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Mental health in the black community

by Author A 2 months ago in controversies

Spread more awareness

Because black history was last month I felt I need to post this.

I know what your thinking.

Why in the black community only?

First of all everyone’s mental health matters. But this is something that isn’t regularly discussed within my culture. I feel now with everything going on in America and the world its important we explore this topic.

To begin with our history. It has been 400 years since slavery yet our history is something that can never be forgotten especially in a society where it still takes place and isn’t properly acknowledged. According to some research, the trauma can be carried through DNA. I believe this to be true. The trauma that our ancestors face also affects us psychologically and spiritually. Furthermore could be coded in our DNA for life.This is just my theory by the way don’t quote me on this (im not a scientist).

On the other hand, let me get back to the topic. A lot of people in the black community have mental health problems. Whether its; anxiety, depression, stress, or anger issues. While other cultures do have these problems as well it is something that isn’t identified easily within our community.

In addition environmental factors such as living in deprived areas. It has been statistically proven that people from a lower social class are more likely to suffer from mental health. This is also a large percentage of of the black community will end up committing a crime once their life.

About 6% of working-age (18–64yrs old) Black men are currently in the state or federal prison, or in a municipal jail. This is three times higher than the 2% of ‘all men’ in the same age group. Its also just as bad in the United Kingdom though I don't have the exact statistics.

Alternatively, not all of us end up in jail. Some people end up dying and some in psych wards where they don't always get the help they need.

Something has to change so what can we do?

Well, I believe the first step to making an impactful change is awareness and acknowledgment.

• Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Social media is a big platform to connect and spread an important message. Though we use it to make funny videos and be entertained it can also be used to create change.

• Start a trend #blackmind

A simple step like this can make a huge difference. The more people have awareness of the problem , the more we can work together on changing it.

•More education on mental health and black history in schools and colleges

This on is very important. They say you don’t know where your going , unless you know where your coming from.

The younger generation needs to be properly educated on this topic and the black community as a whole.

•make a change within the community

donate to involved/help black charities and mental health charities

• Netflix and other tv shows

I know what you're probably thinking.

How can Netflix help this cause?

Well, thanks to the season like “Dear white people” and “Black Af” we can not only be entertained but educated at the same time. By all means, watch these black related series and programs, take something from it.

Lastly, be the difference. Change won't happen unless you act upon don't wait for somebody else to do it otherwise none will.

Start now!

In conclusion, as people we all need to consider each other more. It's easy to point a finger and judge others. The black community has been deprived for many years after slavery. True reparation should be to educate us further on our history. And allow our culture to not be “criminalized” or look down upon.

We are all equal at the end of the day. Don't be apart of the problem be apart of the solution.


Stop the cycle!

Author A
Author A
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Author A

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