How the COVID-19 Pandemic Broke America

by Stefan Ateljevic 3 months ago in humanity

Humanity is rarely encountered with a disease of such magnitude as COVID-19. Unfortunately, the whole situation is getting worse by the day. No matter how much we try to shift our focus to leisure and family time, the bad news just keeps on coming.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Broke America

All of the world’s countries are struggling to fight off the pandemic. And while most health systems seem to be able to handle the influx of patients, one country appears to have been hit the hardest.

Namely, America is being destroyed by the virus, starting from its healthcare system to the economy. And with all the protests that have been going on across the country, things are not looking bright. According to the latest statistics, the US has the highest mortality rate in the world.

The US Healthcare at Its Worst

The coronavirus pandemic casts a light on an already burning topic — America’s healthcare. Healthcare-related issues have been at the center of debates among US citizens for a long time. Right now, it’s gotten so bad that there’s a lot of confusion about the COVID-19 tests.

Allegedly, some people have been denied the test, while others had to pay a lot of money for it. And it all depends on your healthcare coverage, location, and symptoms.

However, even though paid tests have proven to be a lie, as CDC doesn’t charge for the testing, the problem of insurance coverage remains. Another issue is the fact that the US has acquired one million tests, but it’s unclear which hospitals got them.

Furthermore, medical staff is witnessing their hospitals getting filled with dying patients. There aren’t enough doctors, nurses, and there’s not enough time for everyone to be regularly checked. A lack of medical equipment, separation from families, long working hours, and daily exposure to the coronavirus pushed one in three nurses to think about quitting. What’s worse, healthcare workers now have to stand in the street in a counter-protest!

Haircuts More Important Than Life

It appears that some US citizens forgot what the dangers of the pandemic are. People are protesting all around the country, claiming that their fundamental freedom was taken away. It’s either that or they are reckless and only care about getting a haircut. The issue grew so much out of proportion that a new derogatory term was invented for these people — covidiots. It refers to the people who act selfishly during the pandemic.

And observing this behavior really makes you wonder: Have decades of TV-served Hollywood perfection brainwashed some individuals to only care about their looks? Or do people consciously decide to ignore the coronavirus risks? For all we know, it could be both, but one thing’s for sure — people are getting tired of the lockdown.

Unemployment on the Rise

The latest data shows that 30 million Americans have filed unemployment claims in the last six weeks. The worst part is that there are probably even more US residents who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, not all of them can file for benefits.

On the other side, President Trump has signed the CARES Act in March. The CARES Act is supposed to extend the unemployment benefits to include some of the groups that were ineligible before, such as freelancers, gig workers, and the self-employed.

Nevertheless, the pandemic will significantly affect the US economy in the future, as the unemployed can’t continue paying off their credits, student loans, and mortgages.


The US seems to be struggling in more ways than one. Still, they continue to give their best to fight the novel coronavirus. Currently, scientists are working on better understanding the disease by analyzing the blood and plasma of the COVID-19 survivors. However, one thing remains certain — even if they manage to stop the disease, the US will suffer great consequences of the current situation in the foreseeable future.

Stefan Ateljevic
Stefan Ateljevic
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