Global Warming

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is the unusual heating up of earth because of human activities. The ozone layer is depleting and the harmful rays of the sun are entering the earth. Since record-keeping of temperature started it has been noticed that the temperature is rising every year. The extremity of the weather conditions can be felt.

Causes of Global Warming

Several causes are contributing to the bitter reality of global warming. The burning of fossil fuels which is serving to be the wheel for running mankind's everyday life is one of the major contributors. Secondly, the unusual rise in temperature is also noticed by the trapping of CFC’s. As these harmful gasses are trapped they increase the temperature of the earth. The greenhouse gasses consists of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

Since the evolution of industrialization, these gasses have played a major role in the depletion of the ozone layer. Methane is the second most common greenhouse gas and is significantly recognized for trapping heat. As we all know that carbon dioxide is one the gas which is taken by the plants for photosynthesis but what if the humans are destroying their home on their own. They are chopping off the trees and clearing up the land, doing deforestation for urbanization as a result of which the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere is more leading global warming.

Effects of Global Warming

The effects of global warming are so evident. One of them is the extreme rise in temperature. If you compare the temperature of summers and winters from last year you will easily feel the difference.

However, this is one of the impacts which is leading to some of the more serious consequences. The ice caps on the mountain peaks have started to melt as a result of which the level of the water in the dams is increasing. Also, the glaciers have started to melt, the extreme weather conditions have made many animals and plants species extinct.

Hence the biodiversity is being lessened. Severe droughts in some areas and risk of wildfires have also been evident. A recent fire in the forests of Australia has succumbed so many animals to death.

The level of pollution in the air is affecting human health leading to many allergies, asthma and infectious diseases.

What can be done to save our planet?

The major reason for burning fossil fuels is to generate electricity. Hence we should look forward to renewable energy resources to generate electricity instead of burning fossil fuels. This way the emission of carbon dioxide and methane can reduce.

The best way to avoid the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity is the use of solar panels. There are many solar panels are available in the market at very cheap rate. Solar panels will help us to save our planet. Not only this but solar panels will also save our money on electricity bills.

The catastrophic climatic consequences can be reduced if we work on needs rather than desires. The industries either need to dispose of their waste properly or they need to come up with any solution for emitting the gaseous waste.

Together we can do it, use public transport or carpool in can be an option. This way the emission of harmful gasses reduces. Using of deodrants and polythene bags should be completely banned as later their decomposition is a serious issue which is leading to the emission of harmful gases.

With our baby steps and countries around the world signing impactful agreements about the emission of gases, we can save our planet for our upcoming generations

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