Move Nancy, Get Out the Way!

Piss or Get Off the Pot Already

Move Nancy, Get Out the Way!

They are corrupt. We know that. They are sycophantic. We know that. What we don’t know is what will be done about it. Here’s what won’t do a damn thing—hurling tweeted insults at it. We’ve had it up to here with you Nancy. How long should we wait?

Let me explain something to you and every other person in this country talking about 2020 right now. If you are waiting for someone else to be elected next year in order to end the suffering happening on our border, you are foolish.

How long would you be willing to wait if you were in their shoes? What would you be praying that our Congress was doing right now to stop it? Instead of calling out the people who are actually trying to do something about it right now, how about you listen to them?

People keep defending you by saying, ‘Oh she’s trying to hold on to the House.’ For what? When are you supposed to govern? You’ve been playing the pitiful minority for so long that you can’t see straight. Less than three months after the midterm elections ended, all we heard was, ‘Of course Nancy Pelosi should be Speaker of the House.' Says who?

As a result of slow walking an impeachment inquiry and passing bill after bill that will not be brought to the floor by Moscow Mitch, the Democratic base is already getting restless and the year is barely halfway gone. Even after being booed at Netroots this year you put four newly elected women of color on blast as too progressive yet at that same conference they were the ones who were cheered.

Not to mention the arrogance of thinking that progressives do not recognize the circular logic you use to explain your unwillingness to begin an impeachment inquiry that should have started at least five months ago. The argument goes, even if Trump is impeached in the House the Senate will not vote to remove him.

You can say the same thing about the 100+ bills that have passed through the House since 2017 and none have been brought to the floor by Moscow Mitch. We know that those bills won’t get passed or signed into law but what you don’t know is how public opinion will change the more we know about this criminal administration.

At the same time, this administration flouts subpoenas while continuing to breaking the law. You look weak and helpless as usual, even with the power that the people invested in the House less than a year ago. Instead, you want your caucus and the party to focus on 2020. Your “strategy” is not only splitting the party but it is dividing the electorate and pushing those hold-your-nose-and-vote-Democratic Republicans and independents away.

“The Squad” as they have been labeled recognizes something that the Speaker of the House does not: You did not win the midterms. I know people have told you that over and over again, but you did not. That 2% swing in districts that lean republican were not voting on democratic legislative priorities.

Those representatives didn’t win by pretending that there was only five degrees of separation between them and republicans. That 2% doesn’t need to be courted because they want the same thing that progressives want; the same thing that we the people, the Resistance, voted for less than a year ago—a check on this administration. That is a 75% base compared to a 25% rabid Trump base.

If you can’t win that argument—and you won’t, and you are losing it as we speak—you are guilty of political malpractice. This is exactly why you should be challenged. You are not fit for this fight. You are part of the problem. The fact that you can’t see that is proof positive that you are part of the problem.

Maureen Dowd quoted you as bragging about your basement and souvenirs you have from 30 years ago when you were the new kid on the block in Congress being blocked by the old men in the party. I’ve got a news flash for you—you are the one standing in the way now. You are not the new kid. Rep. Pressley, and Omar, and Tlahib, and Ocasio-Cortez, they are the new kids that we elected and you are standing in their way.

You are losing your grip on power which you shouldn’t be trying to hold onto anyway. Listen to the music. It’s playing you off, dear. You can go gracefully or we can move you out. Either way, you must get out of the way.

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