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If You're Outraged at Harvey Weinstein, You Should Be Furious About Bryan Singer

The Open Secret in Hollywood: Rich Sex Offenders Go Free...

By Johnny VedmorePublished 7 years ago 8 min read
Harvey Weinstein Hollywood Producer and Soon to Be Sex Offender

As more allegations about the conduct of Harvey Weinstein surface, the USA is about to experience a tempest that could fundamentally change their society. The bubbling press waters are already being disturbed by the emerging truth reaching the surface and causing, for the moment, minor turbulence in the status quo. The United Kingdom has been through this turmoil already with our experience of Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Stuart Hall, and many other men who used their power in the media to molest children.

These men did not only negatively affect the lives of over 500 victims, their actions completely changed our own view of our culture, our society, and our unregulated establishment. Next we learnt about the mass grooming of hundreds of girls in Rotherham by a network of paedophiles. The girls abused had been ignored by the authorities when they tried to plea for help. And following on from that scandal, we had some of the worst examples of human behaviour with the Lost Prophets lead singer, Ian Watkins, who was attempting to commit sexual acts on babies. The more stories emerged, the more victims felt confident about coming forward to tell their own harrowing tales of degradation. It has become apparent that the worse stories are yet to come, with the UK Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath having many accusations of rape and sexual assault on children levelled against him. Even though many questions have been asked by various journalists, both mainstream and independent, the UK Conservative party have been avoiding the skeletons in their proverbial closet, and in doing so, ignoring the victims.

Although we feel uneasy about hearing these stories, it has been vital in allowing for justice, reforms, and some sort of closure for those affected. It is also been important for us to burst the celebrity bubble and shine a spotlight on the actions of a few very sick people. The United States started to feel their own history catching up with them with more than 60 allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Cosby. It was interesting for us in the UK to observe the way the US dealt with this story. Cosby’s legal machine went to work to belittle the accusers and the American press seemed to keep away from this toxic tale. It is really difficult for most to believe that all 60 plus allegations were fabricated by disgruntled ex-employees and people who were after a making quick buck. Every allegation increases the probability of a crime having been committed, and when you hit a number like 60, then there should already be a criminal investigation, and potential prosecutions to follow.

At the 2016 Cannes film festival there was a three-minute round of applause for the legendary Woody Allen. Yet most of the people who were praising Mr. Allen are aware of the various accusations from his own children and relatives about his unabated sexual abuse of the young. An article published in Time magazine explained how Ronan Farrow has helped his sister fight for the truth, but they have been hitting a brick wall that is Woody Allen legal machine. These rich men have all the power in the US legal system, and that is one of the things that is different about our experience in the UK. For us it used to be like that, fighting against the powerful celebrity image was almost impossible. Jimmy Savile would use all his influence to cover up the accusations made against him. In America, it seems as though the celebrities still have power over the media to change narratives and smear their accusers.

My warning to the USA would be that this will change. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Woody Allen are only as powerful as you allow them to be. When Jimmy Savile died, there was an almost instant reaction from his victims. It turned out that most of the people who worked with Savile had their individual suspicions; they all felt culpable for standing by and not questioning his behaviour. It opened the flood gates for victims of other abusers to come forward. Powerful media publicist Max Clifford was suddenly powerless to prevent his own history of rape being revealed in the papers he once represented. Rolf Harris went from a popular children's entertainer and artist to an old man fighting with fellow prison inmates. Stuart Hall who was a beloved commentator, and previously a TV show entertainer, morphed into a pathetic apologist to the women he affected. The momentum of each event gives confidence to women who have been treated like second class citizens to come forward. A spotlight was shone on police inaction and corruption, which forced the police to investigate every accusation thoroughly.

The United States has an obligation to its people to uncover the truth that's been screaming at them for years. The American authorities must fully investigate all historic sex crimes committed by the rich and powerful. Many people in the UK believe that America isn't ready to make that sort of step into the modern times. The USA seems to be behind the civilised world in relation to good ethical practices. They still have the death sentence, a corrupt and racist police force, a failing jail system, and an education system which is ridiculed by modern countries. You don't even have a health system that can be relied on, or which will care for all citizens irrespective of status in society and their financial situation. It is time for the American people to start freeing themselves from the past and exposing paedophiles and rapists. It's time for your country to expose Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby for who they really are.

For all those who think they can get away with these terrible crimes or anyone committing such crimes today. Remember that the young will grow up, and they will remember what you have done, forever.

Bryan Singer’s History Within a Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Bryan Singer Director of the 'Usual Suspects' and the X-Men Franchise.

If your child was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood director, then wouldn't you expect the authorities to commit to a thorough investigation? The director Bryan Singer has been linked to a known paedophile ring in the mid 90s, and has received multiple allegations of sexually abusing minors, but so far no investigation. These allegations cross the pond to the UK, where he is again accused of sexual assault, yet no investigation. Are we really going to go through all this rigmarole again?

Bryan Singer is currently being protected from investigation by an unknown force within Hollywood. It's not just one accusation that has surfaced, rather allegations come from many different victims and in two separate countries. The US legal machine abuses these victims for the second time with its refusal to acknowledge the clear and present dangers posed by such high-profile offenders. Bryan Singer has always been known as a man who is attracted to young looking men, but that holds little shame. It is a human's right to love another person, but there are laws globally about the age of consent and consent itself. Bryan Singer was openly involved with a Hollywood paedophile ring, which drugged and raped minors on a regular basis. The group was set up by Marc Collins Rector in the booming 90s, under the auspice of an Internet TV channel called Digital Entertainment Network (DEN). Bryan Singer helped to fund and support the project, which email evidence shows systematically groomed budding young actors whilst gaining the trust of their families. Once the minors were given permission to stay at DEN's Encino mansion HQ, the children were plied with drink and drugs and repeatedly sexually assaulted. This is the subject of a very well-made documentary called An Open Secret in 2014, yet the allegations have been completely ignored by the FBI.

As a citizen of the UK, I would expect New Scotland Yard to investigate what happened in Great Britain. The UK allegations were made against Bryan Singer by a child in London. The child claimed that the director abused him whilst he was in the UK attending the premiere of his 2006 blockbuster Superman Returns. No investigation was begun by the UK authorities when the accusations were made. In fact, over a decade on, all potential crimes are still to be investigated by authorities in two countries. Both the FBI and New Scotland Yard has failed to seek justice for the alleged victims and to protect potential future victims.

The situation became even more worrying as Bryan Singer has paid a friend to be a surrogate mother, and they have been successful. His son, Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer was born in January 2015. Sources close to the mother have stated that she has insisted in staying in the child's life, but there relationship is openly one of convenience.

My intention is not to say that Bryan Singer will abuse his son, but I am worried that multiple accusations have been made and ignored, which raise questions about his child's safety and well being. Mr. Singer currently has a career that sees him jetting around the world, and if the allegations do turn out to be true, then it will be difficult to track down victims in many different countries.

Bryan Singer returned to London in May 2016 to attend the premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse, and he walks the red carpet with no fear. No one is asking for the man to be vilified, demonised, or lynched, but a simple investigation which leads to justice is needed. We, the people, are tired of helplessly watching the establishment elite groom and molest children with little to no recourse. If you are outraged about Harvey Weinstein then you should be furious about Bryan Singer and the other "Open Secrets" that Hollywood has covered up for years.


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