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by Jeff McCarty 2 years ago in new world order
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For the majority of human beings, we can envision the future. Just because the majority of us can though it does depend upon that specific human being if they do actively utilize their ability to envision the future. If you are a human being that does actively utilize your ability to envision the future, then you may have varying topics that you envision that can range from your future to the future of our human civilization. There are also differences in the exact duration of how far into the future that vision may stretch between different human beings. Regardless of the details, there are visions of the future that many of us have. As the HCRC, our vision of the future is a place where we allow all human beings within our global human civilization the Privileges of Existence. Living in a global human civilization where we can ensure every human being can live their life to the fullest extent, and enjoy the liberty to do as they please, as long as they do not detract from any other human being’s life or liberty, is the vision the HCRC has for the future.

If we are to achieve a future inspired by this vision, then we must understand why we do not currently live in a global human civilization of this nature in the first place. We must recognize that since we have not achieved a global human civilization that has provided the Privileges of Existence to all members of the human species then we need to change the way we run our global human civilization. We must decide what type of global human civilization that we want to exist within as a human species. Each human being must decide what type of global human civilization they want to exist within while they are experiencing life, and think of the type of global human civilization that they want to pass down to their decedents. While we are contemplating this, we must think of how we would want to be treated, the principles of people we would coexist with, the environment we would want to exist within, the opportunities we would have and any other variable that we can think of that would dictate the course of our existence as a human being. When we contemplate all of this, we hope to find like-minded human beings who envision a similar global human civilization where the Privileges of Existence life and liberty, are bountiful for all and guide the way we live our lives as human beings.

With these like-minded visions of what our future global human civilization could be like, the human species can begin to align ourselves to that vision. For if we are to achieve this vision of our future, we must be aligned to ensure that our actions as individuals, as well as the actions of all groups, systems, and institutions, are aligned to positively progress humanity towards this vision of our shared future. Now granted, each human being is going to have variations of what they believe their future should be. As the HCRC, we are not advocating that every human being lives the same life. The opposite is true, as we will need a vast array of diversity to ensure we can build a global human civilization shaped by this vision. What we are advocating though, is that everyone’s vision of the future should align with the Privileges of Existence. With the Privileges of Existence, it is important to understand that it does not mean just life and liberty for yourself, we must respect every single member of the human species’ life and liberty as well. If your vision of the future does not respect another human being’s life and liberty, then we can easily say that vision of the future is flawed.

Our vision of what the future of humanity could be like, where the Privileges of Existence guide the way we function as a species, is a monstrous goal to achieve. With a goal of such overwhelming magnitude, it is easily deducible that achieving this vision will take a mass duration of time. This, of course, is since there are a lot of things that we would need to accomplish to live in a global human civilization that is inspired by this vision. The question is, where do we start? The most natural place to begin answering this question is back to why we haven’t achieved this vision to begin with. Various answers can be supplied to the question of why we haven’t achieved this yet, and a great majority of them would be correct, as numerous things have prevented us from achieving a global human civilization inspired by this vision. If we were to give this large sum of reasons for why we haven’t achieved this vision yet a title, we can essentially boil them down to a singular phrased label, problems that threaten humanity’s existence.

These problems that threaten our existence as a human species range in various degrees. We must understand that the problems that threaten humanity are ever-expanding as we have created situations that have become threats of their own, as well as we are subject to certain threats based on forces of nature out of our control. Regardless of the threat in question, we must understand that as members of the human species, any threat to the continued existence of our species should be a concern. We must begin to direct our focus upon these different varying threats and search out solutions that can alleviate the burden of these threats on our existence as a species. Join us next Friday, as we begin to develop strategies that will allow us to focus upon finding solutions to these problems.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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Jeff McCarty

I create content for a nonprofit organization, called the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. Our focus is positively progressing humanity. All tips go towards the nonprofit organization, and the further creation of content.

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