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President Trump

by Andrea Sturm 10 months ago in humanity

Thank you.

Tony had his own ideas. His own ideology. His ideas were real. Not far from reality. Just a little bit skewed. He was not a bad guy and he was certainly not a good guy. He cradled the center until he fell from grace. Grace was bestowed upon him by a collective community of members who deemed him as responsible until they deemed him as irresponsible. It was not all his fault but certainly his responsibility to curtail. It was a long time ago when we lived at 900 N. Lake Shore drive in Chicago. Until we fell from grace. It is nearly impossible to return from the small indiscretion as compared to those of so many leaders to follow.

My stepfather, who is deserving of an entire article to himself, liken you, Sir. In fact, I feel I know you; I could identify with your rhetoric. This is a letter to you, however, Mr. President Trump. The hour is near. I have just minutes to complete this letter and I have so much I want to share with you.

I have wanted an opportunity to communicate with you since you first took your rightful place in history, for the perspective of good or the perspective of the opposite, you have a rightful place in history which defines and identifies the differences which are wholly real issues her in the United States of America, and I know that everything you did, you did for the American people.

They do not see it that way right now because of all the rhetoric and propaganda, but I am certain that you came from a genuine place, and a genuine desire to make a difference. I suspect that despite all your economic resources you were not met with receptive arms of greeting, rather, as I recall, you were objected from the onset. You made the opponent quake in their boots. Yet, you gave your power away, I would have done the same. You were transparent and spoke your feelings at three in the morning. I get it. I do too. However, people are to the extreme. They are the judge, the jury, in the public forum. You did not entertain their folly.

If you asked me how I felt about you in the beginning, not warm. You are the guy that got caught on tape talking about grabbing pussy. I am a resilient who has survived your kind, it slowed me down. I reject your rhetoric. But then you blew it out of the water with your strength in battle. You killed the bad guy, who could be angry. I was not mad about it. I even came up with a fun song. But pussy grabber, not your best moment.

I get it. Guys like you are hot, powerful, well, at least in your day. I had my days too. I get it. You did good. You really did. And then you did some shitty stuff too. Me too. That was then. I am different now. I know people change. I know you have. I bet you never even imagined how much this role would change you. Even your physical appearance has changed.

I could cite all of the good things you have accomplished for the nation, it is a sad day to see you go, but at the same time, you allowed her, them , to make you bitter. Rather, I would have imposed term limits and she would be gone, you and she who SPEAKS too loudly never did get along, I imagine it to have been one of those love hate relationships, I recognize the tell tail indicators, an attraction, yet despised.

It seems we have a few things in common, for instance, I am in my eleventh hour of composing this correspondence, perhaps a greater undertaking than notes you yourself scratched upon bar napkins. I know. I have some old bar napkins and they are decades old. We can be disorganized and impulsive humans.

I want you to know that I do not approve of any impeachment action against you. You worked, four years as the President of the United States and you demonstrated command of the biggest balls in that white house, at least in my years of paying attention. We do not always pay attention to politics, but you inspired a nation to sit up, turn off the tube and take notice. You mobilized a nation to act. To support and demonstrate to declare their beliefs. One could have ever imagined the distain that these individuals have for the running of former government since it is evident that you will be missed.

It is indeed unfortunate that there has not been any level of branch extension, since after all, your opponent claims to be the bigger man, where is the olive branch. Someone must make an extension and as much as the opposition may deem it as your responsibility, it is also theirs to own.

I want you to know that your presidency has liken the time that I was kidnapped, raped and sodomized. Eventually, I had Stockholm’s syndrome. I IDENTIFIED WITH MY CAPYOR. As I did with you. You inspired the best in me and the worst in me as I imagine that you have in other Americans, yet will they ever admit it?

So, here we are, I have a chance to speak. I only have one thing to say, thank you for waking up the complacency of the dirty old slipper era. Too bad you did not set term limits, she would have been gone, and you may have retained your seat. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

I support and defend the idea that you do not deserve to be impeached because I feel is driven by a bitter person who seeks personal satisfaction rather than valid support. I feel it is vindictive. I respect your silence. It speaks volumes. She, nd we all know who the she is, is bitter and this is personal, not a benefit to a nation, impeachment is a circus, and it national resources drain when the American People need bucks, she wants to spend money on this trifling tripe.

Anyway, look. I am attempting to capture not only my voice, but also others with whom I have engaged in conversation, you are not a bad guy who devasted a nation. You are a good guy who attempted to rescue a devastated nation, it won’t be your fault if it falls apart, it is ours as American citizens. We have an obligation to learn the constitution, the preamble to the constitution, the national anthem and more…we are American and act as such or we are merely a drain upon the economic development of this great nation.

You reminded me that is my job to be a leader, and demonstrate an honest position with pride, character, and strength, even if no one agrees with my position, it is mine to own and be accountable for as a member of humanity. I pray that those in our world community also recognize that is not the responsibility of on person rather is it a team effort that require the agreement and cooperation of the members.

So, yes, Stockholm syndrome. I was kidnapped. I was raped. I was solemnized. These are true facts. I identified with my captor. We spoke and he identified with me. I warmed up to understand my rapist. It is complex but when a person is beholden to another for their life, or death, a certain level of connection develops. I developed that relationship with you. I was beaten by my daughter’s father in the 1990’s and my partner was murdered in the early 2000’s, I have experienced the kind of violence that a city like Chicago bestows upon its citizens. I get it.

Sadly, I also understand why these individuals rose and attacked the Capitol of The United States of America. Everyone wants you to own it, to be accountable, but are you, I fear you are not, you see their anger is likely born from generations of political and governmental failures, yet they want to pin it on you, no, it is a failure of a complacent nation. Its my fault, and everyone I know and don’t know… we are all American citizens!

Bucks and propaganda. That seems to be the bottom line. Who a capitalist owns until they are disowned? It is all a very sick game that those with so much money play at the expense of me and those like myself. No wonder there is discord.

You should not be denied the salary and all that comes with having served as the president of the United States of America. I do not believe that your family nor your legacy should suffer. That just shows poor sportsmanship of those who now shun you and for the record I, myself, will not promote their success.

My final words here are that as a woman who is now in her fifties, I did not support you, until I supported you. I understand now how much you did accomplish. I also understand that thus far no one politician has truly represented those who live in poverty as is evidenced by the lack of resources and organized assets that could benefit these communities. I wonder often if the plutocracy fears that a bright rising star might make it past the security of their nonconservative viewpoint.

I imagined an American Dream as a young child when I arrived on the hot concrete of O’Hare airport that year in the 1970’s. I recall that I could see the heat rising from the concrete. I feel the heat rising from the concrete these days. My freedom comes to me in the form of the cold black and white try I set upon these pages. Sir, you will be missed. You inspired a nation, even if they can not yet identify with this as truth.

I pray your family will be well, healthy, happy and prosperous. I pray the same for our nation. Amen.


Andrea Sturm

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Andrea Sturm
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