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Process for Applying for Permanent Residency Under Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

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By Immigration WaysPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The pathway for getting a tag of permanent residence of Canada is through the Canadian immigration provincial nominee program (PNPs) devoted towards skilled workers at both federal and provincial levels, matching the local economic market and labor force requirement.

Hence, we can say that this program is specifically for workers who want to live in the provinces, became a citizen of Canada and have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the country’s economic growth, thus targeting students, business people, skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Each Canadian province and territory has their own set of stream or immigration programs towards certain groups and requirements. Hence, understanding the application process and options available are crucial measures to concern with. In order to opt for Canadian immigration provincial nominee program, one must go through a medical exam and police verification processes prior to the way of applying for it.

Over past years, there is an increase in provinces’ annual allocation for their respective PNPs, showing increased importance of Canadian immigration landscape. This process can be undertaken through paper-based process or by the online through Express Entry where the Canadian province or territory has to assess and nominate you.

Paper- Based Process:- In this process, an individual can apply for PNP province or territory nomination under a non-express entry stream. The permanent resident application should be applied using the regular residence process.

Once they meet the eligibility requirement, paper application is submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This process is bit longer than Express Entry.

Online Express-entry Process:- An individual has to contact the province or territory for applying for nomination. Once, he is selected, he needs to complete his Express Entry Profile for showing interest in any immigration programs of the provinces or territory.

As soon as he receives a notification of interest from the provinces or territory, he can contact them directly and proceed for Express Entry stream in an online form.

Having enrolled in Canadian immigration provincial nominee program is not the only prioritized action an individual should be concerned with. Canadian provincial nominee & immigration services play an equal importance in permanent residence application as it proves ones status and professional tracks record abiding by the laws of immigration firm.

The Canadian provincial nominee & immigration services abide the rules and regulations of immigration and provincial nominee firms. Thus, these services are complied with relevant laws, rules and regulations applicable to each and every permanent residence nominee of the Canadian province or territory. The Canadian provincial nominee & immigration services are mare services that do not support any kind of action like recruitment or placement and with documentation facilitation and visa assistance for permanent residency.

Since these documentation processes verification and visa application assistance are highly sensitive issue of Canada and a global concern for international human mobilization, the Canadian provincial nominee & immigration services are strictly licensed and are regulated directly under scrutiny of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), by the Government of Canada. Thus, ICCRC, a regulatory body of Canadian Government regulate, monitor and direct disciplines of Canadian immigration consultants, firms and thereby ensuring Consumer rights.

Below are the crucial points to guides an individual for applying a Canadian PNP:-

Choose PNR wisely:- An individual must meet the eligibility requirement of the province or territory because each of them has their own set of criteria for their Provincial Nominee Program. And so the eligibility requirement must get accustomed to that.

Check eligibility:- Check the suitable employee eligibility with National Occupation Classification (NOC).

Show interest: An individual should submit an application directly to the chosen province or territory through express entry profile

Hence, it is prominent to have a clear intention behind opting for provincial Nominee Program, selecting territory and making an individual eligible for it.

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