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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband is Over Her Shit

He’s Divorcing Q-Anon’s Favorite Cheater

By Jason ProvencioPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
MTG waving good bye to her marriage. Perhaps she’ll cheat with Donald Trump next. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Perry Greene has finally pulled the plug on his marriage to nutcase Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m not sure what the final tipping point was, but take your pic. This woman is a dumpster fire out of control in the back of a Walmart loading dock area. She’s truly a garbage human.

Rumors of infidelity on her end have been swirling for at least ten years now. QAnon’s favorite poster child for the new Dumb-Shit Barbie line has been allegedly having affairs with gym members and god-knows how many other people during her time as a deranged, right-wing nut job.

I don’t say these things only for shits and giggles. This is a woman who denied that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was real. She’s confronted students who have been directly involved and affected by other mass shootings and attacked them on a personal level after being subjected to the traumas of death by gun violence.

Her only concern is pushing some unhinged right-wing conservative Christian agenda onto those who have no interest. Claiming to be a good Christian while fucking other men behind her husband’s back is the definition of hypocrisy.

You can’t be a legit Christian and bang a bunch of random people when you’re married, MTG. You can’t worship Trump and Jesus, both. Photo by NATHAN MULLET on Unsplash

Yet she has the gall to attack members of the LGBTQ community for their lack of morals and an abundance of “sin”. Yes, she’s often casting that first rock at people she considers sinners while conducting herself in a horrible, mean-spirited way.

She is all over Donald Trump’s little baby-nuts any chance she gets. One can only assume that her political motivations come from wanting to be the next Mrs. Trump and serving in the White House as First Hooker. Lady is not a title she deserves.

As unlikely as it is that Trump will be President of the United States again, perhaps she ought to readjust her goals and ambitions to a degree. Being the main person to come visit Donny in prison is a far more realistic idea. Perhaps she can bake him a cake with a file in it. Or roast his tiny ‘Lil Smokie during conjugal visits.

I have to wonder what kind of marriage she and Perry had during their 29 years together. They parented three children who we can only assume are going to need many years of therapy for having MTG as their mother. This is the woman who supported calls of violence and murder against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

She’s equated the Democratic party to the Nazi regime. She supported Putin’s Russian invasion and war against the Ukraine. She thinks a wealthy Jewish family created lasers to start forest fires from space. She’s confident that child trafficking and molestation has occurred in a number of pizza joints and equated mask mandates during the Covid pandemic to the Holocaust.

She thinks being forced to mask up is equivalent to being in Nazi death camps. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In short, she’s a fucking lunatic. I’ve never seen so much ignorance, bigotry, hate, and utter stupidity wrapped up in one woman before. The only person even close to her level of insanity that I can think of is Donald Trump. They’d be perfect for each other, now that she’s soon to be single.

We all know Donald loves extra-marital affairs. And from what I’ve read, the same holds true for MTG. They would likely be perfect for each other. Hopefully someday, we’ll see matching prison orange jumpsuits in their future together.

Perry Greene may be no saint himself. Perhaps he’s supportive of her viewpoints and irrational thinking. I hope that he’s a good parent to their children. Whatever the truth is, he has finally decided that his world will be better without Marjorie in it.

He did file for divorce back when she allegedly was involved with numerous affairs, but changed his mind and decided not to follow through with it. Ten years later, he’s once again tapping out. Good for him.

I can only hope he’ll actually follow through with it this time. Who knows why he changed his mind at the last minute a decade ago. I bet he wishes he’d have followed through with it back then. The unhinged, ridiculous things she’s done and said in that period of time are numerous and horrific. She’s hurt a lot of people with her views and words.

I can’t think of another female politician even close to her level of crazy. Lauren Boebert is close. That newly elected prime minister in Italy, Giorgia Meloni has similar tendencies. What is it with these ultra conservative, mean-spirited, bigoted and racist assholes trying to force their fucked-up religiously-influenced views on everyone?

Lauren Boebert and MTG, heckling President Biden during a speech like a couple of howler monkeys. VOTE THEM OUT. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

If you want to be a bag of asses, feel free. Treat people like dog-shit in every day life and then don’t be surprised when you step to the wrong person who socks you in the mouth over it. But for fuck’s sake, let’s stop electing these brainless, conspiracy-driven politicians to office. We need to all get out and vote in November.

My campaign/voting rally would be, “VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT OF OFFICE”! Power to the people, the normal, kind-hearted, well-balanced citizens of this nation. There is no room for the Moral Minority taking rights away from women and LGBTQ people, because “Their Bible Tells Them So.” Fuck THAT.

Your religious views are your own. You have the right to have them. Until those views impede mine. Or try to strip basic human rights and equality from marginalized groups of people. These groups include women, minorities, and foreign citizens of our country. We will not tolerate leaders and politicians like MTG anymore.

Divorce is usually a sad thing. It should be private and worked out to the best of both parties’ abilities. When one out of two marriages fail in the United States statistically, you have to assume one out of two of the participants in any given marriage is an asshole.

I’m pretty sure I know who it is in the Perry & Marjorie Taylor Green divorce. I hope he takes that bitch for everything she’s got. Especially if it’s found that she was the one cheating on him ten years ago and I’m betting even more recently.

Georgians, vote her OUT in November. Let her go back to being the town pump at her local crossfit gym. Shrewd businesswoman and good Christian, my ass. Congratulations on making one of the best choices of your life, Perry.

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