Only You Can Prevent the Trump Man

by Sam Orr 2 years ago in trump

By Sam Orr

Only You Can Prevent the Trump Man

I wish I could go back to a few weeks before the James Comey memo about the other pointless emails that came out weeks before the 2016 election. I'd like to think that I could just sit back today and still revolve around my liberal bubble of feeling safe and secure. Safe knowing that despite a republican congress, we still had the first Black president to have the final say over policies and legislation. It was a good run while we had him. However, now we are getting a taste of what it's like to not have that safe feeling anymore. I hate saying it but I am in a sensical way glad Trump won. Am I happy and proud of my president? HELL NO. But now that he's president and the way he's performing in office has set an example the country has been watching. He is a couch potato, who spends most of his time watching TV, playing golf and uses the US taxpayers as his personal ATM machine.

As of the recent events in Florida, there is another example that Trump needs to go. It doesn't come as a surprise Trump is somewhat responsible for not being comprehensive and timely, but Congress is worse. Since the Sandy Hook school shooting there has been nothing done whatsoever for a plan to combat gun violence. The main entity responsible for Congress's inaction is the NRA. The NRA basically owns Congress through their network of fundraising and willingness to be explicit about gun rights. They are pretty dominant and will campaign and scare off any candidate who doesn't share their view of the second amendment.

However, since the Parkland shooting, the Florida legislature, as well as the houses of Congress, are in for a rude awakening. Students across the country are sad, angry and now are making their voices heard. They marched and had an Enough is Enough rally to voice their concerns and demand that the legislature act on gun violence rather than offering thoughts and prayers to the survivors.

To keep the momentum going, there is now a national walkout being coordinated across the country on many campuses. On Wednesday, March 14 students, teachers, and faculty members will be marching out of classrooms and raising their voices about gun control. I intend on participating at the University of Montana's own Enough is Enough rally. I am very inspired and enlightened that people are starting to organize more aggressively around this issue. Ever since Sandy Hook, I could never look at a gun the same way again. I remember the day it happened. I came home after an OK day at school. My parents were watching CNN and it was all over the TV. More importantly, I remember what Congress did... nothing.

In light of these recent events, along with the national walkouts, there is now a March for Our Lives on Washington that is set to be scheduled for March 24. Five hundred thousand people have already been slated to attend. I wish I could be a part of it but I will be busy with school and my university's production of Green Day's American Idiot which actually fits in perfectly with the situation we are in right now.

The example and in-action he has set isn't working for a majority of Americans. I'm inferring that he will continue to try to privatize government programs and keep up his "thoughts and prayers" mantra up until the next election. Trump's presidency, through the first year into now the second year has seen small and large victories for the "resistance" movement. Victories in New Jersey and Virginia and most recently in Alabama with the election of Doug Jones, beating serial child predator Roy Moore.

Though those victories were won, there is still work to do. If we want to keep this momentum going we will need to knock every door, make every call, and talk to every person about their vote. If we get a democratic sweep this next November, the chances of a Trump impeachment will be imminent. Soon enough by 2020, we can put an end to the mess Trump created.

Please vote in 2018.

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