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Goodbye, Farewell, Good Riddance

A letter to Donald Trump

By The Marvelous Mr. EdenPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
A Black and White Photo of Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I hope this letter finds you well, in spite of your actions over the past four years. Your term as president of the United States has given the world a strong insight into who you are as a person. In a way, it's almost ironic that it ends in much the same fashion as how it began.

Before you were even elected, you created a divide among the American people. When running against Hillary Clinton, it was clear that the tone of politics had shifted. You exemplified the idea of Red vs Blue, seemingly creating a state of extremism between Democrats and Republicans. Rather than focusing on helping the American people, as you had claimed, you put a majority of your effort into demeaning your opposition. This controversy fueled the ideals of your election, as well as the ideals put forth by you over the next four years. Now, at the end of your term, we see this fight grow more intense. The threat of civil war seems far too real, and your actions have caused a concerning response from everyone involved. You have used your power and your voice to create unrest, both intentional and not. Your supporters and your rivals take to the streets. Unrest and violence is seemingly rampant, highlighted by the media and people alike. While you have made good points in the past, as all people are able to do, you seem to care more about yourself than anyone else. As it's been said, even bad publicity is publicity, and you seem to revel in it.

While I could argue that your entire presidency has been filled with controversy, I heavily believe that nearly all of it is overshadowed by your actions over the past year. 2020 will go down in infamy for a great number of reasons, but your actions throughout the year will be the reason for the bulk of it. You let a pandemic run amok on the nation. You downplayed the severity, and even withdrew funding for the World Health Organization for little more reason than refusing to inflate your ego. Your response to peaceful protests by the Black Lives Matter movement lead to more unrest and violence, and in the final days you sowed the seeds for what could be devastating attacks on the American way of life.

What worries me the most is not the issues you caused directly, but the consequences of your actions as a whole. After your supporters stormed the US capital building, you have been effectively silenced. While this is well deserved, it leaves little room for celebration. While you have perhaps directly violated the terms of service on platforms such as Twitter, other platforms have seen fit to preemptively ban you as well. While this can be seen as a good thing, helping keep the damage you can cause and have caused in check, it leaves me struck with fear. It has proven that platforms are more than okay with banning users for little more than thought crime. You are banned from many sites, not because you have used them to sow the seeds of chaos, but rather because you could use them. This makes me fearful for the future, as it demonstrates how the same thing could happen to people with less power than yourself. Voices of many could be silenced under the guise that free speech doesn't exist on platforms run by private institutions, and while this is effective for dealing with those we believe are committing various wrongdoings, nothing stops people such as yourself from using it for their own gain. I hope and pray that I am wrong in this regard, that it will only be the case with you and your ill-intent, but the future remains to be seen.

Your actions are a clear indication as to why there needs to be change for the better. Your divide of the people, effectively labeling them as Red or Blue is why there should be no party system. Your election, where the popular vote was for your opponent, is why there should be no electoral college. Your treasonous actions that directly resulted on the attack on the US capital is why no politician or municipality, even the presidential office, should be given any sort of legal immunity or be above the law. With these things noted, I hope that we have such change moving forward. Change for the better. Change for a brighter future. I hope that when the smoke settles and your supporters dissipate, we come together as one people once more.

Mistier Trump, you may have solidified yourself as an enemy of the people, but I am much more forgiving than most. I still wish to see you do well in your own regard after leaving office, and I wish no harm upon you. We are both human, both American. We should strive to help educate our own, not disown them and cast them aside. As such, I pray you've learned much from the consequences of your actions. You must go forward with peace and good intention, not greed, violence, and ill-intent. As I said, I hope this letter finds you well. Do please work on bettering yourself for the future, so that perhaps you may one day be redeemed. Until then, spend your last few days in office under an oath of silence. Should the country fall to chaos due to your actions, I fear history will place you amongst its worst offenders.

With kind regards,

The Marvelous Mister Eden.


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The Marvelous Mr. Eden

I am The Marvelous Mr. Eden. I'm an aspiring photographer who also enjoys writing articles in his free time.

Vocal is a wonderful platform that allows me to share my world views and ideas in written form. I hope to inspire you with my work.

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