Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Mr. President, Sir:

by Shirley Belk 2 months ago in trump

You Aren't Perfect, But you Are Perfect for the Job!

Mr. President, Sir:
Trumps at Mount Rushmore 2020

I was introduced to the celebrity figure, Donald Trump by none other than my grandmother. My grandmother loved keeping up with Hollywood gossip, celebrity drama, and all the glitz and glam of the movie stars. Of course, in that mix was the high profile couple, Donald & Ivana Trump from New York. I liked to keep up with my grandmother, so I would listen as she gave me the low down on the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" even better than Robin Leach could have. If Mr. Leach was before your time, he was a television celebrity journalist/host who coined the term, "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" and spoke in a thick and highly pronounced British accent.

Donald Trump showing Robin Leach around

My grandmother passed away in 1984 before the divorce between Trump and his first wife, Ivana. I'm glad she didn't know about his indiscretion and the subsequent marriage to his mistress, Marla Maples. She would have never voted for him. And to be honest, I'm not quite sure how accepting she would have been of Melania, either.

I had also seen him on the Oprah show, giving his interview in 1988 when she asked, "would you ever run?" in consideration for presidency. His answer reflected the sentiments of many in our country during that time, and, while not setting that ambition as his goal or intent, stated he was "tired of seeing what's happening in our country."

1988 Interview on Oprah Winfrey Show

Back in 1988, I was tired, too....I had a fifteen year old, a thirteen year old, an eleven year old, and an eight year old. I was also in college full-time for my nursing degree. I was tired of a failing marriage and I, too wanted to see some changes in my life. Politics and presidency weren't my everyday concerns. My concerns were to make a better life for my children.

And so we had the Bush years and then we had the Obama years. By then, my career had taken off, I had divorced and remarried, and all the children were grown with their own families. That is when I had the time to pay attention and reflect on the condition of our country. And to watch a little television.

I stated watching "Celebrity Apprentice" to watch the dynamics of teams and leadership. I learned from watching. And I will admit, I loved to hear Donald tell them, "You're fired!" Most of the time I agreed with him. So, I learned to trust his judgment and his leadership skills.


By that time, there were many people in Washington (including presidents) that I thought should have been fired. Seeing the Towers collapse and the atrocity of Benghazi played out and then lied about...I was very tired! Very tired and utterly disgusted. I was horrified, actually. Drain the Swamp!

Honorable? Hillary

Of course, when 2016 came around, we had two candidates...I would have voted for anybody but Clinton!

No More Hillary

So, in 2020, here is my letter to our President of the United States, Donald Trump:

Dear Sir,

I am grateful that you stepped up to make our country a better and safer place. I am grateful that I can wake up and be proud of the man in the Oval office. You are not a perfect man, but I think you are perfect for the job. I believe that Providence has placed you there for a higher purpose.

I can't even imagine the stress and the struggle you face daily and the weight of the decisions that you carry on your shoulders. Yet, you hold your head up and you walk in confidence! I respect you and appreciate your efforts in our behalf, Sir.

You have my support and my prayers as always and I thank you for your service to our country, going above and beyond in every aspect. I hope that Congress will stop fighting you and start caring for our people. My concern is that socialism has crept in and has a stronghold. I hope that voters pay attention and we don't see their majority ruling and stopping you from being as effective as you want to be for us.

Let's MAGA, Sir!

Shirley Belk
Shirley Belk
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