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It's Time To Tell The Truth  - It's Too Late For America

Why America is OVER! ( Part 1 of a 3 Part series) by Marshall Barnes

Kasich's message: "Enough is enough. There’s a better path forward for America".

"A nation that’s lost its way needs to reject the division and anger that have taken us down this sorry road."

So says former Ohio governor John R. Kasich in an op-ed he penned for the Boston Globe last month. Although on the surface, he's right, where he's wrong is in his assessment that the nation has lost its way. It's not lost. It's at war. The middle of a long, on again - off again cold, civil war that I recognize as having begun in 1992 when Bill Clinton took office.  

Governor Kasich says we've lost our way, both as  a nation, and as individuals, which I think is pretty insightful except he doesn't seem to know why. I'll tell you why - because that phenomena that's known as the Dumbing Down of America has been in full force and effects all aspects of our culture and society now. William Poundstone, writing for a Psychology Today described it this way - "some durable American credos: that people are stupid; young people are especially stupid; and we’re all getting stupider with each generation" which he saw as an over exaggeration, which I know isn't and is the explanation for the conditions that Governor Kasich so laments. We're not just in the middle of a cold civil war, but both sides are too stupid to just admit it and decide the best course of action to resolve the conflict. Instead, we have elements on both sides who are in denial as well as those knowing the truth and lying about it for the purposes of prosecuting the war.

This adoption of lies, disinformation and dishonesty as standard methods of operation, makes healing, reconciliation and " a path forward for America", impossible

"We’ve been thrown off course by an endless barrage of shocking words and divisive deeds from the president who is supposed to lead us." Kasich wrote.

This is what I'm talking about. In the middle of a cold civil war, that's exactly what you'd expect - from both sides and that's what we have. Words are weapons and weapons can kill. And I said, we're in the middle of a war, a cold war yes, but people are killed in cold wars too. Kasich says we've been, "Watching each new step in the wrong direction over the past three and a half years, we shuddered and told ourselves that America could never stray further from the path our Founders intended." That's NOTHING! I've seen this since 1992. I had a Korean War vet tell me, "You watch. The American People will give up their guns," and I balked, and he said, "No. You don't understand. They will rig it so that gun crimes are so bad that the people will will beg Congress to suspended the 2nd Amendment". Since I was told this I watched and as an analyst I started tracking the data and then I made some predictions based on it which all turned out to be correct right on through 2000. After that, the point was made. The only question was when the American People would give-up or it would become a hot war.

Conservatives used to be smart. What I mean is that they wouldn't just come out and say stupid, ignorant, dumber than Hell things that then shot themselves in the foot. Rosanne Barr, just as an example, exposed how stupid she is when she blew a perfect opportunity to bring attention to the infiltration of the White House by the Muslim Brotherhood under the Obama administration - a fact that I knew well as I was totally appalled by having remembered the Muslim Brotherhood being implicated in support of the assassination of Anwar Sadat, a horrific event that I remember well when it happened in 1981.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood are often in trouble as a terrorist organization who have been put on trial any number of times before there.

Yet Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, proved what a damn liar he could be when he testified before a congressional hearing in 2011 on the Muslim Brotherhood, calling them "largely secular".

The fact the only terror organization listed as having a presence in my state, in the wake of 9/11, could actually have a presence in the White House, under the auspices of an American president, enraged me, and Rosanne Barr, because she's a stupid comedian for whom everything has got to be such a frickin' joke, wrecked the opportunity to expose it by then tagging on a racist remark about Valerie Jarrett at the end, forever ruining a perfect the chance to nail Obama as Muslim agenda sympathizer that he is.

For those who may accuse me of being an Islamophobe, I have been exposed to acts of Islamic terrorism, multiple times on American soil. I know someone who was severely slashed by a machete wielding jihadist who attacked the patrons of a restaurant in my town. Another attacked near a business address I had, hitting people with a car and then came out with a machete and had to be shot dead on the site by the police. I have faced off repeatedly against a lone wolf jihadist, like the shooter in Orlando, who continued visiting a coffee shop in a major grocery store where I was a regular and who made it obvious he was there under suspicious circumstances. He would sit there staring at me with pure hatred in his eyes because he knew that I was on to him and if I was there he wouldn't be able to do anything. I think he sensed my resolve that I would rather die stopping some attack than not doing anything and survive, and it put him off.

This involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House makes me wonder if that wasn't behind Obama's unforgivable soft peddling of the ISIL threat, labeling them just a "junior varsity" in August of 2014 while announcing a month later that he would send no US ground troops to confront them. I remember Twitter exploding with comments of disgust and the former US troops who posted pics of their boots, helmets and rifles neatly packed with captions like, "I'm READY!". This was the beginning of my really hating Obama. All he had to do was announce that he didn't want to burden American military families further but that the ISIL threat had to be eradicated. As a result he was calling on volunteers to assemble an independent military expeditionary force to go overseas and join with friendly forces there to search out and destroy ISIL. But no, Obama didn't do it although many brave real Americans did volunteer to do just that.

I consider every last one of those people true American heroes. Certainly Keith Brumfield was. Too bad we didn't have a true American president.

I remember thinking if I had been younger I would've to gone myself but instead I tried contacting attorney Jay Sukelow (now Trumps' attorney) who's organization, American Center for Law and Justice had been sending me fundraising emails for contributions to help supposedly save Christians from ISIL. I emailed him that I was an advanced concept engineer with a weapons design background and I knew how to wipe ISIL out and he should contact me, because I knew how we could get the funding to get the job done. He never did after all his pleading for money before. I even called his organization and was just given the run around. I gave up with disgust knowing that due to my inability to act, innocent people we're dying at the hands of men who had no humanity and needed to be planted in the ground.

I blamed myself for what success ISIL had because I wasn't able to organize the effort that I know would've exterminated them, within a year. I felt so guilty I forced myself once to confront images of their war crimes on the internet, so I could see just what my inaction had caused. I've felt it was karma that led that one individual to start showing up at the coffee shop because there is no doubt that he was a radicalized, ISIL wannabe. He even looked like one of the Syrian ones right out of the evening news. That's really why I wasn't budging when he would show up, even though I knew that maybe, like the Orlando shooter, at any time he could pull a gun or some other weapon. If I didn't try I would be a failure again and I saw the real and present danger he posed as my penance for my original failure to act. Besides, I had no intention of actually sacrificing myself. I was just waiting for him to draw a weapon and then I was going to explode with all the white hot, pent-up hatred I had for his ilk, that I never got the chance to kill in Syria. Then just call 911 to have the meat wagon sent over.

But in the end, it wasn't my responsibility to stop ISIL, it was Obama's but he didn't care enough, for whatever reason, but for that I will never, ever, ever, ever forgive him for it.

"Haven’t we all had enough? Aren’t we sick and tired of losing our way?", Kasich asks. He never served, so he might not know anything about the fog of war. No one has lost their way. They're just marching into the battle, many of them unwittingly, yes, so someone needs to slap them and wake them the Hell up, because their sleeping at the wheel is what got us here. Because not enough people were like Kasich, early enough. If enough people had been awake to see what was happening, they could've stopped it.

And so it is, if that had been the case, there wouldn't have been the candidacy of Hilary Rodam Clinton. If the war began when Bill became president in 1992, it broke the country with Hilary proving she is above the law despite being a defective and pathological liar over the handling of her emails.

I remember clearly what happened because not only was I following the case because of my part time work as an analyst, but because as a former special investigator I had handled classified information before and I knew what the laws were regarding it. There was no way that Hilary didn't know what the laws are and what she was doing - she's attorney for crying out loud!

Hilary lied and lied and lied and lied. Many people, myself included, just knew that she was going to get caught and prosecuted. We still had faith in the system.

Comey's findings on the Clinton email scandal was the moment I realized the country was broken beyond my worst nightmares. I was outraged at Comey because though he exposed Hilary's violations, he then acted as if they were not prosecutable. That was a lie. If Hilary can blatantly break the law and blatantly lie about it and the head of the FBI can say it wasn't a case for prosecution, this isn't the United States anymore. It's a JOKE. It's not my country, I'm just a legal resident here. There is no country, just an incorporated legal entity with lots of real estate.

To make matters worse, Comey then goes to Congress and admits that Hilary broke classified regulations, WHICH IS A CRIME, and he had the audacity to just sit there.

Then the truth came out that Comey lied when he said that no prosecutor would've taken the case against Hilary over her security violations with her handling of her emails. Just like I knew it had been a lie.

"Americans must find our way again," Kasich says, to which I just have to laugh. How is the country going to find its way again when right before our eyes we've had a woman proved to be a liar and a criminal and oh, by the way WE CAN'T PROSECUTE HER. Right now, people all over the country have been protesting in the streets and yet no one, not one person moved to hit the street over Hilary and that's something the affects US ALL. People complain about the abuses of the Trump administration and say no one's above the law and I'm reminded of the bitter irony of how that's forever no longer true in the country because Hilary Rodham Clinton is most certainly above the law and I will never forget it. This wasn't a conspiracy theory. This was a demonstrable TRUTH. A truth that means our country is over and that's just what I said then and I knew it meant that Donald Trump would get elected if for no other reason but as a last gasp effort at a protest vote. But no one took it seriously then. The overwhelming opinion was that Trump couldn't win which just proves my point about the dumbing down. However, there could be no greater example of the blind ignorance that rules this country than the incessant cries of Trump's abuses of power. And where do you think he got the idea to pull off all the abuses he has? Do you get it now, what happens when your country is BROKEN? The break swings both ways.

Kasich writes about his vision of "the America of freedom, equality, opportunity, the rule of law that protects democracy..." The rule of law? THE RULE OF LAW?! WHAT FRICKIN' LAW?! That phrase is now A MOCKERY! A mockery on all fronts. From the President on down to the corner cops. This country has NEVER been more lawless.

"A nation confident in its justice and rooted in decency and respect for one another rallies to stand up against tyranny wherever it sees it," Kasich waxes on, over a ideal long dead. "A unified nation, one that holds all our cultures and lifestyles in equal value and affords us all the same protections and opportunities, weaves together our differences to build a shield against oppression."

But that's just it. Kasich, in his naivete, misses the point - we're NOT confident in our justice system nor any decency we're supposed to have and that's a symptom of our lack of unity. It just drives me crazy when people that should know better act so oblivious. Like NBC correspondent Cal Perry telling Joy Reid about what he's seen out of the Trump presidency and how he feels that people will lose faith in democracy, and I'm screaming at the TV -"Where have YOU BEEN? I've ALREADY lost faith in democracy!"

I'm not sure what Kasich's thinking either. We don't hold our cultures and lifestyles in equal value, in fact each side holds those of the other in various levels of disdain. How could he forget the battle over the bakery being forced to make a gay wedding cake? Or the efforts to restrict coverage for contraception in the ACA among many, many other things and that's what fuels the feelings of oppression that both sides feel and yes, both sides feel oppressed and there are internal forces who have been afoot for decades now, to make damn sure we feel that way. That's how you keep people fighting.

"I’ve had enough of the path we’re on, a path I know will not end well." Kasich says. I couldn't agree more. That's why I'm working hard to leave.

We're both tired of worrying about America’s tomorrow and Kasich and I both feel it’s time to come together and reject division, anger, indulgence, and isolation. The difference is that he thinks we can and I doubt it so much I'm done giving a damn.

Kasich closes with,

"Now, more than ever, Americans must reject those forces that seek to divide us and, instead, unite as one people, with the individual freedoms to fulfill America’s promise to pursue all of our own varied, beautiful dreams, now and tomorrow." Of course that means he's clueless to the obvious fact that those forces today are the very parties people belong to.

Because I felt there were zero options in the face of Hilary's immoral and depraved quest for presidential supremacy and her one world globalist agenda, I saw Donald Trump, as did many, as the only logical choice. Besides, in 2016, he didn't seem so bad and many of us had a much different view of him than we do now.

But now Donald Trump has crossed that bridge too far and I have no choice but to burn it behind him. I have been silent in my disapproval of a number of things he's done because I've known there was no other choice and even now I know Biden offers precious little to the country that really matters. When he says he's going going to lower health care costs I nearly explode because I haven't forgotten the unforgivable, blatant lies and deception that he supported with the Obama administration's ACA.

I also know Biden is no friend of the 2nd Amendment and his promise to put Beto O'Rourke in charge of gun control will create a hostile environment in this country over guns never seen before, as people who have had enough with the constant assaults against their rights, rise up and take to the streets with an energized pro 2nd Amendment movement in the vacuum of the imploding and mismanaged NRA. Beto needs to take a hint from the Dirty Harry character, "A man's got to know his limitations" because that boy has no idea the wave of anger he created when he claimed that he was going to come and take our AK-47s and AR-15s. At least he didn't mention MP-5s.

Regardless of who attempts gun confiscation, this ain't Australia or the UK and there are many more weapons that law enforcement isn't aware of or understands, that will be unleashed in defense of gun rights. I'm just saying.

As fate would have it, Trump has now been caught disparaging wounded and fallen US service personnel, including our famous troops who gave their lives fighting in France during WWI. I'll skip my feelings about our "dough boys" except one word, "reverence". Now for Trump, whom I have no reverence for, is going to insult those and other fallen and wounded heroes as "suckers" and "losers" then I'll be damned if I'm going to support him with a vote.

Trump is loser for being born to such a lousy father that didn't raise him better and was too stupid to see the marbling of the personality defects in his son. Last election I took a gamble. There's no hedging my bets this time. Forget it. I know a rigged game when I see it. This time I fold and only the fools will be left at the table.

Now, with the revelations from the Bob Woodward book , Rage, that Trump knew how deadly the COVID-19 virus was and chose to hide it, there is no question as to what needs to be done, despite my previously stated proclivities. That I will cover in part 2 of this series.

Like many people with the means, I'm making plans to leave. I mean, what else am I supposed to do? Fight? There is no side to fight on! Both are compromised, worthless, lying, pathetic and defective, exhibiting a complete and total inability to even process solutions when the need even comes up and smacks them up side the head! I witnessed online, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty and several other politicians, getting pepper sprayed without justification by a police officer during a peaceful demonstration. I thought for certain she would launch a full blown policy attack on the police department. NO. Nothing. I look at people's actions more than what they say. I've seen enough.

America's over. The American People are duped beyond belief. Democracy is done. Justice is a joke. Liberty is a ever eroding lie and our little experiment is has failed. I'll let Todd Rundgren and Utopia play us out...

I've had enough...

Marshall Barnes
Marshall Barnes
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