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It is exhausting to be a woman of color in America.

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By ChantelPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
It is exhausting to be a woman of color in America.
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

It is exhausting to be a woman of color.

Not only do we need to handle people being racist towards us and costing the lives of members of our communities, but we need to handle the idea of sexism and rape on another level as well.

It feels as if we are being hit from all angles and the battle never stops. Can we never take a breath to be who we are without needing to defend our right to live?

By Will Porada on Unsplash

I am not black and I acknowledge that in saying that alone I have more privilege than the black women of color. To add to that, I am straight and do not face the fear of dying at the hands of homophobia as well.

But acknowledging my privileges is only the first baby step to making any change happen and I know that it is worse for anyone who had multiple intersectional identities of the minority groups in our country.

By Clay Banks on Unsplash

We become immune to the killings of black men and women, the trans community, women, ect. And it's disgusting. But at the same time, it is mentally draining for the people who are marginalized to constantly shove this information in the faces of those not oppressed just to try to get them to acknowledge it and help be the change.

By frankie cordoba on Unsplash

Minority groups need allies because sadly in our society, an issue is not deemed important enough to address unless it hits the mainstream and starts to be shared by members who are not apart of the oppressed group. It is only then that we begin to make changes.

But remember who needed to address it and experience the pain- it is a never ending cycle and the world is so fucked up that I often feel helpless and almost even say what is the point?

If I give up though, and others have the same mindset as I did, then nothing would change. Protests are only strong when they happen in numbers and it is during movements like that, numbers mean everything.

We may be a minority of the population, but if we are able to even change the heart of 1 person outside of the organization, we are making a difference. It feels as if even if we do get a win with the case of George Floyd, that is still just baby steps and there is no time to celebrate.

By Damien Checoury on Unsplash

This pandemic and police brutality is exhausting and I can not even imagine the toll that this has taken on our black communities. For these communities to go out and risk their life for the sake of the basic human right to simply live is insane. Why can't our government value black lives as much as their blue lives?

I usually keep political issues outside of my social media platforms, but that is just me abusing the privilege I have to advocate for the black community in America and I began to be verbal about my believes online.

It’s disgusting how I let myself turn a blind eye almost and how I started making it more about me thinking “what will my followers think” and “will people think I’m a hypocrite for just talking about it now” and so forth.

By Julian Wan on Unsplash

I realize I was not alone though as I saw many of my peers who have not acknowledged the oppression and killings of black people in their instagram stories struggling with it, but trying anyways. I also feel for the black community who hurts because they believe that some people are just making their lifestyle a trend by only posting now when everyone else does it- all I know is that everyone is entitled to feel how they feel, but need to get our act together and focus on black lives right now, not ourselves and how we necessarily feel about it because they are the ones who are dying on the streets at the hand of police brutality.


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