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Is Orange A Good Color For You?

by Denise Willis 2 months ago in trump

I hope so, because if there is any justice left in this country, you should be wearing orange for a long time.

Is Orange A Good Color For You?
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Dear Mr. Trump:

I can only imagine the embarrassment you must be feeling after not only losing the election, but for being impeached for your part in the insurgence at the Capital last weekend. But then, you do not feel the same emotions as most people feel, and that is obvious from your behavior over the past four years.

The first time I remember knowing anything about you was when I started watching The Apprentice. At the end of the show, you would look at what each team had produced, point out what they did wrong, mostly, and then one team would be fired. I loved that show, from the music in the beginning that rang out the words...Money, Money, Money Money, to the looks on the people's faces when they won. The show had energy and that shows influence is partially why in 2016, when you ran for President, I voted for you. I believed anybody who had that much energy and experience in the business world could help pull us out of a slump. I wish I had known then the way you told lies and never kept your promises. You say the 2020 election was fixed? Well, you should know first hand how that is done.

Mr. Trump, you had it all. Money, power, and the trust of the American people. In your first year, you made no effort to help Democrats and Republicans come together, but instead made many enemies in your own party because of the way you treat people and go off on people. You also attacked the FBI and intelligence department. Your biggest mistake was failing to condemn Neo-Nazi's then, as you refuse to condemn the Proud Boys and others like them now, and that should have told all of us the direction your mind took and still takes. There were other errors, but the one that affected me the most was your endorsement of an alleged sex predator. It made me feel unsupported and angry with Republican men and men in general. I knew I had voted for the wrong person then, but it was too late. I'm not sure the county focused on this incident, or if they focused more on your other failures that were maybe more obvious to them or affected them more personally.

In your next year as president, there were long government shutdowns, you gave tax breaks to large corporations, and you failed to protect Medicare and Social Security, but instead you proposed cuts to both. How awful that you were never poor enough to have to count on a system that barely pays you in your old age and a medical provision that leaves you with less than proper care, plus you have to supplement Medicare to be able to afford the doctor. That hit home for me more than your involvement with Russia or all the other unfortunate mistakes you made in your second year. I believe by now the people of this country were beginning to look at you for who you really are, self-centered and selfish.

I can't begin to count the mistakes that poured into the third year of your Presidency, but the one thing you did that bothered me the most was separating children from their parents, parents they may never find again thanks to you, and let them live in poor conditions. How can you be so calloused to the most innocent of all in our world, children? Although it is true that coming across our border illegally from Mexico is not recommended, it is still no excuse to send parents back without their children. Have you no conscience?

Your last year is, of course, about the pandemic. You knew early enough before it got out of hand, but you ignored the facts and acted as though this was no big deal, nothing more than the flu. Over 300,000 deaths and counting later, you are still denouncing one of the most serious events to happen in our country in a long time. People are dying , and every day the number of sick and dead increases, and yet you have important, intelligent people in the White House who refuse to wear a mask to stop the spread of this horrible virus. And why? Because you wouldn't wear a mask and made it sound as though the pandemic was on the way out and a mask didn't matter. You even made fun of people who wore masks, and now people are getting sick at events where you and your followers meet and spread the virus. You got exceptional care when you got sick, if you really were sick, but that kind of care isn't available to the rest of us who live on Medicare and a supplement, if we can afford a supplement. You are the most, self-centered person I have ever come in contact with, and all you seem to care about is how things affect you and your wealthy friends. You do not care about the American people because if you did, you wouldn't have allowed the bizarre and tragic events of last weekend where people were hiding under desks because they were afraid for their lives. Once again, thanks to you, the Republicans refused to put a mask on before going under the table to hide, and as a result, several others who were under that table are sick with Covid19. Shame on you .

By Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

The Proud Boys? Really? I call them the Lost Boys because that is what they are, lost souls who took the wrong path and you just egg them on, letting them feel all that misplaced anger. Then you rev it up a little more until they are in a red frenzy. There are the others as well, the lost people who have their own grudges for their own reasons, and by the time you get done getting them worked up into a frenzy, they grab a gun and head for a rally, only wanting to break heads. You know what you are doing, but you feel no remorse inside. These lost people are doing your dirty work, and you have them completely brainwashed. That seems to be your main talent.

I am not saying you didn't do anything good for this county, you did some things that were good, though none come to mind at the moment. But all and all Mr. Trump, in my little black book, you get an F. You failed miserably as a President, but mostly you failed miserably as a person. You made me feel depressed, hopeless, and worried about my future. I am glad you were impeached today, but I wish the 25th Amendment had been put in place instead. That way, you couldn't sneak around and do more harm. Even Hell will have to reconsider you coming in permanently.

Denise Willis
Denise Willis
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Denise Willis

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