My Brother Asked Me a Question Designed to Hopefully Cause a Paradox

Yes, this one is controversial.

My Brother Asked Me a Question Designed to Hopefully Cause a Paradox

My brother asked me a question designed to hopefully cause a paradox.

He asked me my opinion on a UK law that will make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle where there is a child present that is under the age of 18. It was evident that he assumed I'd be in favor of such a law, and he'd then spring the paradox of an unborn child deserving those same protections. He even "warned" me with, "Be careful, I'm setting you up." Here's my reply.

I think it's a great law. It should be passed here in the United States too. A BORN child is deserving of a clean environment, free from the pollutants of cancer causing agents like cigarette smoke. A BORN child shouldn't have to be exposed to that. Your dad smoked when we were little. I don't remember when mom quit but I know she quit before your dad did. Though I've forgiven him for that way before I forgave him for drinking and driving drunk. I've only recently forgiven him for that. I've forgiven him for thinking that he threw me out of the house because I was gay, when I actually moved out to get away from him. I forgive him for all of those things, because that's the only way he could handle an intelligent strong willed gay child.

Now fortunately, or unfortunately, we live in a country where we agree to live by the laws of the land, and those laws do not currently grant rights to an UNBORN child, since it is "inside" a woman's body. Now for a woman, who DOES have rights, if she chooses to pollute her body with alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes, she apparently has the right to do so. I've already told you that morally I'm against abortion, but I am steadfastly in support of a woman's right to decide what happens inside her body, So we have a paradox here, one that you were obviously trying to set me up with by your question. You must already know the answer I'm going to give.

Until and unless you and yours that think like you #OTITC (Organize Take It To Court) and win, that woman has the right to do what she wants to her body, even if there is an unborn fetus in it. I'm not going to budge on a woman's right to her own reproductive system. I know you are morally against it, and I applaud you for those morals, but the law hasn't been changed. Offer her services if she requests them, offer her guidance if she requests it, offer to assume responsibility for the baby if she wants it, but do NOT try to force your beliefs on her, against the law. Go visit your congressmen, go visit your Senator, give them money, but none of that is going to make much of a difference until you RISE UP AS A RIGHTEOUS GROUP to protest EN MASSE, to show that you have the support of the masses.

You do NOT have that support now, I sincerely doubt you will ever find that amount of support. Conservatives and Fundamentalists don't seem to like getting their hands dirty, or wearing out the leather soles on their shoes by marching. You'd rather say "that's not my style,", and "I give money to my Congressman" and "My Senator knows me by name."

Well, take it from someone who knows. THAT IS THE ONLY STYLE that is going to make change in your favor. There were a LOT of "million man marches" on Washington that fizzled because there weren't a million supporters willing to make their way to DC to show that support. Staying at home and raising money only puts money in the politicians pockets, it doesn't put people on the streets in quantities enough to make change happen. Your moral indignation is noted. Everyone knows the fundamentalist position on this. It's rallied from the pulpits all over the United States, but there are also a lot of scared pregnant christian girls out there that are still having abortions, without their fundamentalist christian parents knowing. There will always be places for them to go for the proper health care they need, with or without their parents permission.

Now listen carefully, brother dear, I'm trying to help you here. I'm telling you the EXACT formula to get what you want. I'm showing you how it works, I'm suggesting you do the same thing. But that's not your style. Well, all I can do is offer the help.. good luck to you with your methods.

WE FOUGHT in stonewall NY, we RIOTED in stonewall NY, we MARCHED in EVERY state in the union, we organized FOR REAL, in REAL NUMBERS, we SHOWED up in numbers impressive enough to make change happen. If you do ANYTHING less, you will lose.

Craig Braquet
Craig Braquet
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