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Fascism is a cancer

by Joseph McCain about a month ago in controversies
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Truth must be upheld

The most hideous, poisonous products of the modern politics in recent years is the blotting out of the truth. Some call it censorship, others call it propaganda— no matter the name, the fruits of it are bitter and deadly to a democracy.

A democracy works best when its citizens are fully informed and freely find truthful information. This censorship and propaganda feed the cancer of fascism. Fascism is a cancer that has always been around but was not labeled well until Mussolini and Hitler fashioned it onto Italy and Germany in the 1930's. Fascism is the model of where one individual can do no wrong and all the glory is centered upon him as the spirit of the nation state. Some in our present-day United States of America have fashioned this cancer of fascism around Donald Trump. For example, his supporters will not face the truth that he encouraged and supported the overthrow of our democracy on Jan. 6, 2021. He can do no wrong in some individual's eyes. His supporters defend him even after he most likely stole nuclear secrets. Many of his supporters are seeking office themselves with the idea to wrap our freedoms in the cloak of fascism.

The cancer of fascism feeds on our meanest impulses. Many ideas feed this cancer of fascism, the greatest being racial hatred and religious intolerance. This was true in the 1930s and 1940s and is true today.

If people do not show up at the ballot boxes and vote against this cancer, it will continue to flourish, take root, thrive, and bear fruit until there is no ballot box. People must elect those who do not make deals in the backrooms but always seek transparency and honesty. People must elect those who fight against tyranny and fight for freedom of all and not those who they agree with.

This cancer of fascism if given the opportunity will strip our democracy of wisdom, of our freedoms and of our kindness. This cancer is already strongly at work in our society today.

While many will debate which parts are cancerous fascism and which are just ideas, maybe this will help:

• If a group has anyone connected to it that supports or flies the Nazi flag, which is a literal red flag of the cancer of fascism. Support of present day Nazis or ones in the past is greatest sign of fascism.

• If a group seizes upon racial pride to divide you from your neighbors, it is the cancer of fascism. White supremacy is the strongest example of this.

• If a group aims to install one religion as part of the government, it is the cancer of fascism. I am referring to any religion but especially the religious ideas that promotes the burning of books, and or revers a politician that degrades others in the society.

• If a group supports a violent insurrection at the capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy, it is the cancer of fascism.

• If a group attacks immigrants and/ or the less fortunate in society, it is the cancer of fascism.

While this is not all the signs of the cancer of fascism, this may help you spot it and the candidates for office who support this cancer. Don’t be fooled the politicians who speak of freedoms yet scream for division and destruction of all who disagree with them.

Please vote for the candidates who do not support fascism so that we may continue to have a democracy and the power of the vote.


About the author

Joseph McCain

I love my wife. I love my children. And I had a 30 year love affair with newspapers.

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