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Liberty and Justice for All?

By Chris RicksPublished 5 years ago 6 min read
Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

When you hear independence, liberty, and justice, what is the first image that pops into your head? For many, this is a simple question with a generic answer. Independence, being able to do what you want, not answering to anyone; come and go as you please. Liberty, the joy of being free, similarly to independence. And Justice, what about justice? Justice, being treated fairly, an eye for an eye.

Just a few decades ago, these concepts were not something many Americans were able to visualize. These ideals were reserved for some of the Americans who had lighter skin color than others. Many of the laws, still in effect today, are used to regulate the prosperity of one race over another.

When the founding fathers penned the constitution, they made clear that “all men are created equal” and that we all had the same right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. However, these ideals were not meant for darker skinned Americans or slaves.

As you see in American history, black Americans have fought for equality, justice, liberty, and the American dream from the days of their shackles, to the days of a black American who sat in the Oval Office. The fight is ongoing and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

How many black Americans can honestly say that they live in a truly just world where there is no bigotry or prejudice against them simply because of the tone of their skin. What is the horrific meaning of someone with darker skin? Why are so many intimidated? The United States government methodically and systematically set out to ensure that the black race does not succeed.

Many government officials in office have a raw hatred for black people, not because they were hurt or injured by a black person but simply because the person’s skin color isn’t light enough or the person’s hair texture is coarser that others. They make policies and laws to empower their race, while leaving others out in the cold. America has prospered from birth; however, not all Americans have benefited from this prosperity.

Black Americans have been plagued from the days of enslavement where their families were separated, they were bred like animals, men castrated, women raped, children whipped, and males murdered or mutilated in front of their families and down right degraded by the authority figures. Where was the life, liberty, and pursuit then?

As the times shifted out of slavery, blacks Americans were met with a different challenge. They had to face gangs of oppressors dressed in white hooded sheets. They couldn’t eat from the same eatery, drink from the same fountains, or even sit where they wanted on a bus. They were hung, beaten, doused with fire hoses, and attacked by police and their dogs. They had their heads placed on the side of a curb and had it stomped on and squashed like a watermelon. Still, they called it the land of the free. Where was the freedom?

Decades come and go, and slowly, we see progress. The white hoods disappeared from a prominent public display of hatred and moved into governmental positions where they would be able to push their agendas and affect policies to further benefit their race while clinging on to the tool of oppression and terror. They don the badge of a law enforcement officer with an itchy trigger finger. They kill black people with no remorse or regard for human life.

They take babies from their mothers, husbands from their wives, and go home to have dinner afterwards. They feel empowered to do so because the system is set up to get them off. They are able to take a loved one and risk minimal exposure to the consequences of law. These cowardly acts are done in broad daylight in from of the cameras. And they call it the home of the brave.

The ones who stand up to fight against the oppressive government and the terroristic nature of many of its people are assassinated, murdered, jailed, black balled or turned into an enemy of the state. Any black organization that stand up to the tyranny and the persecution is deemed as hostile or terrorist.

The acts of violence against blacks are meant to keep them in fear and submissive to their white counterparts. The constant slaying of black youth is at a disproportion. While these killings have been going on for decades, they weren’t being filmed and shared and publicized then as they are now. They majority of Americans can bear witness to the despicable acts of the people who pledge to serve and protect.

The biggest threat to America isn’t the blacks that they mistreat, abuse, and murder. It isn’t the Muslims who they scapegoat and demonize. It isn’t the Hispanics or Mexicans for whom they want to build a wall to keep out. It’s the faces on the monetary system. The faces on every prominent television show, news cast, or movie. It’s the kid next door, blonde hair, blue eyes and white.

He is most likely to shoot up a school or shoot an unarmed black person. He is the reason black athletes chose to take a knee instead of standing for an anthem that is not all inclusive. He is the reason for the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. He is the reason we have this on-going gun debate.

But unlike many blacks who have died senselessly, his skin color will protect him. And because of that, there will be more protests and more political uproar in a coordinated effort to unroot the evil and rewrite the story of prosperity for not just one race but the entire American race. No matter your shade.

The black race is seen as a threat, why is that? Charles Darwin wrote that blacks were inferior to whites and that blacks did not have the same brain density as whites. If these statements are true, why are blacks feared? Why continue to oppress a race seen as inferior?

Could it be that blacks contributed to many of the modern marvels of the world such as the pyramids and the Great Library? Could it be that without many of the black inventions our world would not look the way it does today? Black are great contributors. Even in bondage with the whole world on their backs, they persevere and overcome.

Have you considered that of all the countries on the OFAC list, the majority of them are black nations? How many prosperous black nations can you name without looking it up? Why are most black country’s currencies worthless? Is it that blacks do not know how to govern but whites do?

Liberty and justice for all.

Except if you are black.


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