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How Guaranteed Jobs Can Help America & Detroit Cut Poverty by 50% in Four Years at 12.5% Each Year!!!

by Curtis Greene about a year ago in activism
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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is on to Something

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

In every major city across the country poverty is the mother of most the ills of mankind from drugs, robbery, murder, theft, scams, fraud, ponzi schemes, and even prostitution. Congresswoman Pressley, Tliab, Ocasio-Cortez, and Omar are the first politicians in American history to truly support legislation that will minimize poverty drastically. I’m sure freshmen congress members Jamaal Bowman and congresswoman Cori Bush of Black Lives Matter also support guaranteed jobs as well because they are on the same accord. Councilwoman Robin Rue Simmons of Evanstown, Illinois championed the idea of reparations and proposed it to Evanstown city council and it passed 8-1 only opposed by one council member that is oblivious to poverty. $400,000 dollars will be given to black families in Evanstown to build black wealth as a result of the courage of Evanstown City Council. Both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X knew that until black people and other people of color unite against poverty and organize a feasible plan that is actionable to combat poverty we will always be in subservient position under leadership that does not hold our best interest at heart.

How The Number Changed From 48% is Unknown

Detroit once had the largest middle class and black homeownership in the country. But much has changed in politics, economy, and morale the of Detroit city. Corporate greed, gentrification, some of the softest politicians ever, and selling out has taken over the blackest city in the country. The problems with crime and the assassination of the Detroit Public School (DPS) system is bearing it’s fruit. But this is all done by design to keep the black race poor, uneducated, and political irrelevant as campaign donors. In Detroit only 30% of the people who live in the city work in the city the jobs are given to suburbanites before Detroiters. Could white supremacy be a factor of course but guaranteed jobs would settle most of the city’s lifelong problems with crime. There’s never been any real solutions only bandaids to the epidemic ratio of poverty throughout the black community in Detroit. Congresswoman Pressley is on to something great that will be truly life changing for those who need it. Black people can finally go from striving for survival into a lifestyle of thriving permanently as most white people do. It’s happened many times in America but racist agents of the powers at be always use creative methods to dismiss and destroy that power. Black wall street, Detroit, and Soul City are direct proof of these allegations.

Call The Hotline

Every politician should be screaming to implement guaranteed jobs into law and the fact that they’re not proves they have no real interest in minimizing poverty. The politicians that stand against this are simply over-indulged charlatans. Floyd McKissick the founder of “Soul City” was betrayed by both republicans and democrats leaving the true potential of his plan to build black economic prosperity to simply be a wonder and a mystery. They defunded the program and spread lies about corruption being his true agenda to get McKissick out of the way and to stop the greatest of his legacy. I guess black people are only supposed to be selfserving allegedly when we come into renowned and wealth anything else is against the grain. It seems as if every time black people figure out cooperative economics the whole game changes abruptly and we have to figure it out again because poverty is big business that benefits billionaires only and they get politicians in their pocket to do their will.

Supporters of Guaranteed Jobs in Protest

By using congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s resolution it’s very possible we can cut poverty by at 50% nationwide in every city. Since Detroit is allegedly at a 30.6% poverty in four years it could be at 15.3% with cooperation from state, city, and federal legislators it’s feasible and actionable the same way we pass out bandaids we can pass out solutions. America has trillions of dollars in coins just sitting in our treasury collecting dust. This daunting task will require courage, sacrifice, time, patience, and grace but nevertheless it can be done. It will require new leadership in politics from the local municipal politicians, gubernatorial politicians, and federal politicians. It’s time to kick all the useless behind kissers out and elect leadership that is willing to go further than B-list celebrity status.

Chicago Protester

Reparations is another method that can greatly empower the shameful number of wealth for people of color in America especially black people we’re strategically always placed at the bottom and we’re given the bootstraps sermon when slave owners started from government subsidies. The once poor indentured servants went on to be the original one percent of America. They never talk much about HOW the blue bloods came into wealth in truth but that’s because they’re semi-ashamed that it came from slavery. Wall Street’s first stocks sold were black slaves. So in truth corporate America owes black people and Asians who built our railroad system the shirt of it’s back, their shoes, automobiles, jets, mansions, and yachts. We’re owed at least 50 trillion in reparations to be correct that will give every black American about a million dollars. What happened in Evanstown is proof that black people should be given an industry to dominate since they refuse to folk over our money that is owed and was earned with the lifeblood of our ancestors just off Wall Street alone. We can start with the cannabis industry they can prop black people up to succeed in the industry just like they did with white slavers that were poor peasants in the beginning.

A four year-old chart that shows the priority of America

The pipeline from school to prison is a real thing there’s countless articles all available to anyone that has the time or wisdom to do the education on the attack on black men in America. More investment is made on locking young black men up than investing in black businesses and other businesses owned by people of color as well as education. Poverty is at the root of the problem and it’s clear that things are only getting worse during the COVID-19 era. Guaranteed jobs can stop the genocide and stop the throwing away of people of color keeping them in useless prisons that are supposed to be a principal that instills discipline. But the prison industry is publicly traded and it’s good business to destroy the lives of people forever. The wages we’re offered are just keeping the balling rolling. It’s time to step up and be everything that we can be. America is the best country in the world to many so it’s time for us to prove that we’re the best and take care of our people with guaranteed jobs!

Half of Detroit’s City Retirees had the pensions take to pay Jones Day law Firm



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