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January 6, 2021

by Thomas Neal 2 days ago in humanity

What if....?

January 6, 2021

On January 6th 2021, a hostile takeover of the Democratic process was attempted by staunch supporters of the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The attempted coup was not just antagonized that day, it was built over 5 years of hateful and aggressive rhetoric that fed into the vulnerabilities of a segment of America that believes that the rights afforded by the constitution are only for them and people that look like them. Stoked by President who is nothing more than an opportunist, who tapped into these vulnerabilities and exploited them for his own personal gain.

These same people, who were willing to do whatever the head of the executive branch of the US Government said as long as it is Donald Trump, also believes that the government is taking their freedoms and controlling their day to day lives. These same people that are now villainizing privately owned media companies for censorship once applauded them for pushing the hate. However, this opinion is not just about that segment of the country, it’s about the Black America stuck in the middle. For as much as this is not about race, it is.

A very strong realization was shoved directly into the face of the world on that day, and an ugly truth was realized which can be summed up in one short sentence. “What if they were black?” Over the summer of 2020 the world saw the protests and the response. Black Americans were trying to bring about systematic change, simply because were tired of being killed without cause. Marching, chanting and singing, with the vast majority of these daylight demonstrations remaining peaceful until they were forcibly ended when bad actors incited violence after sundown, much of which was contributed to members of the same groups that were present on January 6th. During a June march in Washington DC the National Guard was mobilized ahead of the demonstration in order to ensure that the Lincoln Memorial was not attacked. To make it very simple, they responded in force to protect a symbolic location, not to preserve Black Life if such actions occurred. Once again, “What if they were Black?”

One thing we have to realize is that there are more understating people in White America than we want to give credit to. They understand the plight, and understand that systematic racism is a much bigger real issue than that of the phantom fascism that has been fabricated. They understand the majority of the movements and that their supporters are only fighting for equality, and nothing more. However, when the Black American sees the Confederate flag being paraded around inside the Capitol Rotunda, and symbols of our nations Democracy being defaced, destroyed and looted without consequence, it naturally raises questions. “What if they were black?”

When this same segment of the population absolutely detests the protest of a people who fell less than and unequivocally support all actions of law enforcement, no matter the legality, but will murder a Police Officer while holding a Blue Lives Matter banners it raises the question. “What if they were Black? Is it that Blue Lives truly matter or are they just anti-black? This same group will make a martyr out of an unarmed white woman that was shot by Capital Police attempting to lay siege to our nations seat of government but accuse the officers attempting to protect it of being traitors. When the Black American sees half of these Police officers struggling and fighting, upholding their oath and doing their duty while the other half moves the barricades, takes selfies and holding the doors of the capitol open for these people, it raises the question. “What if they were Black?”

This same segment of the population constantly lives under the mantra of taking our country back, taking it back from what. The call of socialism echoes loudly from the groups, but why? Is it because the vast majority of Americans believe that people should not have to choose between buying medicine and paying rent. Is it because the social security check you expect to collect or the public schools you attended are different from universal healthcare, even though they are all funded by the same government? Or are they still waiting on the Democrats to take their guns away and quell their message of insurrection they have called free speech.

Make no mistake, what we all witnessed was not an act of civil disobedience but a twisted interpretation of the 1st Amendment that in no way represents this Land. This group cried out feeling they were not heard, not because they were wronged, but only because they couldn’t get their way. As they should, these bad actors are being held accountable, but after the fact, so I will ask one last time. “What if they were Black?”

Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal
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