sense of the believer without all of the encumbrances that had hindered so many that came before him. By applying similar methods of the Freemasons, Weishaupt etched his name into the history books by being a professor and leader of the underground group. He took his position seriously and kept the society from being overrun. It, however, along with the Freemasons, was outlawed by the forces of the Catholic Church among other organizations.

Weishaupt’s name may have been lost among the tongues of professors and teachers around the globe, but the name Illuminati lingers like an alleged spectre in the night. It infects the mind and distorts the reality of so many facets of the world. The name conjures in the mind solemn oaths, weird rituals, and the control of the privatized banking system in countries like the United States of America. Conspiracies such as these exist because the remnants of the Enlightenment linger on to this day, for good (mostly) or ill (sometimes).

Weishaupt saw relegation amongst his peers namely Kant who may be the most influential German philosopher in history. His evil ideas of duty and sacrificing the individual to anyone or for anything remains to be a bloody thread that has bound the countries of the world for close to three centuries. Weishaupt could not compete. His product outweighed his name. The Illuminati continues to pervade pop culture and is the source material for novels and movies about hidden codes and furtive operations. His whole modus operandi was to establish himself as a credible authority on how the world functions. The wealthiest people in the world had to have gotten that way through graft and pull, not through smart work and trading value for value. The notion lives on to this day. Weishaupt did not possess the intellectuality of a vicious Kant for his ideas to take hold above speculation and constant bickering over whether the Illuminati exists or not.

Rank: Rumors

2. The Illuminati exists in the mind, not reality.

Theorists have been trying to unearth the ideas of the Enlightenment for over a century now. Underneath all of that intellectual digging, the Illuminati has failed to register as a legitimate concern. While it may hold firm in the minds of individuals the world over, the facts that exist are pointing to “no.” In reality, the world moves by the functions of individuals pursuing their own self-interests based on reason, in good cases. Otherwise, there is calamity, unreason, and recklessness that prevails in the world. None of this activity is the result of the Illuminati.

Conspiracies have arisen since the nineteenth century. Freemasons and other groups hold secret ceremonies and engage in hush-hush activities as well. They have more notability and respectability because Masons have recognizable figures who have claimed their affiliation from Benjamin Franklin to Mark Twain. The Illuminati doesn’t work that way. It is even darker and more mysterious in the minds of those who believe it. But in actuality, the case for the existence of the Illuminati is bunk because of the fact that no one owns up to being a member of the secret group. If more people stepped up and clutched the name Illuminati, then maybe there would be a groundswell of authenticity applied to the idea.

For now, it remains an almost laughable thing to even mention the Illuminati. It would be if it wasn’t so vicious in its vision to cut down individuals who succeed. That’s what happens, actually. If someone dares to achieve something the common outcry is that they must have ties to the Illuminati. It is not their smart work, their talent, their ability. No, it is the secret society that is pointed to on these occasions. This only lowers the standards of the people who make such accusations. It’s a simple thing to do to knock down the wealthy, the healthy, the beautiful, the strong. It takes no brain power to throw stones at the accomplished. The people who do this emote that they don’t have the connections to the Illuminati and therefore that is the reason for their low, humble positions. Never do they examine their own shortcomings, unattractiveness, lack of talent, or inability to do anything of value. They stoop lower and whine and wail about the people above them while feeling a guiltiness for the people below them. And the answer to them is what? The Illuminati must’ve been the reason.

This conspiracy is of the people who wear tin foil on their heads and also believe that the pyramids were built by aliens from outer space. These beliefs are just that. Faith drives the storyline when it comes to the Illuminati. Reason rejects any notion of a body that meets under cover of a location, say, a country in Europe and lays out the plans for global control. This fallacious ideal corresponds to nothing but the secularization of religion. People can’t begin to think that capitalism was at the roots of the Enlightenment so they go around making up stories about a clandestine organization that has authority over the money supply for the planet.

Nothing could be further from the truth, in this case. The Illuminati represents the fear that people feel when they consider that reason and individualism, were all highlights of that period of rebirth of thought. The notions of the Greeks and their concepts of using thinking instead of emoting burst back onto the scene from the mid-eighteenth century to the early twentieth century. In that time, the Illuminati did not spread as an intellectual movement nor as a philosophic system.

Rank: Misbegotten

1. The Illuminati is a code word for “Jewish Control.”

Without saying it, those who claim the Illuminati actually pronounce the anti-Semitic idea that “Jews run everything.” Such individuals hold that the financial sector, the media, industry, and even levels of government, remain the province of Jewish people. Rather than being upfront about their bigotry, they’d rather pin another name to it. The Illuminati is propped up as an excuse for people of low or no social or political stature to point the finger at the “other.” This xenophobic standpoint brings to bear an ugly version of intolerance. It is proper to be intolerant towards conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and other figures. But to be intolerant toward someone because of their genetic makeup, that is abominable. What fuels such subjective hate is the push for “Jewish Control” to be subverted. As preposterous as this is, legions of followers believe in the idea that Jews have their fingers on the pulse of the major features of the world.

Conspiracy theorists become mouths for the paranoid faction of the population. Jewish people, long the scapegoat for corporate “greed,” pandering in politics, and spin on news networks, have been linked to the Illuminati. Weishaupt himself descended from Jewish heritage that converted to Christianity. So it is an easy way to pin the problems of the world on Jews. What else is new? For centuries, from the money changers to the Wall Street hedge fund managers who have some Jewish connection either through biology or ideology, have been persecuted for the mere fact that they exist. Secret societies must be linked to the banks which must be linked to the Jews. Hollywood preaches ideas that appeal to the Gentiles but the vast majority behind the cameras including the “gatekeepers,” probably have studied the Torah, they say.

News agencies cover only stories that denigrate the Christian ideas of faith and progress. There must be a cover-up. And the sea of fingers point to the Jews. Except, without the courage of saying the word, these cowards say the Illuminati instead. Weishaupt’s brainchild became stillborn but the putrefied body is still passed around. The Illuminati stands for nothing but disguised hatred towards the Jewish people. There is no intellectuality behind the cultish sense of the secret society. It represents the notion that Jews knowingly sit in locked boardrooms, cigar smoke floating through the air, with men in three-piece suits deciding what currencies will be weak or strong, what movies will be produced, and what information will be disseminated to private citizens.

The Illuminati provides for the man who does not choose to think to murmur that Jews are behind everything from the killing of Jesus of Nazareth to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The easy path allows these figures to point fingers because they lack the intellectual potency to evaluate facts, draw conclusions, and focus on reality. The Illuminati and all the fuss around it is just an empty, baseless machination for unthinking individuals to propagate the notion that they are mighty when in fact, they are powerless. This impotence of the intellect leads them to drop all contexts, resort to floating abstractions, and embrace contradictions knowing but not showing just how wrong that they are.

Though people may have never heard the name Adam Weishaupt, what he devised continues to fracture the Earth’s intellectual, financial, and media concerns. A revolution similar to the original Enlightenment may be at hand to relegate the Illuminati to its rightful place as one of the lowest rungs of society.

Rank: Complete Fallacy

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