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Politics and My Life

by Debra Bernatovich about a year ago in trump

My Inner Observation

I just recently read a book about Trump. I have not figured out how he even got into the White House. He is a walk-inhalers disaster. I have voted for many Presidents and belief me when I say Trump should never have been elected.

This man is just all about himself. He does not care about the American people. I have met individuals like him complete conart. That is how he made his money by conning individuals into believing what he has to sell.

My life as a fifty-five-year-old mother and grandmother. My daughter the youngest of my three children is let say a mother hen. She won’t let me go anywhere unless it is to my doctors or one of my specialist. I am safe and wear my mask everywhere I go. I have been helping my six year old grand daughter and my three year old grandson wear there masks when we go out. My granddaughter asks every time we go somewhere does she have to wear her mask and I have to tell her yes, to protect you from the bab nasty virus that is infecting thousand of people and killing thousand of them also.

Hand sanitizer is still hard to get, but when I see some I purchases individual ones and large bottles of them. Along with disinfectant. These items still fly off the shelf’s like there is no tomorrow.

I homeschool my daughter because her mom was not about to send her to a brick and motar school for all those who don’t know what that is it’s in school learning in a school building. We had to spend extra money on a printer that can scan her work so we can post it in her classes so they get graded. However, part of her learning is a reading and math program along with a second reading program that the students ha e to complete 45 minutes in each of these three extra classes to be counted as attendance. If they don’t do these classes they are marked absent for the week, and if any of you know the school system after so many absentees they will give a warning and then you have to go to truency court. The problem with this is my daughter is going through a divorce that should of been done and over , but because I’d Hurricane Sally it got postponed til February, mind you this case has been going on since 2019 July. Well back to the attendance she is only absent when she is at her dads house, but they are going after the mom. It’s a messed up system.

I see why more and more parents put there children in private schools. The public school system is not the greatest, and whom do you think is to blame. It’s the government and the people whom are voted in by the people. Really we need to do more on investigating these individuals who we elect into office.

Just like Trump. How much did we really know about this many before he ran for President. We knew of his name from the elaborate buildings with his name on them, we knew he did the show the Apprentice! But was that enough for the American people to really know who this man really is. I believe that we should get more information on these canidates before they are allowed to run for any office .

When he got sick with COVID-19, I thought maybe he might show some compassion finally to the thousand of Americans who have lost a loved one, but that was not the case. He comes out of the hospital and mind you the treatment he got is nothing that the average American would get, President Trump sayes he feels better and he is immuned, really. I don’t believe anyone can or will be immune from this deadly virus.

The President should be held accountable for cause more of the spread to the Americans, along with the Vice President. They are still holding Super Spreder rally’s thought out several states. They know what the consequences are but they refuse to take blame for spreading this deadly virus. I remember when AIDS/HIV came out and if you went out and infected someone knowingly you were jailed for intentionally infecting another human being, so why can we not apply this to our President and Vice President, are they not committing a crime by knowingly gathering hundreds of people of all ages together and doing alleys, where ther is hardly any mask wearing and no six foot social distancing.

i feel for the governors of those states that are pleading for the President and Vice President not to come. It they ignore the governors and still go to these states that are growing in cases. Is ther no respect or decency in our country any more?

As I said in the beginning this President only cares about himself and his personal agenda, and the American people are just in his way and how do you eliminate the elder that collect social security, how do you get rid of the disabled Veterans that served this country with pride? get them infected with Covid-19. This is what they call inhuman and he should pay for the ones that have died and for those who are sick with this virus.

I have been lucky, knock on wood, that myself and my family has not had the virus or come I contact with anyone that has had it. We believe in wearing masks, and to do limited shopping.

I hope that more Americans will see that masks do protect you and using hand sanitizer does also help in frightening off the virus. Listen to your heart and think about your family and extended family members, do you want to see them around for a long time or do you want to spend months morning over the death of a loved one. Don’t let someone tell you what to do, but do listen to the scientists they have the knowledge and schooling behind them. The President is only saying what sounds good.

make your own choices. We are our own worst enemy frightening our own lives and those of our families. Make the right choice.


Debra Bernatovich

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