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Politics: the New "Birth Control"?

by A.A.C. 15 days ago in controversies

How political affiliation can make or break in dating

There was an episode of Law & Order:SVU where a man and a woman were about to engage in coitus, until one of them mentioned their political affiliation. The woman was a democrat and the guy was a republican. Either way, they immediately stopped and no longer wanted to engage in any carnal activity. This is something that some can look over, but a question I have is this: Is it easy to look over a political affiliation of a partner? While there is an old saying that one should never ask for political views of any, I can understand one wanting to know what their potential partner is affiliated with. It is basically a taboo for some to date someone of a different political affiliation, especially in the past few years. I became curious about this and I have wondered if this can be a problem with finding a partner.

According to a poll from YouGov/Economist, 45% of people said that they would not date someone from a different political party. What is more disturbing is that 86% of the people said it has been tougher. While politics is a touchy subject, it appears that it has increased the number of people who do not want to date someone from the opposite party. It is worth noting that 47% republicans or leaning republicans said they probably or definitely would not date someone with a different political party; compared to 71% democrats or leaning democrats said probably or definitely would not date someone from a different political party.

I think that one of the reasons why dating someone from a different political party during this political climate is because of how divisive politics has become. Let’s face it, one party is asking “Why would you vote for them?” while the other party is saying “How can you vote for them?”. In the dating scene, it is not uncommon to see someone put their political affiliation. Based on some of the profiles, some people have stated how they feel about people from a political affiliation as well as the politician. Some of the things within the profiles I have seen are:

“F$%# Trump”

“ No libtards”

“If you are a trump supporter, please swipe left (for people who do not know, it means do not match with me)

“F$%& Biden”

Regardless of political affiliation, I do not want to see anyone bashing any political person; even if I am not for that politician. I am not alone either. Based on a poll from, more than half of people dating will actually ghost someone who talks about politics. Ironically, there is a 43% increase in people talking about politics. People have a right to their political opinions, but they do not want to hear about it all the time, especially when it comes to dating. Politics is basically birth control.

Dating and politics has taken a deeper grasp besides political candidates; there are also policies that you can view as well. Whether it is equal pay, gun control, or racial inequality, dating apps can give you a sense into the political beliefs of eligible partners. It is possible that with being able to see what the person values or believes in, it gives you a better choice or perspective of if you want to be with this person or “swipe left”. I believe that people tend to date others within the same political affiliation because we know that it will make us comfortable. Our views are basically our morals and if someone were to be against a crucial position, it might not sit right with us. Believe it or not, there is something that the right and left have in common: both parties are voting for a better life. Whether we agree on how it can better others, we are voting because we as individuals want a better life based on who or what can give it to us. There is no need to judge someone or think they are evil for what they believe in. I have to learn this as well. Just remember this:

“If you are on the right, it doesn’t mean you are always right and just because you are on the left, give others a chance instead of swiping left”.

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