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Goodbye, Donald

by Amanda Spradlin 9 months ago in trump

An independent open letter to the 45th POTUS

Globe; Black, blue, and bleeding. “Goodbye, Donald.”

Dear Mr. Trump,

For the last 4 years, you have proudly held the office as President of the United States. Very outspoken and controversial, you always spoke your mind, regardless of how much backlash you received for it in return. The worst possible hand had been dealt to you during your term but you never folded. There are many people who do not agree with how you have been treated throughout your time in office. Unfortunately, most of them are now being silenced as well and labeled “extremists” (Guynn, 2021).

Here in Michigan, they have just banned open carry at the state Capitol building in Lansing (Golston, 2021). Sessions have been canceled and they even put up a fence to keep out unwanted company. Sometimes, I wonder, if our AG, our Gov, or our SOS have even read the constitution because they have all been unconstitutional in their own actions. Whitmer was unconstitutional in her single-handed executive orders (LeBlanc, 2020). Benson was unconstitutional petitioning the court to ban open carry at the polls during the election (Oosting, 2020). Nessel was unconstitutional in trying to take away the right to free speech from an independent organization ( and from witnesses who obtained and posted video footage online of certain alleged events that took place during the election (Turley, 2020).

You know what’s even worse than that though, Mr. Trump? What’s even worse, is that all 3 of those things actually happened. They all failed, but then they went on to succeed anyways. Whitmer just started issuing her commands under MDHHS instead (LeBlanc et al, 2020). Benson let Nessel handle the fight of banning open carry (Abdel-Baqui, 2020). Currently, Nessel just got it put in place at the state Capitol (Nissen, 2021). An entire platform of people is now being extremely censored or blacklisted online (Suciu, 2021). Media outlets are now calling for the “deprogramming” of your supporters, stating they are brainwashed simply because they hold a different perspective than the elected incoming party (Frey, 2021). As an individual who takes pride in my ability to consider alternative points of view in order to formulate my own unique perspective on issues, I feel like I have no voice, it’s hard to think for myself, and nobody else can see what I see. How did the boundaries become so blurry? Have we crossed too many lines?

The Farewell address you gave on the January 19th, 2021, acknowledged many key points throughout your presidency. As you stated, you are established as a very hard-working businessman, who entered the Presidential race back in 2016 not for political interest, but because you care about the American people. However, it is also widely agreed upon that you really didn’t have any clue as to what you were getting yourself into. You boosted the economy through a multitude of deregulation efforts, and you held other countries accountable for their end of foreign affairs (, 2021). You’ve opened a door for opportunity for not only many Americans, but also for immigrants as well, and you have not been properly acknowledged for it publicly, although your progress has been tracked by academic sources. However, you could have benefited from a little more transparency on the American conflicts with China. Most Americans are completely unaware that our most recent conflicts of interest stem from issues created long before your time, when China became the largest holder of U.S. debt in 2008 (, 2021).

Sadly, I also watched you get attacked most of your time in office by the news, by the media, and by your opposing party (Allsop & Vernon, 2020). I never thought I would see a day that a U.S. President had a press conference that was not publicly televised on every major network (Johnson, 2020). Frankly, I never thought I would see the day where they purposely cut a President’s press conference off mid-sentence on TV either. The truth is only threatening to those who have been untruthful, Mr. Trump. Nevertheless, here I am, having seen all of that, and much more.

I’ve seen the courts dismiss hundreds of sworn affidavits pertaining to election fraud (Blake, 2020). I’ve seen Congress dismiss and denounce the millions of people who came to support you in protest at the Capitol, calling them “domestic terrorists” (Ani, 2021). I’ve seen several reputable, good and decent people being silenced and/or blacklisted by big wig corporations and funding giants, right along with you (Bucchino, 2021). Now, at my time of writing, it is the night before your successor’s inauguration. Congress is questioning the loyalty and integrity of our nation’s National Guard in providing them protection (Star et al, 2021). It’s quite ironic from my perspective. Arguably, it implies that the government doesn’t trust the military, but they expect civilians to trust the government. The FBI wound up removing 12 of the 25,000 troops that were called for duty to standby during the inauguration proceedings. The news edited your roughly 20-minute farewell speech down to a 3-minute highlight clip (, 2021). Although you were criticized your entire term for your stance on border control, now you’re being scrutinized for opening our borders to the UK, Brazil, and other parts of Europe while we are still amidst the pandemic (Shepardson, 2021).

Wikipedia just updated your webpage to paint a picture of you that is a wonder of a wallop (, 2021). They claim you made false statements about the election being fraudulent, but I have experienced a different perspective. My experience recalls reports and live video streams of the windows to Detroit counting facilities being purposely covered (Schellong, 2020). My experience recalls the topic of questionable ballots that were not allowed to be challenged according to several witnesses who tried and were considered “unruly” and escorted out of the counting facility (Baldas et al, 2020). My experience recalls that when the numbers didn’t add up among the state reports and the media news, the SOS stood at a podium and explained to all of us ordinary folks that the media received preliminary results before the state department, like it was no big deal (Bartkowiak Jr., 2020). I think it is a fair statement that nothing was “normal” with this election for many reasons. I wish you and Mr. Biden would have taken my advice beforehand.

As far as Covid-19 goes, Mr. Trump, you knew it was coming. Every established nation did. China had been publishing findings of human comparable strains in bats since the early 2000’s (Cui et al, 2017). The WHO had been reporting it as 1 of the most apparent threats for nearly just as long (, 2007). I don’t like the overwhelming use of the word ‘unprecedented’ because it was known, we were just unprepared for it. As far as the vaccine goes, you know this is rushed (Marril, 2020). It’s even more questionable that people are being offered free products from companies or money from their employers if they get it (Sandler, 2021). What is the big deal about monoclonal antibodies in stem cells and how do they relate to Covid-19 (Feng et al, 2020)? If the vaccine is only 90% effective and the virus has a recovery rate of over 98%, then why is it a better option (Oliver, 2020)? If the vaccine doesn’t protect me from passing it on to others and I still have to wear a mask and social distance, then what good does it actually do?

Cartoon depiction of a woman with questions.

I am tired of all the hypocrisy of panic and political incorrectness that is void of logic and reasonable thinking. Much of what I have seen and experienced is really hard to believe, yet it is all true. Indeed, it is bittersweet to bid you farewell, Mr. Trump, as the 45th POTUS. If anything, your deviance in politics opened people’s eyes, on both sides, as to how disenfranchised we all are as individuals within the collective polarity of government. I hope your determination to put America first will carry on with liberty and justice for all. In your own presence and even in your absence, the internet shows that you do have a high level of major support from the American people, regardless of your politics.

Profile snapshots taken 1/2020.

Best Regards,

Amanda Spradlin


In an effort to encourage full transparency and honesty, please note that this article was originally written informally as an open letter, pursuant to a writing challenge promoted by Vocal, as shown below.

Description of Vocal's Goodbye Donald challenge.

My understanding of this challenge was to compose a letter to Donald Trump, expressing my "thoughts and feelings" surrounding his time as President and how it has impacted me. Unfortunately, I must have misinterpreted the directions because my article was not approved, on the basis that it "makes assertions of personal beliefs" as shown below.

E-mail from Vocal, rejecting my initial article submission.

While I respectfully disagree, I have adhered to the rejection notice promptly by revising to include specific and verifiable sources for all information that is conveyed within the content of this article. These key points of information are contributory to my thoughts on the last 4 years and greatly impact how I feel, as called for in the "Goodbye Donald" challenge. Any thoughts and opinions expressed or incited herein are independently my own and do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of the Vocal platform.

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Amanda Spradlin

Amanda is a wife, mom, and lifelong student from the suburbs of Metro-Detroit. She writes with the passion of a questionable mind. Any donations are appreciated!

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