LGBT+ Community & LGBT+ & Women vs Cis-Hetero (Conservative) Men

by Daniel Moon 5 months ago in pop culture

A brief history of gay rights and women's rights in history.

LGBT+ Community & LGBT+ & Women vs Cis-Hetero (Conservative) Men

The United States is the land of the free, an excellent place. If you ask anyone who is not a 'cis-hetero male.'

Gay men have been targeted for centuries, for things such as AIDS, homosexuality being a disease, etcetera etcetera. People in the LGBT+ community were attacked for who they were, and were never payed attention to unless it was with hatred. Of course, the United States has gotten to a point where people being fired, killed, and sent to conversion therapy for being gay is not as common as before, but it still happens all over the US, besides states that have banned such things from happening.

Women have also been targeted since just about the beginning of time, and been discriminated against at times for just being a woman. Women have never had the advantage unless the topic was of fashion, cooking, or cleaning. Women were just maids to Men, and had to do something about it. Feminism had been a more common thing in about the 1920s. Women came out of Men's view of Women, and how a Woman should act—and the term flapper had began.

Flappers shocked conservative men, and men who limited women from cutting their hair short, to wearing makeup, and carrying cosmetic handbags. Of course Men came up with laws to limit women, and employers had the power to fire women who had bobbed hair in many states.

Why am I speaking about Flappers, and Gay men? Because these following things are not problems in the United States. Gay couples can be beat for being gay, in some states it is still legal to put people in conversion therapy, (where people are to become heterosexual/straight) women have less pay than men, gay people can be fired just for being gay, and women are not given justified time off of work after having a baby. Some women can not afford a baby sitter, or have no distant relatives, so this is a huge problem in that case (oh and abortions are illegal in Alabama, passed because of Cis-hetero conservative men who have no experience in a woman's steps). The equality can solve problems when it is passed, but of course not all problems can be solved.

Taylor Swift has recently came out with her new single, "You Need to Calm Down," which is one of my favorite constant replay songs at the moment. Taylor Swift has posted the song, and put at the end of her music video on 'YouTube', "Let's show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally."

We love Taylor Swift under this roof, you queens.

Taylor swift put a '' link under her video. The equality act.

Love is love, and Women power our society, and deserve better in this world. Let's be equal, and be equal as a country should be (this will not limit your rights, to the close-minded people out there).

The link to Taylor Swift's change petition is down there, thank you for reading.

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