Political Debates and How to Be a Better Opponent

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What You Need to Know For Debates

Political Debates and How to Be a Better Opponent

If you ever end up in a political debate, whether it's with friends or at a professional event, chances are you want to boost how credible you are beforehand. No matter how factual the statements you are using are, you're always going to be judged based on your character before the debate. Look into all of these ways you can boost your credibility.

Job History

Being involved in a political debate means that you probably have a history at least of working a political job in some fashion. If you are being invited to one shortly, but don't have a political job on your resume, consider finding one that you can work at least a few hours in around you. When it's near election season, for example, consider being a volunteer for a campaign, whether it be calling for donations or going door-to-door. Additionally, contact local politician offices in your area to see if they have any job openings. Ensure that your job history is good enough before you start participating in political debates.


Education is another large part of being prepared for a political debate. Not only should you have passed through regular K-12, but you should have gone to a university as some point. Make sure that you have a degree in something about political discourse such as political science. If you currently don't have a degree, consider going to a traditional university for a four-year degree, or maybe get an online MBA. Additionally, flaunt your grades if they can stand out among others as that can boost your reputability among your debate opponents. Having a strong background of a great education is important to boost your credibility in political debates.


Many political debates go over topics that are meant to show if a certain person is more or less morally good than others. To be able to discuss these topics genuinely, participants and audience members might be interested in your background with helping those in need. A good way to show that you care for others is to take on volunteering in your free time. This can be done in many different ways such as starting a food drive, helping serve at a soup kitchen, or taking care of animals at an animal shelter. Make sure that you constantly volunteer, as if you only do it once, it can show as if you only did it for publicity. Following through volunteering is one of the best ways to boost your credibility.


Many debaters in the past have thought they have gotten away by making up fake facts in the time being just to win an argument, but it eventually makes them take a big hit in their reputation as soon as someone gets to the bottom line. Make sure that you research everything before you go into a debate. For example, if you know that you are going to debate on a historical event, go back and look through the event chronologically to find out everyone that was involved and what they did. Additionally, consult experts about a certain topic in which they can prepare you for a debate. Making sure that all of your facts are accurate is just another one of the ways you can make sure that you have a successful debate.

The world of competitive debates can be tough, whether you're a political candidate, or someone who just does them for fun. Make sure that you not only follow every principle so that you know what you are talking about, but also look professional as well since the audience isn't necessarily going to trust someone who looks like they didn't care about what they dressed up for. Following all of this will ensure that you have a better experience at whatever debate you're participating in.

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