Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Fix Your Own Country First!

by Grace Lynch 4 months ago in politicians

Trump drags London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, through the mud, but can't seem to stop violence in his own country.

Fix Your Own Country First!

Over the past six days several stabbings have taken place in the UK capital of London, where there have been two fatalities and three injured. London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, expressed his condolences towards the people involved, and hopes to change the way that police in the city handle knife crime.

However, President Donald Trump apparently couldn't help himself from getting involved in politics that don't concern him (which basically describes his entire campaign and presidency), and tweeted criticism of Khan, describing him as a "disaster," whilst claiming London was in need of a new mayor. Furthermore he added that Khan is a "national disgrace," who is "destroying London." Trump has previously criticised the NHS and the UK's knife crime numbers. He also criticised Khan for stating that there was no reason to be alarmed after the London terror attacks.

The two fatalities marks 31 fatal stabbings, in London alone, since the beginning of 2019. There is no doubt that the UK is experiencing an epidemic when it comes to stabbings around the country, however there is also no doubt that we are attempting to address the problems.

As of the end of May 2019 there have been 148 mass shootings in the USA, which have resulted in 149 deaths and over 500 injured. This number doesn't include all the isolated shootings that take place across the country. In 1996 the UK experienced the last school shooting to take place, the Dunblane Massacre. This incident killed 18 people including the shooter, after which the UK tightened their gun laws, and since then there has only been one mass shooting, which took place in 2007. One. Wanna know why? 'Cause gun control works.

In my country no-one carries guns. No-one on my street owns a gun. No-one in my town has been shot. Not even our police carry guns. The first time I ever saw a gun in real life was when I travelled to the USA. Yes my country has a problem with stabbings, however it is nothing compared to America's problems with guns. According to an article in Euronews, London's murder rate remains way below that of New York City.

So maybe the president should fix his own damn country before he critiques how we're trying to fix ours. One person in this article is a 'national disgrace', and is sure as hell isn't Sadiq Khan. So Trump can take his racist views on London's Mayor and fly back to his own country where I have no doubt another mass shooting has taken place over night.

How does it work?
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