I Admit It, I'm Brown. So What?

by Hareem Naeem about a year ago in humanity

Fine, I admit it.

I Admit It, I'm Brown. So What?

(I know that I look like I have white skin on my profile picture, but actually, my skin is light brown.)

Okay, so I haven't really introduced myself, so I will.

Hi, My name is Hareem. I am a teenager living in Canada, and I am a Canadian Muslim. My religion is Islam. I have two brothers. A twin brother, and a little brother. I live in a small town with my both of my parents.

There, I did it. I introduced myself.

Now, why did I write this article? I'll tell you why.

My whole life, I have been criticized by people. Why? Because of my skin color. I literally have to use filters that make me look like I am white, just like my profile picture.

To be completely honest, I have never had a REAL best friend before. I mean I have had friends, but at one point, they end up criticizing me, even if it is not because of my color.

Since I moved from Toronto, I never ever got to experience the feeling that all best friends give. And since like 3rd grade, people started hating me. And it's not only school, it is outside as well, like the mall, park, grocery store, etc.

I mean, since I moved from Toronto, I haven't really experienced any racism, but when I was in Toronto, I have faced and even gotten into an argument about racism. People would insult my father because he had darker skin than white people. It happened only once or twice, (Thank god) but I still want to stop it.

I know, there will be people out there who will mistake me for being an Indian, even though I am a Muslim. I know that there will be people who will use stereotypes against me, like, "Don't all Muslims wear scarves? Why aren't you wearing one?" or, "Is your family really strict with you? And do they hit you when you disobey them?" Those are all stereotypes that are used to describe Muslims.

And a lot of other white people think that all Muslims are terrorists. I mean, how the hell are all Muslims terrorists? Huh? There all like more than one billion Muslims in the entire world, so if each and every Muslim was a terrorist, then you wouldn't really have a chance to survive, right?

People think that just because I am NOT white, I am from another country, well guess what? I am not from another country, I am from CANADA. Not Pakistan, not India, not Sri Lanka, not Bangladesh, not Afghanistan, not Iran, or Iraq. I am from Canada.

Would you like to know another fact? Well let me tell you. Did you know that darker skin is actually much more healthier than white skin? The reason why skin cancer is so widely spread out in white people is because white people have less Melanin than dark skin people.

This had to be the funniest video I have ever seen! This video is especially for those who just don't understand how to not be racist.

Please check it out :-)

I hope that after this amazing video, you have learned how to respect people even for their color :-)

(And this article wasn't just for Muslims, it was also for other people with darker skin than white people.)

Hareem Naeem
Hareem Naeem
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