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'Impeach the President' - MsM Madness, American Civil War II, and Syrian Hamsters - Behind the Song

by Johnny Vedmore 4 years ago in art

Trump fellating Putin is liberal America's wet dream.

Artwork by the talented Hal Hefner. They Live! inspired art at Hal Hefner.

On the face of it, my newest musical release would seem like an obvious two stiffened middle fingers aimed directly at the President of the United States of America, but nothing is ever quite that simple.

Donald Trump is an arsehole, let’s make no bones about it, he’s a cretin of the highest order. However, my tune entitled “Impeach the President (Dump the Chump)” is not all it seems at first glance. After seeing many people completely miss the point of the music video when combined with the song, I have decided to explain its meaning more clearly.

It almost feels like a magic trick, as though I shouldn’t tell you what it means, but music is only like magic to those who cannot play or sing. For those of us who enjoy writing songs regularly, we love to twist the meaning until the meaning is jaded and splintered.

When Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the President, the calls for instant impeachment became a constant wail. Some people wanted Trump impeached for crimes that he did commit, some people wanted to impeach the man for crimes he didn’t commit, and others didn’t need any excuses. I could get on board with all those views. Trump is a billionaire buddy to the bankers and showed off his Goldman Sachs appointments immediately upon taking office when he had rallied against such people on the campaign trail.

Putting all of the gerrymandering and the various external pressures on the US election to one side, the democratic will of the people is king in a democracy. So, he’s in office until somebody gets some concrete evidence of wrongdoing; or he fails to get a consecutive second term in 2020.

But for some of the embedded establishment, having Trump in office is too much of a threat. They began turning all of their various media tools into a megaphone chanting “Impeach the President!” Again, I will state, on the matter of Trump I am happily in agreement with the establishment; something that no one will often hear me say. But it lost any hip revolutionary vibe when the mainstream media decided to dedicate every moment possible to obsessing about his constant buffoonery. Now they just show us clips of “Donald the Orange Orangutan Man” messing up for the delight of the people at home.

When I wrote the vocals for "Impeach the President" I wanted to go with something that had an element of circus ringmaster bravado. “Round up! Round Up! Round Up! Welcome to the hottest show in town, the Impeach the President Jamboree!” I wanted everyone to see the circus metaphor clearly.

Any good clown would draw your attention to an enormous arse which is surely about to meet slapstick boot, so this seemed like a good start. Mention the fact that Donald Trump has a massive rump. I went on Google and typed in “fat arse president.” Of course Trump in tight white shorts was on the first page of images. I looked at his fat arse for maybe half an hour so I could really conjure up true emotion to start the song with a bang. It helped but is not advisable.

I next decided to highlight his wealth and the idea that you can’t buy the resistance. But I purposely phrased it like a petulant teenager. “His money don’t pay enough!” This line had to be tinged with sarcasm, because we all know that a lot of the people who are supposedly standing up to Trump could be bought off very easily. He’s got a lot of money. If he chucks enough cash at most people then he’ll have made another successful purchase of a willing human to do his every bidding. And while there are plenty of good people standing up against Trump, there are double the amount of people who are hugging onto the moralistic bandwagon which is lined up against him.

The chorus was to start out low in vocal tone with the first line “Golden Waterfalls” being sung at a lower octave than the following two lines to hint at my own exacerbation with the sordid “golden showers” rumour going nowhere. I also wanted to find a way to represent how gold will drag you down to earth eventually. Granted, this was not an easy thing to understand from two words but it was important for me to indicate that it will be financial irregularities that bring Trump down, if anything. It won’t be Russian piss tapes, porn stars, or electoral collusion with Russia; instead, it will be because of financial greed.

I now rocket up an octave to mimic a “Eureka!” moment with “Universal fraud!” To drill it in that it’ll always be global fraud that fell’s Trump’s reign as the PUSA.

I return to comment on the Russian collusion investigation which is being used as an excuse to investigate everything apart from Russian collusion, with the line “He’s chin deep in Putin’s balls.” I’m not going to belittle your intelligence here; I am alluding to Donald J. Trump sucking Vladimir Putin’s cock. But this horrific mental imagery is to say, as bluntly as possible, that is the modern wet dream of the USA.

Most of the liberal masses who are against Trump would love to find out that he actually engaged in fellatio with Putin. It’s the number one wish for most liberals when blowing out birthday candles around their all-American dining room tables.

By the second verse, I am purposely patronising the audience with nursery rhyme favourite “fee-fi-fo-fum” for several reasons. Firstly, to highlight the level of respect that most of the mainstream news outlets have for their own audiences. They are repeating the most obvious moral quandaries over and over to their bewildered watchers. They are explaining everything as though they are dealing with stupid people who don’t grasp the simplest kinds of rational social equations. They aren’t even talking to Trump’s audience. Trump’s gang are all hanging out watching Fox, so the message liberal mainstream audiences hear nonstop seems to equate to a robot repeating “Does not compute! Does not compute!” The liberal media are not helping anyone; especially not their viewers. I also felt like the establishment playing the part of the giant was coincidentally fitting.

Continuing with the Jack and the Beanstalk reference whilst giving Trump’s penchant for racism a nod, “I smell the blood of a racist man!” is also a core argument of the public discourse which surrounds the topic of Donald Trump. I’m sure that he’s most likely a very racist human but calling him names just seems childish, at least from an external view.

The press should be bringing the evidence to its viewers but this is the post-truth era, a term conveniantly coined, or at least adopted, by the same media outlets who have been caught lying more times than one would care to mention.

After another chorus, I soon advance to the vocal section that starts with the line “If you live by the sword, America will fall!” I am not religious but if you want to sway opinion on Donald Trump then you’re probably going to combat him best with the aid of religion. It is one of the key demographics that could change the future votes cast for Trump. Explain yourself well to the bible folk and you could at least lower voter turnout for Trump in some important electoral battlegrounds.

Now, on the subject of battles, “Civil war will get you all.” Is probably my most important message directly to the people of the USA. The way that the government treats its own citizens is a disgrace. Jails for profit, embedded racism permeating every section of society, lack of sufficient education for the poor, and a failed trickle-down economic approach leaves at least 200 million Americans alienated from society. It is written into the American constitution that all those people have the right to bear arms and raise a militia against a tyrannical government.

What do those American citizens consider as tyrannical?

The lawmakers in the US are constantly trying to restrict the freedom and liberty of many Americans. The more people who become disenfranchised, living in poverty, and hungry; the closer that we are to the second American Civil War. Many feel that the American empire has already reached its twilight years and that it’s population have taken well to their period of “Bread and Circuses.”

It is for which reason that I sarcastically vocalise “again” in "Impeach the President." It’s obvious that the US is to busy getting up to its knees in global politics that they have left their own society to remain dysfunctional and inward looking.

The next line in my peculiar tune is: “White power is truly dead!” A seemingly simple message but one that will anger the more extreme white supremacists. I’m all about pissing off extremists from any side of the political spectrum. But it should also be clear to anyone that the modern ethnicity of the US population does not make a future white victory very likely, in any civil war scenario based on racial divides. This is a good thing. It only makes sense that the diverse American genepool will mix over time until we eventually see a true American ethnicity evolve. That is a view that also annoys white supremacists, win win!

With that in mind, the last unique line of the song is good advice. “You should try some cohesion instead!” But I tried to express, in tone, that it’s unlikely that future cohesion is on the mind of many of the gun-toting Americans. It will most likely be the armed Americans who would take control after the initial stages of a civil war; I can understand why many Americans want to keep their guns.

The run out in the song was to play around with drum rolls and bass lines. When we recorded the drums and the bass together, the drummer, Monovan, was in the living room on his kit and I was playing the bassline in the toilet to prevent unnecessary sound bleed. It was an appropriate place to record the dirty bass. Initially, I had different words for the song. I officially wrote the main riff and laid down the song structure in about 2010. Then the tune was about a homeless hamster that my friends had adopted. It was a Syrian hamster.

When I looked into Syrian hamsters, I discovered a brilliant backstory. All Syrian hamsters are related to one mother who was found in a cave in Aleppo by an Israeli who was into breeding rodents. She was the last of her species; now every Syrian hamster around the world is because of that moment. I liked the story but then the Syrian civil war started and I didn’t appreciate that the Syrian migrants were by then being compared to rats and cockroaches. That made me decide to put the tune on the back burner and eventually rewrite the vocals.

So in conclusion. The song “Impeach the President (Dump the Chump)” is actually a critique of the modern American political situation and how it is represented through the twisted paradigm of the mainstream media. The establishment are still chanting “Impeach Trump” to its population. Many Americans don’t see that the powerful keep control of them with daily subliminal messages, messages broadcast directly into almost every home or smartphone. There is nothing you can do. If Trump gets in for a second term then an attempt of impeachment will soon follow. In the second term of any US President, both sides will play their remaining political aces. The media is already letting you know what they will do and there is no way to stop it happening. "Impeach the President" is about how the establishment will always get it’s way in the end and the majority of US voters are blindly, or at least unwittingly, making that a reality.

The video is going to be hard for most to watch and that’s the point of it. The video is a blatant nod to subliminal messages portrayed by our ever more desperate media companies. An eye being surgically cut into is an exact metaphor for how it feels to watch the political horror show which is currently unraveling in the United States of America. The art used is inspired by the John Carpenter classic They Live!, a perfect movie to wake up those who have just started to think for themselves. The They Live! inspired artwork itself was made by a wonderfully talented guy called Hal Hefner. Everybody should check out Hal’s website and consume where and when appropriate.


Johnny Vedmore

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I'm a UK based Investigative Journalist, Musician, I hunt child abusers online, and I believe that the UK government should legalize cannabis! Come to my website with lots of content at:

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