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Political Correctness Is Subversive

by Peter Rose 2 years ago in social media

Increasing deceit due to political correctness

Political correctness is subversive.

Subvert is defined as—to bring about the downfall or ruin of something legally (at that time) existing. To undermine the moral principles of a person or group of people.

The increase in deceitfulness is being caused by “political correctness.”

The examination of every word of every utterance, in order to find something that can be interpreted as “offensive” by a self-appointed elite, who remain unaccountable, is resulting in less truthful speaking and writing.

This self-appointed elite are, in fact, causing a self censorship of everything. This is damaging communication and understanding. Media criticism, by anonymous or unreachable people because some phrase could possibly be interpreted as disrespectful in certain circumstances (even though, clearly to any impartial observer, there was no intention of showing disrespect), is causing people to dilute what they really intend to say into something that is meaningless and bland. The short and often accurate, who comment on other people's silliness, will now result in a torrent of social media, personal abuse from people who actually are not really involved in the discussion.

Trying to enter a meaningful debate on social media will result in often moronic personal abuse directed at the writer by people who they have never corresponded with, let alone met. The object of debate is left out of the posts.

An example is if a writer suggests that mass immigration is causing public services to be overstretched. Or they suggest that the social experiment of multiculturalism has caused great dissatisfaction in some parts of the indigenous society.

This may or may not be accurate, but it is surely a valid argument that expanding the population expands the demand for public services. Instead of rational posts regarding the ability of those services, we get claims that the writer is a “Tory racist scum.” No mention of the situation being debated, just an accusation about the political views and claims that the writer has illegal, prejudicial views on races other than their own. This has nothing to do with the debate, it is impossible for anyone, without direct personal knowledge, to conclude the writer is a follower of any political party. This sort of post is simply showing a closed attitude that cannot rationally debate any issue.

If politicians or the courts wish to ban the use of certain words or they wish to prohibit certain views, they have the right to do so, but only after public debate, open debate. Political correctness is not subject to open debate, it is subversive in the true sense of the word since it subverts the existing lawful order.

It has become accepted, rightly or wrongly, that in Britain, the groups mostly advocating political correctness (that is, the groups most likely to claim such and such an attitude is not politically correct and so must stop) are the upper middle classes, secure in wealth and with views of their own correctness that does not accept opposition. The expression of their views is promulgated by the media in which many work. Most work for TheGuardian newspaper, the education system, the legal system, the British civil service, and the BBC; where they are not subjected to opposition to their personal opinions. The laws of homogeneous attraction at work.

It is wrong to claim all upper middle class people are so arrogant that they assume their own views are correct just because they hold them. It is also incorrect to claim that all wealthy upper middle class people have no understanding or social interaction with people with less wealth, education, and privilege than themselves. But so much political correctness appears to be designed to subvert the long-held attitudes of less privileged people. It also often appears to affect the day-to-day lives of poorer people rather than the lives of those pronouncing such a thing is not politically correct.

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Peter Rose

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