Humanity: The Greatest Investment

The Government's Inevitable Choice

Humanity: The Greatest Investment

Humanity's faith in government is at an all time low. The turmoil related to the current US presidency is an extreme example of what doesn't work, but all across the board there seems to be a growing unrest in political processes, the power of big business, and the biases of the media and how our perceptions are subject to manipulation. In my opinion, governments across the globe have to demonstrate actual care and compassion towards the welfare of their citizens or face increasing unrest, turmoil and dysfunction.

Guaranteed annual income is a tangible and immediate way to begin investing in the people. The basic idea is that if a person or family makes less than a certain amount per year, the government provides them with a basic living subsidy that allows them to survive with dignity. If at a future date they are doing better financially this safety net can then be withdrawn and redistributed to others in need. An obvious means to generate this income would be to tax wealthier people at a higher rate so that income equality could begin to be realized.

This idea flies in the face of what we think capitalism and the world in general should be about. Why should exceedingly rich people be punished for their hard work to feed those in need?

Many people right now are working extremely hard and barely able to survive. Others receive government assistance and also suffer from addictions. This can create resentment between people, as those who are working low-paying jobs witness people in their community who receive money from the government and are using it in less than ideal ways.

There are countless individuals who have a dream of becoming entrepreneurs and creating small businesses that stem from their God-given talents and passions. Many of us have put these dreams on hold because the demands of life have forced us to work jobs we really do not enjoy. Some wait until retirement before they can act on their dreams, while many have put their aspirations on hold for so long they die without ever realizing them.

Governments are always telling us things to try to garner our faith and support. My plea now to governments across the world is to invest in the people as a whole. Find out who the individuals and families are who need the most help and give it to them. There would be no government without the people; it's time to start distributing wealth more fairly.

The biggest argument against this idea is that people would become lazy and never want to contribute or work if they are always getting handouts. That may be true for some individuals at some point in their lives. However, there would also be a large number at any given time that would use this money to create inspired small businesses and further stimulate their local communities and economies.

Knowing that we are taken care of at a basic level provides a much-needed feeling of relief and safety that enables us to do far more than if we are always worried and struggling. Merely surviving is not enough for people. We are meant to truly thrive and bring our heart-felt passions and creativity into the world.

At some point, governments will have no choice but to provide basic income assistance due to increased automation in every industry and commercial sector. If the cost of living continues to rise and wages remain proportionally low, it doesn't take a psychic or economist to realize the problems that lie ahead.

Since greed is essentially the underlying problem, generosity has to be the solution. Sharing of wealth is infinitely more valuable than riches that are hoarded for a handful of absurdly wealthy people in the world. Everyone gives at least lip service to the idea that we are all created equal so it is now time for us to collectively act on that fact. We are continually paying taxes to our governments and enduring ever-increasing costs of living. Something has to give, and that something is the entity that claims to lead us, that is always talking about how it has everyone's best interest at heart. If governments provide the basic necessities of life for everyone, we will be amazed at what we will accomplish as a united humanity.

Michael Thielmann
Michael Thielmann
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