President Kennedy's Insights

Why We Can't Wait for Justice

President Kennedy's Insights
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There are things that we need to do that we have to do and it cannot be stalled any longer. We must be determined and focus on our life's purpose and we cannot settle for praise but achieve the glory set before us. When it comes to politics, we cannot be easy-going and light-hearted. We must be firm and directed led by the belief that unity is the force that unites us. We cannot fear to do the things that we hope for, to elevate the good nature of all men and women. To see from the eyes of others and give empathy where it is due. Time has changed and our time has come. To do the things that must be done. This is what Kennedy believed in.

He was ushered into the life of politics through his father and he was studious to the predecessors before him. He determined what his administration would be like, assessing the good and bad policies that were authored by historical figures. He found an interest in Lincoln in that he tried again and again even failures. Kennedy recognized the human spirit cannot be contained and cannot be oppressed. It must be given free-will by law and that law must be for everyone. The government's will is to legislate and administer justice and the people cannot wait for these things.

If history has taught us anything, it is this that when the needs of the people are neglected, the morale of the people failed them. Kennedy knew this and he hoped that our society never forgets their strength in numbers and never forgets the will to unite. When the government separates and defend the few, it disservice the many. The people must have faith in their government and the government must work for the unity and betterment of all. When we vote, we are asking. And our voices must be heard and the will of the people of all people must be answered. And the leader of the country is the answer and speaks on behalf of the government in favor of the will that prevails. This sacred process has led our country from generation to generation. Therefore we must honor it by giving action to the call from the people.

We need leaders who can inspire and provide hope because they will be sympathetic to the will of the people. They can uplift the nation out of its depression. They can directly interpret the issues of the time. When we struggle, their words pick us up. And amid the turmoil, they can guide us to the level ground. They can show us that we all are equal, deserving to be heard, and deserving of respect. Our leaders represent us to the world, America's voices ring liberty to the world. Their desires are a strong horn in the orchestra of freedom. The President that listens to the people protects their people, and provide for their people is in tune with the people.

The power of the people is in being heard by their actions. The government does not know without people's experts and analysts. When the people peaceful and lawful assemble for justice, showing that they have strong faith in their action. The government will yield to them. There are so many things to fight for therefore we must choose our battles. The people must be willing to give their lives and be instruments of justice. A nation turns and twists throughout history and its people drive that turn and that twist. We must be determined to make things better and do what we want to be done providing a plan that unites everyone. The consensus is what the government is, representing the people who fight for their issue.

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