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New American Reconstruction

by Kassy Mannoua Amoi 2 years ago in new world order

let's rebuild for the future beyond 2020!

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America is witnessing her system crumbling before her eyes from the American Senate to Hollywood. I am a citizen of this country, a natural born citizen yet thanks to this country's uncomfortable history with my people I am denied the right to be free to be myself. I am proposing we consider a change for this country. A new reconstruction era that will not only steer us as far away from this current crossroad we find ourselves in today but to take us to a peace unrivaled by any other peace we've ever had in this country before.

When I say reconstruction I mean the large scale changes that are much needed and long overdue. These changes I'm talking about specifically have to do with how we allocate our taxpayer money, elected officials and how we entertain ourselves and inform each other about life and the differences of thought and perspective around us. It has been a part of our nation's history to support our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness yet for some reason there has been a discrepancy as to what that means to the citizens of this country. This discrepancy is not always negative, differing perceptions of what it means to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can have a very positive outlook overall. Members of the LGBTQ community experienced this in the numerous rulings by the Supreme Court that granted rights to the LGBTQ community. (Even though those did not essentially clear everyone in the LGBTQ community since rulings mainly affected the Gay community specifically in the range of same sex marriage.) On other occasions perception of the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can be negative. In a debate with William F. Buckley, James Baldwin describes the scene in which Harlem watches or listens to John F. Kennedy say that someday there may be a Black president and this is met with critical dismay by onlookers and listeners because for them it communicates that "if you're good you'll get a turn too someday" and bear in mind that I paraphrase the statement that Mr. James Baldwin made in order to connect to my current point that when we finally had a Black man as president it was argued that President Barack Obama was unpatriotic for wearing a tan suit to a press conference or when his wife Michelle's patriotism comes into quesstion for making the statement that she was (despite our climate still is) a proud American like the many others who voted and subsequently got Barack Hussein Obama elected as the leader of the free world. I advise, no, strongly recommend that you find the debate between William F. Buckley and James A. Baldwin that took place at Cambridge University in 1965 on YouTube under the title: James Baldwin debates William F. Buckley (1965). Watch that video as two intellectual giant duel with such eloquence that a child would understand and provide the best guess as to who won the debate. ( Baldwin won of course but don't tell them that yet until they guess it)

Reconstruction of any kind done to the system must be applied and proposed with this simple clause in mind: create with the marginalized in mind that would give them peace of mind but not what you think would leave certain politicians and other petulant taxpayers comfortable with the peace that they have long since been comfortable with and would have to be shamed into changing their opinion of how the marginalized communities should be treated. In other words, help to actually institute a change and not give yourself an excuse to pat yourself on the back for helping that day. Keeping this clause in mind is an excellent start towards living in a country that doesn't need to be shamed into doing what is right by either members of the public or legislation that is designed to manipulate and coerce citizens to do their part. This brings the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to mind, in that while that amendment was designed to prevent the reinstitution of slavery it did not fulfill that purpose for long. Instead it merely encouraged a certain level of creativity from the governing class to shift the scope from enslavement of the African American to the criminalization of the African American. I encourage the reader to watch the 13th documentary directed by Ava DuVernay for a comprehensive understanding of what I am referencing.

This reconstruction of this society stands to expose the beauty, love and joy that each marginalized community finds despite the society's treatment and casting them aside as another "kind" of American. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find time in quarantine to watch these references that I have previously mentioned.

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Kassy Mannoua Amoi

I am an actor, writer and artist dedicated to the creation of happiness so boundless that it shatters all obstacles in the way of unity.

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