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by Tyler Hall 2 years ago in new world order

Observations of events right now.

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This Article will address certain things in the news. I am going to be strict to the point in this one. This because what I am going to say does not fill the prerequisite of a lengthy article. Therefore, I will just give a quick few paragraphs on the events affecting the world today.

Police Condemn Derek Chauvin and the Subsequent Riots.

You know you've screwed up big time when your own fellow officers call you out for an arrest gone bad. That ladies and gentlemen is the reaction police officers and sheriffs deputies have regarding Derek Chauvin. To see his own turning against him is truly shocking in itself.

Never before have officers around the country condemned an arrest in this magnitude. Normally police officers would have either sided with Derk Chauvin or defended his actions. Yet seeing how many officers condemn the actions of the Minneapolis Police Department, you know its bad.

I just cannot believe how this entire ordeal has united both police and protesters! Its not everyday you see the police taking sides against one of their own! Even then, there are still officers whom are using this ordeal as an excuse to cause riots alongside anarchists and Antifa terrorists. If you ask me, things just get worse and worse.

Social Distancing Is Being Taken Half-Heartedly.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The reopening of this country considering its lock down from corona has me concerned. People act as though Covid-19 is a dim memory. Yet, does anyone realize what social distancing even means?! It means keeping a good distance from others because of the likelihood of contacting the Coronavirus!

However, people use the reopening as a means of congregating in large numbers. Beaches, parks, and parties are slowly becoming more plentiful again. The same could be said for shopping malls and restaurants. Even then, people just do not seem to realize just because restrictions are being lifted, it does not mean corona is gone.

Despite everything, people need to be more cautious than ever. One wrong move or association and Corona may come back stronger. Considering there are riots now because of George Floyd's tragic death, watch as new Corona cases crop up.

AntiFa Finally Declared A Terrorist Organization.

It's about time if you ask me. AntiFa and its violence against anyone they deem an enemy of their views. Anyone could google a simple video of AntiFa violence to discover the extent of their chaotic mentality. What AntiFa is doing is not peaceful by any means. Destruction of property, assault of random people, or outrageous behavior in the way of hollering at people is anything but peaceful.

Why the KKK has not been labeled a terrorist organization? Turns out the Klan went to the supreme court several times and won. Brandenburg v. Ohio, Virgina v. Black, and Capitol Square Review Board v. Pinette were all cases where the Klan sued and won on the grounds of First Amendment Rights.

I would have to say that the riots were caused by AntiFa fueling the crowds. However, the Main Stream Media would not tell it this way. Instead, the Main Stream Media would rather hold Right Wingers accountable for the violence and chaos.

NOTE: Let it be shown for the record I DETEST and DESPISE the actions of both the Klan and AntiFa. I REFUSE association with either organization.

The First SpaceX Launch.

Some good news? Turns out the SpaceX launch was a success. As someone whom admires exploring the final frontier, I am impressed. Although America stopped sending shuttles into space way back in 2011, to see such an undertaking occur is astounding. Knowing this country is returning to space is giving me hope amid this time of uncertainty. We all could use some hope right now.

I will say this though. Elon Musk is someone I wish i could be. A man of great vision not limited by circumstance. He has the support, the funds, the resources, and the intellect to be able to do what he desires to do. I have always envied this man for his abilities to pursue such ventures this.. Its as though Elon Musk is a real life example of Buckaroo Banzai. I would not be surprised if Elon Musk took inspiration from the actual film itself!!!

Elon Musk is someone I admire because he gives hope in these trying times. Its as though he were a bright light in a dark time. We could use more people like him!

A Final Word.

Imagine if the entire world united behind the genius of Elon Musk. Not only would we be going to outer space, but also to the Moon and beyond. Sadly, its as though nobody wants to unite for a greater cause. Everyone seems to have this belief its all for one's self. Such a sad time we live in. One would imagine we would have done away with the silliness regarding differences in race, religion, orientation, or creeds.

Yet, we seem to continue holding on to past grudges or self centered attitudes about the world at large. I've always lamented how nobody is willing to be open enough to not only accept others differences, but to express disagreement respectfully. Without somebody getting all out of arms because of some difference being accepted or not. After all as long as someone is not hurting another person, its all good.

Sadly, that all seems to be in a perfect world. We have none of that unity in this real world. Nobody wants to be more inclusive. We are all exclusive. One would think by now we all would have moved passed such past feelings. Yet, as I see it. We still have so much to do and learn.

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