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Paul Mackenzi, William & Rachel Ruto aren't they all Cult Leaders? Cultism is Rampant in Kenya 5 men claim to be Jesus

When someone brainwashes you into taking on their beliefs for money, power & not for God

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
William Ruto left Wiki Commons Public Use Rachel Ruto top right Public government photo Paster left bottom public use

Monday, 24 April 2023 

By: TB Obwoge

Kenya's cult leaders are many as there are 5 men claiming to be Jesus, with one recently proclaiming he was another apostle form the Bible. William Ruto and his wife have been turning the State House and government into their own church. Holding prayers within the seat of the Kenyan government's policy of law making likened to a church event.

William and Rachel Ruto have been inviting church leaders to the State House and holding church services. The First and Second Lady are often photographed laid out prostrate on the ground or kneeling to God in these shows of their immense faith to God

The Luhya gods who think they are Jesus Christ

First, there was Jehovah Wanyonyi, the self-proclaimed god and leader of the Lost Israelites Ministries. From his base at Chemororoch village, Uasin Gishu County, he found time from his ‘heavenly’ duties to preside over 70 wives, a majority of whom were aged between 14 and 18 years. Jehovah Wanyonyi claimed he could cure various diseases, such as Aids, cancer and hypertension.

Second, there was Eliud Wekesa who claims God visited him while he was in slumberland and told him he was the messiah people have been waiting for to save mankind. The Class Eight dropout known as ‘Yesu wa Tongaren’ among his followers hails from Lukhokwe village, Tongaren constituency in Bungoma County.

Third, Yesu wa Tongaren’s children are named after angels and prophets in the Bible such as Prophet Enock, General Angel Michael, Prophetess Miriam and Angel Samson among others. He has 12 disciples who during a church service sit on the left and record all the preachings which the self-proclaimed prophet says he will use to write a new bible at the time of rupture.

Fourth, Nabii Yohana (V) is married to 39 wives (three deceased) and has 107 children. He has also written his own bible that has 93 books unlike to the Holy Bible that has 66 books. Nabii Yohana (V) whose real name is Ronald Nakalila Wanyama, was born in 1942.

Nabii is set to launch his new bible and 12 commandments on April 23 at his Muungano Church of Holy Spirit for All Nations.

Source: Standard News Media

Look at the above fake, hypocritical photo, praying over-top of a camera for the world to see. They must cherry pick what they choose to follow from Biblical text because the Bible clearly states against public, hypocritical prayer.

Facebook Comments from Kenyans Pointing out how President William Ruto and Wife are doing the same things.

Daniel Juma

There's no difference between WSR n the pastor, both using religion to advance their evil ways

Tim Murita Paul

For the avoidance of doubt,you have given these cults fodder to thrive

Kwasa Samwel

One day mama Ida said about licensing pastors who studied theology mukamuita mchawi

Kips David

Mackenzie is one of the Recho's pastors visiting state house daily.

Bundi Mfundi

Unfortunately there two things you can't legislate against.



More than 40 bodies found at Kenya Christian cult graves site

Police began investigations amid reports that cult followers believed they would go to heaven if they starved to death.

Kenyan police have exhumed dozens of bodies from shallows graves in the east of the country amid an investigation into followers of a Christian cult who believed they would go to heaven if they starved themselves to death.

Information provided by officials put the number of bodies exhumed so far as high as 47, according to media reports on Sunday.

"Today we have exhumed 26 more bodies and this brings the total number of bodies from that place to 47," said the head of criminal investigations in Malindi, eastern Kenya, Charles Kamau.

He said the search was continuing not just for bodies but for survivors of the cult, some of whom are still refusing to eat.

Police launched their operation after the first bodies were discovered last week, and exhumations of bodies began on Friday from a 325-hectare (800-acre) area of forest at Shakahola, near Malindi in Kilifi county.

Source: AlJazeera News

Currently there have been 61 bodies found along with 3 survivors as well as the cults leader who's currently in jail. Those members who were found alive are refusing to take food.

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