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How to view outbreak of the new coronavirus?

by Mia Khalifa about a year ago in controversies
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Perception on Outbreak of COVID-19

At the end of 2019, a new type of coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, and now it has threatened the whole country and even the world.

Why I want to write, why I want to write this post, is not to say how well I can write, how good at writing, as a medical and health writer, as everyone said, staying at home and not going out is to contribute to the country.

However, just in 2019, I was admitted to a university in Wuhan, and Wuhan became my second habitat.

I was still in school. The virus had already appeared when I was not on holiday. I was discussing the virus with my classmates in the dormitory. I said how serious it was. I didn’t take it seriously. I also said he was afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

Someone will handle the problem (but now I still believe that everything will return to peace soon, because I believe in the UAE). But now it seems that I think it is too simple. Therefore, we should pay attention to every occurrence.

I don’t know if anyone has thought about why this virus broke out like I did. After the virus spread to a large area, everyone was accusing the people of Wuhan and the person who ate the game. I went back to Dubai on January 9th.

After ten days of dissatisfaction, the situation became serious. For this reason, I went to the hospital for an examination. I did not do it for myself, I did it for the people around me, but also to stop some people’s mouths.

As the epidemic gets worse, all kinds of phone calls, doctors' visits, and the local person in charge's "recommendation":

Isolate at home and don't go out. I agree and support their work, because this is responsible behavior. At this time, everyone was complaining about how boring they couldn't go out, and they began to scold the cause of the virus and even scold people from Wuhan. Because there are many such people around me.

In fact, let’s think backwards, staying at home and not going out, this is not an opportunity, an opportunity to get along well with family members (I didn’t have the opportunity to communicate with my family before, but now I have the opportunity, but I’m just bored at home), a reflection problem broke out Cause of opportunity.

But it is obvious that everyone does not have such awareness, just staying on the surface of the matter, only seeing the disaster caused by the virus, and not knowing that this may be an opportunity (an opportunity for medical progress).

Now that the disaster has occurred, we can only get something useful from the disaster.

Corona Virus Pandemic Simulation Image

There are more or less natural and man-made disasters in this world, so is this virus natural or man-made? I think it was a man-made disaster. But is it simply because of the person who eats game? I don't think so. It’s too simple to think about it this way

Let's go back to 2003. Because of the age limit, I don't know that much, but I also checked some data from that year. In the SARS outbreak that year, no one seemed to have eaten wild animals or did anything that triggered the fuse. So why did it break out? Who is to blame for the events of the year?

On the surface, the virus outbreak this year is indeed due to game. In my opinion, that is just a subterfuge and excuse for human beings' atrocities.

With the development of society, mankind’s ambitions and desires have become more and more swelled, and they have begun to enjoy themselves and how they can satisfy themselves. There are countless examples of this. For example, people cut trees excessively for urban development and realize economic benefits, causing soil erosion, landslides, and mudslides.

In the end, don't people have to make up for what they have done?

For example, industrial and agricultural water and domestic wastewater are discharged into rivers, lakes and seas without treatment, causing red tides (a phenomenon where sea water turns red).

There are also global warming, El Niño, La Niña and other issues. Whenever the occurrence of a disaster has nothing to do with human beings, it is said that quantitative change causes qualitative change.

Quantitative change here is the infinite squeeze of nature by humans, while qualitative change is nature’s resistance to humans. Therefore, this is nature's revenge against mankind. Although we put forward the view of living in harmony with nature and respecting nature a long time ago.

However, when I was scanning Weibo that day, I saw someone saying that I would dominate nature and let nature surrender to humans. I can only think from the bottom of my heart that such people are ignorant, and it is not easy to say much to ignorant people.

So, let's go back to this incident, let us discuss, why is this happening?

Wild animals are also life. In order to avoid human beings, they live in the wild in harsh conditions and live in the wild for a long time. Make them carry a large number of bacteria and viruses, but human beings hunt and kill them for temporary appetite, or for money and profit.

So the virus took the opportunity to enter and brought huge amounts to human health and life. Threat. What I want to express is that in this virus, the game eater and the vendor are just a fuse. When nature is oppressed by humans too much, she will eventually retaliate in another way. Therefore, for every disaster on the earth, everyone is responsible, not just shirk each other and blame others.

Finally, what I would like to ask everyone to do is not to blame others, but to take care of yourself. If others have any problems, someone will deal with them, not you and I have the right to say.

This Spring Festival, we all wear masks. Everyone should look at their own lifestyles, their eating habits, and their attitudes towards life and nature. It is time for humans to reflect on themselves. Nature does not need humans. , But humans need nature.


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