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Let's Heal the Planet, from Within

by Yeshua Lucis 2 years ago in activism
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Radical Times call for Mystical Shifts

We often hear the clarion call for us to heal the planet. Yet, what is not focused upon enough is what the actual responsibility is. How can we embody the solution, if we don't understand the source of the problem?

Therein lay the issue, and the opportunity for transformation. This isn't just about buying different products or petitioning, this is about radical activism that starts within. We need to look at the reality that our disconnection from Nature and the problems that come from that stem from an ultimately spiritual level.

The actions that we take, the habits that we have, all add up, yes?

We are collectively coming to see how this relates to our health and the wellbeing of the planet. Take that a step further, and see how with every one of those we are voting for a particular reality. There is no corporation to destroy an eco-system without the people who buy their products, as they would have nothing to profit on.

The responsibility is ultimately on the cumulative mass of the individuals participating in that paradigm. As soon as they shift, as we shift, the vote of that participatory action or habit, the providers of services and goods must shift in order to stay in business, or they will cease to exist.

What is the power in this?

We hold immense power to change the entire paradigm. To co-opt the way we use the resources. To peacefully collectively organize to a new way of being. But it starts within us. No one is coming to save us from our selves. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

When we see that a collective shift in how the world is set up, is based on the mass participation of each of us, we see that it starts at the level of how we interact with the world. We are all connected.

As we reach critical mass in this understanding and way of living, the systems evolve to match this. We stop voting for that which destroys the ecological resources of this planet, and instead that which brings regeneration, community and wellbeing.

The world is made of many connections, interactions that begin on a very subtle level. This is where one can approach the deeper layers of causality. See the threads in the weave of reality, of how the reality we experience begins first in consciousness.

The Akasha - The Loom of Worlds

The issues of pollution and disharmony began first from where they were made; the state of consciousness. As we come to see the interconnected nature of life, ourselves and everyone, everything, every place, and we come to live this experience more fully, we make actions from that place of awareness.

Our desire to harm others falls away. They are a part of us, and we feel that. Our desire to cut down mass amounts of trees for paper products becomes irrelevant and outdated, when we see that we can grow fields of hemp in areas of soil that both rejuvenates the land and cleans the air. Furthermore, we become more mindful of whenever we do something or use a product that contributes to that, on the very level of our day to day actions.

We come to know that the solution is in that mindfulness. That we must embody it, "be the change we wish to see", and in doing so become an example of another way of being, one more in harmony with nature. In this, we propagate and pollinate the seeds of change.

We remember the truth. That we not only come from the Earth, we are the Earth. We are made of the very elements of nature, and the manifestations we see in the world stem from how tuned in we are to this Truth. So the great work comes back to our focus upon our relationship with Nature. With cleaning up our side of the street so to speak.

This morning, I went on a walk and started picking up trash along the way. I could feel it cleaning me as I was cleaning the land. As I tuned in deeper to that feeling, I felt the beauty of nature open up more to me. I felt my heart open in the caring I showed, and in this felt more alive.

I see that we can each do this every day. Just as chief Blackhawk said this last weekend at Zen Awakening, where I went to perform my music, storytelling and present workshops with Into the Mythica, as we each clean up our part, it cleans up the planet. I really felt that on a deeper level, and it's something I've been practicing for years. I see that as we each do our part, that is what transforms the world.

It starts with us caring. As I walked the street here in Florida, I saw the trash and keep out signs by this beautiful stream. I thought, if the people really felt what they were doing, were sensitive to how that pollutes the land, empathically and deeply, they wouldn't do it. If we were communing more with the land, and showing deep caring for it's health, knowing that it effects us on a deep level; from our vitality to our sense of connection and expansion, to our very access to inspiration and beyond, we would all act to be in alignment with Nature.

Yet, it is such a thing of compassion. The reason people don't do this is because of lack of awareness. We need to wake up, to feel once again. That is where we will begin to explore how to act in harmony, because we will place more importance on that. So, it's actually all coming from a place of what we value. What we buy, do and participate is all a reflection of what we value.

Once we start valuing all of Nature, the wellbeing and our quality of connections in Life, then we will start investing our time and energy in that which is in alignment with that. Our vote is our vibe. It's within us to establish that which we value. From there, ripples turn to waves. We start taking action from a place of higher consciousness, and see the results come back to us immediately.

We came here to create a better world. To take care of the land, the animals, our fellow brothers and sisters. Let's be the answer to our ancestors prayers. See how you can care a bit more, be more mindful, and express that today. When we all do this, the world immediately changes... remember, the change starts within.


About the author

Yeshua Lucis

A traveling gypsy bard, I share stories and song, document my journey of manifestation on Into the Mythica. A mythical journalist and yogi, I provide a viewpoint on the shift in the consciousness.

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