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How Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program Works?

Express entry federal skilled worker program

By Immigration WaysPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Talking about Canadian federal skilled worker program, this is a part of the fast track immigration process. Due to several job opportunities available in Canada, the need for skilled and experienced workforce has increased over the period. With the help of “Express Entry System” you will be able to become a permanent citizen of Canada. After, your profile finally gets chosen from the other profiles that are on the desk of the authority.

The overall working of the “Canadian federal skilled worker program” is formulated for the professionals that are looking to work in Canada and then add onto their life

In this, content you will get to know more about this program completely.

What are the eligibility criteria of this program?

There are certain requirements, which the concerned person is required to possess to become a part of this program.

 Complete work experience in a particular area.

 Ability to communicate in a foreign language.

 Is having all the required education degree.

The candidate should be quite precise in making sure that all the above-mentioned requirements are met.

Reasons dependent for selection –

The applicant is required to be particular that all the necessary things are there. Based on the strength of this, the final selection is made.

 Age.

 Education

 Work Experience.

 Having a valid job offer.

 Fluent in English or French.

 Adaptability.

These factors are a part of the 100 point grid for evaluating the applicant’s eligibility for the Federal killed Worker Program. There are 6 points divided for each of the above-mentioned factors. Now, your good score will determine your moving ability further.

What is Employment Prospect -?

At regular intervals, the immigration authority of Canada keeps bringing new changes. With this, the complete process becomes hassle-free. It is a transparent act for guaranteeing that transparency is maintained for the deserving candidates. Stress is put on the picking of skilled workers and professionals having flexible and manageable skill-set. This is a highly dependent factor in an economy that is completely developed. Your success is highly dependent on the mastery in the following areas, like –

 Work Experience.

 English Proficiency.

 Other special-sets.

What is the procedure of applying for the Job?

Expression of Interest – First of all, the applicant is needed to make an Expression of Interest post fulfilling the rudimentary criteria. That is clubbed under the foreign skilled worker's program Canada. Applicant over here is needed to give complete and correct proof of the following things –

 Age Proof.

 Work Experience.

 Skill-set.

 Fluency in the language.

 Educational Qualification.

 Series of personal information.

Now, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) places your profile along with other similar applicants hoping to get entry into Canada.

Invitation for applying – Now, Invitation to Apply is issued to only selected applicants for Immigration to Canada. By IRCC through its channel express Entry Selection Channel. Post receiving the invitation, the applicant has a 60-day time slot for submitting the correct application form. This is done with the necessary supporting documents also. After complete scrutiny of the document is done and uploaded. The applicant will get informed through Acknowledgement of Receipt issued by IRCC. They will later on also review your application and determine your eligibility for the program.

Medical Examination and Security Check – All the applicants are required to undergo a medical examination. It encompasses general physical examination – blood tests, urine tests, and X-Rays. This is done for checking the applicant’s medical condition. For, confirming that the applicant is not posing as a risk to other citizens of Canada. .

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