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How To Make America Great Again

A simple checklist to make an enormous impact…

By Rohan BhardwajPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
How To Make America Great Again
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America is on the radar of the world. Back in the 2000s, many people from developing countries dreamt of going to America. To make their dreams come true.

And although it’s still the case — now people dream of going to Spain, Thailand, Japan, Canada and so on.

The USA has changed the way it worked, it’s an idea and it failed to do the things which mattered.

On to the checklist:

1. The universal healthcare system needs to be enabled. It’s possible and it works. America doesn’t have the excuse of developing countries.

2. Homeless people should be provided with community homes immediately. And there shouldn’t be a shortage of foods, in America at the very least.

3. Space programs, healthcare programs and basic science programs need to be funded to their fullest. And encouraged too. This is the sign of a developed country.

4. First, you glamourize the skinniest models. And then share — your body, your choice. Most problems are unique to America because they create it. Gun debate doesn’t exist in India.

5. Most citizens still want to be affiliated with either right or left-wing groups. If you have water, food, home, money and nice neighborhood — you are being tricked by politicians to care of non-essentials so they can rise to power.

6. On that note, you need to have mixed parties. Both extremes hurt. You need balance in life and in your political games.

7. Abundance is really problematic. America takes a capitalistic approach to the extreme. Again, that needs to be balanced.

8. An amazing public transport system is the need and more should exist. Everyone owning a car isn’t the best that should happen in your country.

9. Open your eyes to the fact that — America isn’t the world. You are sustaining with this bubble but the world is catching on. And soon, the rug will be pulled out from under your legs.

10. You spend too much time on petty things — thinking you are fighting for your right. Move on, life is big. Not everything has to be your fight for your right. Chill.

11. Slowly, you should focus on being happy and not materially successful. Because you will have the later, but if your life is more.

12. Be okay with different perspectives, ideologies. You don’t have to fight for or against everything. Your life is better, make it worth it.

13. Social media exaggerates a lot of things. And you are being used by corporations and politicians to get angry and act a certain way. Declutter, limit and breathe more — if something always shows negative things, stop consuming it.

14.You should be proud of more things. Proud for being human, being empathetic and being open. Being proud of being American and hating everyone else is toxic and you can do better.

15. You have won the birth lottery. Live a great life, bend culture for good. Be clear and not loud. Be empathetic and not judge. Be calm and not on your nerves. Do good, be good and you will make America great again. By making yourself a better human being.

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