Impactful Political Cartoons About Gun Control

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Now that mass shootings are commonplace, so too are political cartoons about gun control that make you think.

Impactful Political Cartoons About Gun Control

There is a mass shooting virtually every few weeks. Hundreds of men, women, and children die because of gun violence, and still we have no solution. And while we sit around waiting for the next mass shooting to happen, these political cartoons about gun control depict the senselessness, sorrow, and stupidity surrounding the firearms debate.

Background Check Form Cartoon by Ken Catalino

Despite what "The Pledge of Allegiance" says, the United States has always been a divided nation. The extreme rise in gun violence and mass shootings of these past few years have emphasized that divide. The more we talk about gun control, the less we seem to find any common ground.

This political cartoon by artist Ken Catalino illustrates just how impossible it has become to reach any sort of compromise, as it features President Obama and an NRA official unable to agree on something as small as the font of the background check form.

Stop Focusing on Colorado Cartoon by Steve Sack

The NRA, or National Rifle Association, has come under intense fire these past couple of years. As the association pushes back against any kind of gun law reform, they witness more shooters hitting up concert venues and elementary schools.

This is one of the political cartoons about gun control that slams the NRA, as the characters drawn by Steve Sack shift public focus from one massacre to another.

Big Pharma Cartoon by Ben Garrison

There is a lot of debate not just surrounding gun laws, but surrounding who or what is to blame for the increase in gun violence we've been seeing. The ridiculous argument over whether guns kill people or people kill people persists, but others insist that the blame should fall on something else entirely: Big Pharma.

Political cartoons about gun control, such as this one by Ben Garrison, illustrate the notion that it is mental illness medication that prompts gun violence. True, anyone who thinks it's a good idea to go around shooting innocent civilians is definitely in poor mental health, and mental illness should be a huge part of gun control legislation. But is that where all of the blame and responsibility lies?

NRA Pledge of Allegiance Cartoon by Cohen Peart

The NRA and the people who support the NRA absolutely love guns and can't stand the idea of their weapons being taken away or restricted. The common reason provided for why guns should not be controlled is The Constitution's "right to bear arms" clause. Gun enthusiasts essentially equate love of country with love of firearms.

But if the daily headlines weren't enough, the statistics on gun violence in America should drive the point home that something is wrong with this picture. We mean that literally as well as figuratively, since this cartoon by Cohen Peart shows a member of the NRA smiling as his back is turned to dozens of bloodied, dead bodies.

Mass Shooting Victims at Heaven's Gate Cartoon by Andy Marlette

Andy Marlette makes a sobering point with one of the most poignant political cartoons about gun control. As mentioned before, mass shootings have become horribly commonplace events in the US. We are no longer surprised when we see news of the latest tragedy; we've even become somewhat desensitized to it.

Uncle Sam Reads the Papers Cartoon by Dave Granlund

This political cartoon by Dave Grunland effectively embodies an entire nation's grief. Massacre after massacre takes place and nothing is done about it; they are simply allowed to keep happening. People may be guaranteed a right to bear arms, but is this what Uncle Sam had in mind? Judging by the look on his face, it doesn't seem likely.

First Responders/Nonresponders by R.J. Matson

R.J. Matson paints a harsh reality in one of his political cartoons about gun control. It shows how emergency responders are constantly on duty while government policy makers seem to be asleep at the wheel. Acting after the fact and just dealing with the symptoms instead of the actual problem has been a recurring theme for the US government.

Emotional Elephant Cartoon by Steve Sack

The elephant has long been a symbol of the Republican party, and the majority of Republicans tend to side with the NRA in their distaste for gun control laws. Steve Sack shows readers in yet another cartoon how emotional and irrational the NRA and the Republicans are perceived to be by those who call for more gun control.

Grim Reaper Cartoon by Ken Catalino

Ken Catalino makes another appearance with another one of his political cartoons about gun control. It depicts the figure of death, the Grim Reaper, giving thanks to the assault rifle for killing so many people. It's a dark and severe cartoon, but gun violence is a dark and severe subject.

Aside from the content, the style and composition of this cartoon is actually rather impressive.

Thoughts and Prayers Cartoon by Gary Markstein

Every time a mass shooting happens, social media platforms explode with thousands of "thoughts & prayers" statuses and tweets. It has become less of a sentimental message and more of a thoughtless bandaid. Once people give their thoughts and prayers to the victims of these shootings, it seems as if all is suddenly resolved and we can move on.

Repeating thoughts and prayers does nothing. Gun control, however, has the potential to effect some kind of positive change. At least, that's what the majority of these political cartoons about gun control have to say.

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