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Morocco Postponing the trial of a famous plastic surgeon on charges of human trafficking, fraud and forgery

On Thursday, the famous Moroccan plastic surgeon Hassan Al-Tazi and those with him appeared before the Court of Appeal in Casablanca on charges of human trafficking, fraud and forgery.

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The second session of the trial of the follow-up plastic surgeon, accompanied by his wife, brother, and two women, was known for the felony of human trafficking, in disagreement between some members of the defense staff, due to the demand to include documents in the file.

At a time when the defense of the Tazi doctor, represented in the person of lawyer Muhammad al-Maskini, submitted requests related to the inclusion of "secret documents that were absent from the file," as he put it, the lawyer for one of the defendants refused this, considering that the request would prolong and delay the trial of his client.

During its pleadings, the defense sought to summon the declarants who had previously presented themselves before the National Brigade of the Judicial Police and the investigating judge, and to summon some of the employees of Al-Shifa Hospital, including the person in charge of human resources.

After deliberation, the court decided to include the documents that the Tazi Authority had requested to be included in the file, and in return postponed the decision on other petitions, including summoning the declarants and summoning the employees of the aforementioned clinic.

The defense of the defendants in this case demanded that the followers be granted temporary release in the event of arrest, given that they have all the guarantees to attend, in addition to placing a financial guarantee in exchange for that.

The First Instance Criminal Chamber of the Casablanca Court of Appeal decided to delay this case, which is of great interest, to May 25.

The defendants in this file are charged with the felony of human trafficking, fraud, forgery in a commercial document and its use, participation in forgery, and participation in the manufacture and use of untrue fabricated facts.

The defendants had been arrested on the first days of Ramadan before last, when Al-Tazi, his wife and brother, in addition to a woman claiming to be engaged in charitable work, and an employee of Al-Shifa Hospital, were placed in “Okasha” prison in Casablanca.

The investigating judge decided, while listening to the accused, as well as those following them on release, to deposit the accused, “Saeeda. A,” in the local prison, Ain El-Saba, “Okasha,” bringing the number of detainees to 6.

In this case, according to the records of the judicial police, a number of well-known personalities in various fields fell victim to fraud and fraud, after the accused “Zainab. Al-Shifa Hospital, owned by plastic surgeon Hassan Al-Tazi. Source: Moroccan "Hespress" website

Posting a blogger photo that claimed a sexual relationship between her son and his sister after her arrest

The Egyptian security forces arrested the blogger, who claimed a sexual relationship between her son and his sister, and caused a sensation in Egypt.

The investigation authorities decided to detain the blogger, Um Ziyad Heba Al-Sayed, pending investigations, on charges of human trafficking after her interrogation, and investigations are still underway with her.

The investigation authorities confirmed the arrest of the blogger, Umm Ziyad Heba Al-Sayed, who is the owner of a channel on a social networking site, and interrogated her about what was attributed to her of committing human trafficking crimes by exploiting her children by showing them in video clips and publishing them on her accounts with the intention of obtaining financial profit, exposing them to danger, and using the computer. And the Internet to spread activities related to defamation of children, and assaulting family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society.

Confronting her, she admitted to having committed the incident, and the mobile phone used in the incident was seized, while the Public Prosecution Office conducted the investigation. Source: RT

Opinion poll: The majority of Russians consider Victory Day the most important holiday for them

The results of a survey of Russian citizens conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of World Opinion (VTSIUM) showed that Victory Day is the most important holiday for 65% of Russians.

However, before 2014, the majority of Russians considered New Year's Day the most important holiday for them. 69% of the respondents declared that New Year's Day was the most important holiday for them. As for Victory Day, it won 53% of the citizens' votes. But things changed in favor of Victory Day with the advent of 2018.

65% of respondents to the 2023 opinion poll said that Victory Day is the most important holiday for them, followed by New Year's Day (29%), Easter (22%), International Women's Day (22%), Christmas Day (20%) and Defender's Day. About the homeland (17%).

So, since 2018, Victory Day remains the most important holiday for Russian citizens, according to the results of the 2023 opinion poll conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion. Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Egypt Hassan Shakoush expels his wife from the house 55 days after their marriage

The wife of the famous Egyptian festivals singer, Hassan Shakoush, accused her husband of expelling her from the house as a result of differences between them, and of seizing her money.

The liberation of the singer's wife sparked a state of controversy among social media users, which was denounced by some as a result of the consensual situation raised by singer Hassan Shakoush and his wife, who were led by the trend of communication sites after their wedding ceremony.

The denunciation of some of the dispute between the spouses - Hassan Shakoush and Reem Sadiq - came after the wedding ceremony of the couple led the attention of many followers, as the wedding ceremony witnessed the prostration of Hassan Shakoush's wife, thank God for granting her marriage to Shakush and replacing her with a husband like him.

A security source revealed the fate of the report, saying that the report is under investigation by the Public Prosecution, contenting itself with saying, "The matter is in the Public Prosecution, as it is the decision-maker," whether by requesting investigations or subjecting the complainant to investigation.

The twenty-year-old presenter of the report said in her record before the warden of the October 1st Department that she was surprised a few days ago by her husband, “Hassan Shakush,” expelling her from the house inside a famous residential resort.

According to the wife's statement, "Shakosh" seized marital movables and a trust receipt for the value of the dowry back, pointing out that she refused to file a report at the time, hoping for peace, but to no avail, so she decided to resort to the police.

The necessary report was issued, and Major General Sameh Al-Hamili, Hakamdar Al-Jiza, referred it to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation. Source: Masrawy + Cairo 24

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