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Privileges of Existence – Part 1

by Jeff McCarty 2 years ago in new world order
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As the HCRC, we have established a set of commonalities that we all share as members of the human species. Our need to understand these commonalities are dire due to their undeniable connection to each of our experiences of existence. We have detailed these commonalities to illustrate how as human beings we are all connected in the most universal elements. From those you consider your most trusted loved ones to those you may consider as the worst human beings alive, we are all just human beings experiencing existence.

Within the understanding that all members of the human species are existing under the same set of circumstances, we should be able to deduce that we are all equally justified to partake in the same basic privileges through the duration of our existence. These are privileges we would demand as essentials that must be available to ourselves and any of our loved ones. We cannot forget though that if a privilege is essential to one human being, it is essential to all human beings. The privileges of existence will allow every single human being on Planet Earth the same basic platform for their existence to unfold within. Before we reveal the privileges of existence, we must examine the use of the specific term privilege and its importance towards building a better global human civilization.

When we ponder upon our existence as human beings, and the core commonalities shared amongst us all, two things are apparent. One, we are life manifested within physical forms. Two, the only thing that is a guarantee within our life existing as physical forms, is that we will experience the death of our physical form. Utilizing what we can only believe as truths based upon our shared perceptions of the existence we experience, we firmly believe that death is the only thing we can consider a right to receive within our life. Regardless of all the other interchangeable characteristics that may define a human being, death is the only thing we know that has occurred to every single human being. Between the course of life towards a natural death, we all know that there are many more things we instinctively need and desire to live a life that suffices our physical needs to survive as well as satisfies a desire to live. Although we are all born with these needs and desires, the universe does not automatically provide the nourishment we seek, we have to work to obtain them. Hence why everything else we are able to receive in our life as human beings should be considered a privilege. As the HCRC, this is why we refer to these privileges as such.

The privileges of existence can be seen as a basic set of accommodations as well as rules for all those that exist within the human species. If we all exist as human beings subject to the same fundamental experience than it is only appropriate that we are all afforded the same privileges in this experience of human existence. With these basic priveledges of existence come the most fundamental things we need as human beings to exist. Once more though, since nothing can be guaranteed, we can only count on these as basic privileges of our existence. As we evolve as a species, our progress towards building a better global human civilization should be based on our ability to ensure these basic privileges are available to every single member of the human species. When an abundance of these privileges has been shared amongst the masses of the human species that is when we will accelerate our ability to unlock our full potential as a species. Rooted within the privileges of existence is a foundation that can allow every single member of the human species to live the most fulfilled version of their life possible.

In a global human civilization where every human being is allowed the privileges of existence, we can then more easily accept the commonalities shared amongst all members of the human species, and the more we can come to accept the commonalities of the human species we can justify the need for the privileges of existence to be shared amongst all human beings. This is the revolving cycle of understanding that will help move us forward as a species towards a better global human civilization, and why these privileges of existence are instrumental in the process of building a better global human civilization. For every human being to actively contribute towards the building of this better global human civilization we must allow each human being the opportunity to live the best life they possibly can. That is why we believe establishing the privileges of existence for every single human being on Planet Earth is vital. They allow each of us as members of the human species to achieve our best life due to the fact they enable each of us to live a life we are satisfied with, a life of purpose.

As the HCRC, we cannot stress enough how these privileges will only provide the desired returns if we all actively participate and respect each human being’s ability to empower themselves with the respective privileges of existence. Based on the understanding obtained through the examination of our shared commonalities, we cannot consider our species successful or civilized if we cannot provide these basic privileges of existence to all members of the human species. This is why they have been labeled as the privileges of existence. They are privileges that should be granted to each member of our species. As a species though, we do have to work to provide these privileges for both ourselves and others. Furthermore, we can apply the concepts of the privileges of existence to how we as the human species interact with other forms of life and forms of nature. The livelihood of our species within the planet we exist in will be based on our ability to use these privileges as guiding lights along our path towards building a better global human civilization.

Our understanding of the importance these privileges of existence hold towards building a better global human civilization is crucial before the unveiling of these privileges. Join us next Friday, as we unleash the privileges of existence, and explore the possibilities we can achieve by empowering every member of the human species with these privileges.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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Jeff McCarty

I create content for a nonprofit organization, called the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. Our focus is positively progressing humanity. All tips go towards the nonprofit organization, and the further creation of content.

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