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I Bid You Farewell

by RachelAnn about a month ago in trump

Hystorical President

A motivational speech that wrecked the nation.

Donald J. Trump,

Historical you will forever remain in the eyes of almost every human alive on this planet. I’m sure this brings about one of your rare, but famous, smiles. And I am positive that you have puffed up that chest so proud. You should be. You accomplished everything you set out to do. You made everyone pay attention to you 100% of the time and your ratings were through the roof! People chanted your name from the four corners of these United States. Stand up and pat yourself on the back Donald.

The truth is Donald, you only have half of the people in this nation who actually believe you and in you. And that half is questionable. Yes Donald, questionable because the power of truth and light will redeem a lot of them. While you and your deceived followers have been loudly and violently demanding that things be done your way, the rest of us have been strengthening ourselves to deal with your fall out. I realize that you doubt your fallout will ever come but never underestimate anything or anyone. That’s where a lot of people went wrong with the 2016 election, and they are regretting it now.

Before you get too comfortable in your state of tyranny, you might want to consider leaving silently. I know you are upset that things are not going exactly the way you want them to. I know you are so angry that Joe Biden is going to come in there and ransack everything you have put into place. Which already has you fumin mad! Add that Kamala Harris, the FIRST WOMAN Vice President, is going to be here helping him which is even worse (I'm sure you are already checking the validity of her birth as well). And we both know that you prefer women to be another tool in your toybox. Do you remember? All you have to do is kiss them and grab them by the pussy because they love you and how rich you are.

You know Donald, I have been on this planet long enough to have seen you in action in numerous, deviant, situations being televised and in the rags. There has always been scandal when you're around. Most of your family has claimed you as the heathen we see so forgive me if I never once did you strike me as a person with enough noble character to run this United States. Never. Yet here we are, celebrating your departure from a four-year reign. The question is, how many people really believe you are simply going to walk away without any more fight? Maybe after the Capital incident there, won’t be as many but, there will be plenty in many other areas. won't there?

You’re a gambling man so nothing you do surprises me, going forward. I’m watching you like a bad soap rag that is so bad, you can’t look away. You just have to see how bad it can and will get. Because it really does get worse as time passes! But you are no dummy are you Donald? This is how to watch the “chips fall”, isn’t it? Just sit back and watch your work unfold because eventually, it will work out for you and yours. Right? Maybe, maybe not, with an even split between our voters, anything is possible. Because all you have in real calculation IS registered voters. What about the rest? They are unaccounted for and therefore unpredictable.

The company kept says a lot about a person.

People are so blind to you and your deviance, that you managed to use all of taxpayers' money to orchestrate and complete your own personal mission while holding the nation captive. Most of them in awe of the insanity and the rest chanted your name. You learned how to perfect this deception by your “official” visits with like-minded men such ask Kim Jon U and Putin. Those were the two you learned the most from while building your follower base of psychopaths. They say we are who we attract so this seems fitting to me. Why not?!

Your doppleganger Donny

Most of the time it feels that the last four years I have been watching a LIVE series Batman comics I watched when I was little with you as Cobblefoot. Just like his lunatic brain, you truly are after the ultimate power to rule ALL of the US. Playing with the lives of every human on this planet just because you hunger for power and attention. The worst part about this is that I also spent the last four years watching you disregard the lives lost. Lost because of your choices. Because your council is as corrupt as you have perfectly chosen.

Well, let’s be honest Donald, they were perfectly chosen until they disagreed with your lunacy. Then, you would fire them only to replace them with a person of the same caliper. Oh and I particularly loved your shoving Amy through regardless of losing RBG. That was the most historical diss of THE noblest RBG but I’m not surprised that you disregarded her request, it’s what you do. It’s who you are and you do it all because you must have it your way and you must always be the MOST popular, don’t you Donald? Like a child, you tantrum when it doesn’t, and everyone around you suffers from your loss of self-control.

This is a great look for a President

You are how old now? 72? 73? Either way, your game is off Donny. Your poker face and ability to manipulate quickly enough NOT to get caught, is dissipating. Blaming China for COVID and its deaths? Even though you didn’t act on the first call to inform you it was on its way to the people you promised to protect? There aren’t too many people that can follow that boof. The blame game is jovial and makes you look guilty.

Speaking of “guilty”, I’m sure that you are convinced you will escape any real persecution for your loathsome acts as the first historically failing President. That you will get away with some slaps on the wrist because you know how to “work the broken systems”, that you left broken or annihilated. I can guarantee that you are sure that whatever you do, your followers will still say it’s all lies and you will be just fine. Maybe.

But what if the true ending to the story of The Great Donald J. Trump(you believe you’re great don’t you?) ends with you seeing that your greatness is not worth losing our humanity over. That now you will have to answer for all the cruelty and hate that you spread during the four years of your reign. The list is so long that you may not survive the reckoning that waits for you. See, you really believe all of this about yourself. That you are really some messiah sent here to save us? This I must watch unfold because we both know you are NO messiah Donny and all of the hype that says you are, will fade like a bad fad and you will still just be the Hystorical Failure.

This definitely looks like America is GREAT

You are so consumed by your ego and selfish ways that you have lost touch with what a messiah is. There is no peace, love, compassion, and empathy flowing through the streets of the nation. There is complete chaos, division, and fear which are the complete opposite of any christlike behavior. You mock the afflicted, the poor, and the different. But they ALL belong to the same God you claim and has asked only ONE thing of us. To love one another and ourselves. You have failed at both and now you must face the consequences of your choices. All of them, including the ones creeping around in your head.

Maybe you are laughing right now because you have a “plan” and are not about to give up. Just remember Donny, you aren’t the only one who can make a plan. You stepped on the fabric of this nation and those who were on the fence about you are no longer on your side. And those no longer controlled by the fear of “you” have found a new club to join and are making their own plan. You split the republican party and left with a small portion. The rest are all finding ways to work together to NOT allow you (and your cohorts) to ever get back in office again. I’m willing to gamble that out of the remaining, you are going to lose again.

My only hope is that when it happens, it lasts four years. Four years of losing everything you ever thought was YOURS. All the rights and freedoms you have betrayed and destroyed, stripped away from you. You haven’t but three days left and you have managed to experience a second impeachment, the loss of financial backers, PGA endorsements, and people you considered friends. Piece by piece your reign of terror on this planet will be counted and restitution paid. At least that is MY hope but the people of this country elected you, so I’m ready for anything.

Donald, you may get to continue some form of the terror for a bit until there is a judicious way to deal with you. Understand that everything you broke and break on your way out needed to be broken further anyway, in order to establish a cleaner democracy. That would put you as losing again! Wait! Lets see what your tally is so far. You lost the election, 60 court cases request a recount and even attempted to “strongly convince” the red-turned blue-states that they miscounted. Then you convince your followers to take back the election with force. You proceeded to tell them you would be right beside them, but lied and never showed up… 62! You are in so deep with broken laws that your are probably sitting around 12 or more depending on what they find just about you.

We cannot forget the countless lives that have you have single handedly destroyed have you landing beyond Historical straight to Historically-Epically-Failing AND Making-A-Mockery-Of-Our-Nation, President. Watching your life play out through 2021 will be solid head shaking and shoulder shrugging because everyone BUT YOU saw everything coming that is about to head your way. I bid you farewell and good luck surving the consequences of your choices. You may have left a wake of damage behind you but WE WILL rebuild even better. You, unfortunately may not come back from this.

In Complete Sincerity,

Grand Daughter of Immigrants

Grand Daugther of TWO War Veteran Grandfathers

Daughter of Boomers with a Dream

Army Admin Female Desert Storm

Wife of Army Officer

Mother of daughters

Now Wife of a Naval Vet

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