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How To Get Involved in Local Politics (And Why You Should)

It is essential that we become involved in local politics if we hope to fight policies and lawmakers who stand opposed to real truth, justice, and the American way.

By Anthony GramugliaPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

The United States has become embroiled in political division so intense that, sometimes, it would appear that we have no say, that we have no power, that even becoming involved in local politics seems pointless. With so many voices shouting at one another, it may seem as though nothing we say or do can bring a meaningful change to the country.

And maybe one person doing a little thing won't make a difference.

Which is why we all have to act.

It is essential that we become involved in local politics if we hope to fight policies and lawmakers who stand opposed to real truth, justice, and the American way.

Stay Informed

The first step to getting involved is to know what you're getting into. You can't fix a system if you have no idea what is going on in said system. You need to secure accurate information about government on the international, national, and, yes, local level.

It's more than just going on your favorite news site, and looking at the top headlines. This involves going out, keeping up on the town news site, state news sites. Make sure your news is unbiased and factual. Hearsay is good only for learning what people think or believe is going on, but it isn't a good way to gain an accurate understanding of a situation.

Stay educated. That will give you a leg up on ninety percent of the competition.

Attend Meetings

Town hall meetings are the ideal starting point for those interested in local politics. Here, politicians and lawmakers from town mayors to senators meet with people to answer questions.

While some may be more familiar with CNN's town hall meetings that have been dominating air waves, these meetings occur all the time throughout every state. You will, of course, need to research to see when these meetings take place, but they are regular occurrences.

Need proof of their effectiveness? Look no further than Republican politicians terrified to attend them to deal with public backlash against their numerous policies. Already, the public is speaking and politicians have to hear whether they want to or not.

Volunteer at Political Headquarters

Politics can be a tricky subject matter to understand. At the outside level, it may seem like an unstoppable beast. Even to people on the inside, the political machine is hard to understand. Just look how hard of a time President Trump has at passing anything without the court systems taking it down.

To understand politics, volunteer at political headquarters. Look up places where you can help out. Get to understand the political machine so you don't flounder about when it becomes time to help out something more complicated. Even if all you do is filing papers, you're involved.

Work for Campaigns

This may sound like a difficult task, but it is surprisingly straight forward. Look up local politicians hoping to be elected, and contact them, offering to help their campaign. Most local politicians are glad to get any help they can to attain their dreams - something you will soon learn as you progress up the campaigning career.

You will be assigned tasks during your volunteer time, and, in turn, understand the election process from within. This is invaluable if you intend to, eventually...

Run for Office

Mayor. Councilmen. Senator.

Positions of power in politics, even in local politics, may seem unobtainable to an outsider. But, by this point, you are no longer an outsider. You've volunteered for awhile now. You are informed. You know the drills.

You know how the game works. Now, you can play it.

You may not win. You may fail. But you will at least be participating in the game.

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