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Labor of Lewandowski

by Joe Gladden 2 years ago in corruption

Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

"American Democracy Being Tested"

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Vol. 1, 1.2.

Today's little televised, 'political scene" was rather appalling to watch, as Congressional hearings go. It tells us just how far we have fallen as a Democracy, when one branch of the Federal Government openly believes it can run roughshod over a co-Equal branch of The Federal Government, to protect a lawless President. The whole affair was a bit surreal, and somewhat embarrassing for House Democrats, and emboldening to Republicans... right up until the last 30 minutes or so of the hearing, when the tables were turned. Today we had a former, high ranking Trump staffer, who, more than likely, has some very damning information about this President that America needs to hear about, yet is known for thumbing his nose at the rule of law and The Constitution, get up before cameras and "clam up" to protect his Trump. Lewandowski was breaking the law by refusing to answer questions posed to him, under oath, as required by subpoena. Here, Lewandowski is seen rudely asserting some bastardized form of Executive Privilege, which he clearly doesn't have to assert. He admits Trump has requested that he not speak on any matters which fall outside of the four corners of The Mueller Report. But he wouldn't answer questions about information and situations described in Muller's Report, much less anything else.

Aside from the intractable, obstructionist attitude on display, Lewandowski set about making a general ass of himself during questioning, at every turn. Then he took a long lunch and kicked off his NH Senate campaign by Tweet. "You stay classy, Corey." Being the poster child for obstinance, while haughtily refusing to answer (D) member's questions, may land this man in Contempt of Congress. Should they arrest and detain him? Yes. It's long past time Democrats grew a spine and showed some teeth. A united, aggressive Democratic front against the increasing level of Republican corruption and law breaking is no longer just desired, it's required. Though he's clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, Lewandowski is a tool of Donald Trump nonetheless.

Finally, after a long and stressful few hours filled with repeated truculence and mendacity, obstruction and obfuscation—Lewandowski fumbles the ball and gives up the ghost on Trump. He admits Trump asked him personally to intervene with then A.G. Sessions, to try and limit the scope of The Mueller Investigation. This is clearly an act of obstruction of justice, and an opening for Judiciary Democrats to initiate Formal Impeachment Proceedings, if only Nancy Pelosi will allow Chairman Nadler to proceed. Lewandowski also admitted that he has no problem telling lies to the news media regularly, because he "has no responsibility to tell the truth to the news media", and therefore to The American People. This fatal admission coming right on the heels of Tweeting a kick-off to his Senatorial campaign was a bit of an eye-popper. Corey Lewandowski is a fraud. He does not have the level of truthfulness, nor the temperament required to be a US Senator. Make a note of that, New Hampshire. Nevermind the fact that Lewandowski is owned and operated by Donald Trump and the foreign powers that control Trump, his staged theatrics today proved just how far this President is willing to take his march over the Rule of Law, and into the abyss of Fascism and Dictatorship. Who will right America's ship?

Update: Wednesday, Sept. 18th, 2019

It would now seem that Lewandowski may have perjured himself during yesterday's performance. According to Mimi Rocah, a former federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, who was highly critical of his behavior, she suggested that Lewandowski "may have perjured himself." Great. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, as I was saying. The bottom line is, if this becomes a pattern—former associates "screwing up bigly" in front of the cameras—then matters can only get worse for Donald Trump as the inevitable Impeachment Hearings progress. If yesterday began with elation from this President; Tweeting out the one word comment: "Beautiful" when assessing Lewandowski's performance, then it sure ended with a thud as Lewandowski implicated him in at least one count of Obstruction of Justice.

Writing to you from Trumpland.

Until next time, Peace and Joy.


Joe Gladden
Joe Gladden
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