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How About We Don't Be Fascists

by Garrett Robinson 4 years ago in controversies

That's not that hard, is it?

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

So, a lot of real life stuff has been going on, and I needed a couple of more weeks off to get back to regular video making. What’s happened while I’ve been away?

Holy crap.

Okay, so. Um. So.

So listen, if you know me, you know that seeing literal white supremacists and Nazis marching in my country is horrifying and so, so disappointing.

But I have to say, it is not surprising.

Right now would be a really good time for moderates to apologize to those who were horrified when Donald became President, because we were told at the time that we were totally overreacting.

A lot of the criticism we received at the time has not aged well. Let’s look at some examples.

“He can’t be any worse than Clinton.”

You remember that old gem?

A transgender military ban, numerous attempts to repeal Obamacare, failing to appoint multiple people to FEMA, and other government agencies leading to a disastrous response to Hurricane Harvey.

Yeah. He’s…he’s so much worse than Clinton would have been.

“He’s just making these promises to win votes, he’s not actually going to DO any of it.”

Boy, did we hear that one a lot.

And I guess it’s true, if you’re talking about the fact that Donald has proven completely incapable of achieving many of his goals, like building the wall.

But going after Dreamers? Attacking the LGBT community? Targeting sanctuary cities? A Muslim ban that turns away desperate refugees?

Yeah, he’s done many of the awful things he said he would do.

And we know he would have done more if he was…you know…not a super, super weak little man.

“Even if Trump did want to do horrible things, he couldn’t. Congress would stop him!”

Maybe there’s some validity to this one. Let’s pull up a picture of all the Republicans in Congress who have taken meaningful action to resist Trump’s horrible plans.

Oh, that’s right. It’s a picture of an empty room.

And maybe my favorite line from back in November was, “You’re overreacting. Donald’s victory isn’t going to enable a wave of racism and xenophobia unlike anything since Nazi Germany.”

Now seems like a good time to reiterate the point that if you don’t actively resist a racist and a bigot, you are contributing to racism and bigotry. And that makes you racist and bigoted!

So many people, including myself, were told that things in 2017 wouldn’t be as bad as we said they were gonna be, and it turns out we were right all along.

Yaaay. We’re number one.

So yeah. We have a lot of work to do. We have to keep fighting, no matter how much it sucks and how much we hate it.

We cannot, CANNOT let fascism and racism continue to grow stronger and prouder in America.

We have to fight it, not just for ourselves, but for all the people these hateful monsters will target way before they get to straight white guys like me.

And while we’re on the subject, don’t expect me to speak a single word of reproach towards Antifa for going out on the front lines and resisting these literal Nazi marches.

(I don’t know if I can stress that enough.)

Antifa, the anti-fascist movement, is not in any way morally equivalent to the people they’re fighting.

There is an entire ethical universe of difference between fighting people because of who they are, and fighting them because of what they do.

For the Nazis to win and feel satisfied, every non-white person in America, all the disabled people, everyone in the LGBT community, would have to die or be exiled from the country. That’s their stated goal.

For Antifa to win and feel satisfied, Nazis just have to…stop being Nazis. That’s it. That’s literally all.

I’m sorry, Rebel. I’m sorry America has gotten to this point.

I’m sorry this year isn’t even over yet and it already feels like it’s been a decade.

I’m sorry every day has become a routine of waking up and wondering what the caveman in the oval office has been up to.

I’m sorry that we can’t stop talking about it no matter how much we want to, because ignoring it doesn’t fix the problem, and only makes it worse.

We’ve been doing an all right job at resisting this agenda so far. But I have to do more. I think we all do.

Stay strong. Please, please keep yourself safe.

Lean on each other. Support each other. I think we can make it through this.

Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next time.


Garrett Robinson

#1 Bestselling Amazon author. Diehard independent author and publisher at Legacy Books. His work can be found at

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Garrett Robinson
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